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TestInvest - simply test what your money would do

We are in uncharted financial times, where interest rates are going down and maybe even negative. With TestInvest you can simulate what your money could have made while investing it in buckets of Bitcoin, Gold, S&P500 Stock fund index and a dollar saving account.

You can select an investment risk profile to limit or expose you to a more risky investment strategy. A few times per day the prices are updated on our servers, you can press “RECALC” to download new prices and see what your fictive money has done.

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All New Guardian Firewall Expands The Privacy Protection For iPhone Users

The Guardian Firewall team has discovered that a growing number of iOS apps covertly collect precise location histories from tens of millions of mobile devices, using packaged code provided by data monetization firms. In many cases, the packaged tracking code runs at all times, constantly sending user GPS coordinates and other information. Inadequately policed, the mobile universe has become a “wild west” of unauthorized surveillance and surreptitious spying. To get a sense of the breadth and depth of this immense privacy problem for mobile phone users, see their report at, the first of many to be posted free as a public service.

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Turn your iPhone into a 3D device with IQH3D VIEW cases and screen protectors

IQH3D is releasing its IQH3D VIEW™ accessories for iPhone this summer. Their 3D view screen protectors and limited-edition 3D view cases allow users to view their 3D content without 3D glasses and VR Goggles. They will be available for purchase on the IQH3D website and on Amazon.

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This Intergalactic, Augmented Reality Reading Adventure Sends Kids Into Space

Today, Within has released its fourth augmented reality storybook, Clio’s Cosmic Quest, on the company’s augmented reality children’s reading app, Wonderscope. Clio joins the app’s growing catalog of read aloud, interactive adventures, which allow children to converse with characters and play an active role in the narrative. The story joins Wonderscope’s growing library of titles, including A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People, Little Red the Inventor and Wonder’s Land Ringmaster Wanted. More stories will be released in the coming months.

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The best Apple HomeKit devices of 2019

So which HomeKit products should you get? There’s a growing list of options, but we’re here to help you winnow it down to the best of the best HomeKit devices. Here are our top picks for HomeKit households, all based on years of tests at the CNET Smart Home.

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Case maker expecting ‘iPhone 11’, ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ and ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max’ brand names

As we get closer to the iPhone September launch window, iPhone naming speculation ramps up. We have heard the iPhone Pro moniker being bandied about from other sources, and it seems case makers agree.

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Apple’s Battery ‘Service’ Alerts Are A Blow Against Right To Repair

Last week, Youtuber Justin Ashford swapped the original battery in an iPhone XR with one he bought from an electronics market in Shenzhen. Ashford runs a channel called TheArtofRepair, which features videos about repairing electronics. This latest repair video wasn’t just an ordinary battery swap. It was a pointed message to Apple.

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Apple brings contactless student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch to more universities

In the coming school year, more than 100,000 college students will enjoy the ease and convenience of carrying their student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch. Students at Clemson University, Georgetown University, University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, University of San Francisco, University of Vermont, Arkansas State University, South Dakota State University, Norfolk State University, Louisburg College, University of North Alabama and Chowan University will soon be able to use their student ID in Apple Wallet to get into dorms, buy lunch and more.

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Best Way to Fix iPhone Black Screen iOS 12

Is your iPhone screen black but on? We exactly know why it is happening and how to solve it. Continue reading below to know how to solve the issue.

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen iOS 12

The most common problem nowadays is iPhone black screen; however it may come out as a severe issue if you just are not able to access your iPhone in any possible way. At times, when you get a call from someone, all you can witness is a black screen and the phone ringing. Well, you cannot answer your phone in this case. And there are times when due to iOS firmware update too your iPhone may get stuck on black screen. Moreover, people have also experienced “iPhone black screen of death” issue during updating their iPhone to the latest iOS 12. In the below article, we will see the best method to solve “iPhone screen black but on” issue.

The best and the most simple method to solve iPhone black issue is Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is the best and an ultimate way to get rid of any type of iOS-related problems. You can call it as a valuable tool for repairing your iOS device.

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iReport Fire - reports fires detected by the NASA satellites and users of the app

iReport fire is like the rain radar apps and sites where you can see when it is going to rain but then for (wild) fires. The app get fed every hour with fresh data from the MODIS satellite and displays them on the iOS map via visual fires icons. When you tap on those fires you can see when it has been detected and the probability it is a real fire and not something else like a field of blinking solar panels to name something.

The MODIS satellite has a delay however of 3 hours before the fire is spotted and converted to available data. For this reason did the developer add the option for users to report fires via the app directly so other users can see them as well, this is the fasted reporting method if enough people start using it.

The European Drought Observatory delivers the data for the maps that show the regions with their specific drought rating, which is explained when you tap on the colored tree icons.

In the latest release there is also a wind forecast tool, where you can see what the wind speed and direction will be in the coming period of choice.

The app is free and supports many regions in the world which are plagued with wild fires. Also it has been translated in many languages.

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