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Mobile Merchants with iPhone can accept Apple Pay with new Bold B550 reader by CardFlight

The device, manufactured by Miura and marketed as the Bold B5 50 reader by CardFlight, will allow merchants to accept EMV chip cards, contactless NFC payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as magnetic stripe payments from smartphones and tablets. The Bold B550 will be integrated into CardFlight’s mobile POS platform and payment gateway, which supports most major U.S. processors.

Resellers of SwipeSimple will be able to offer their merchants the Bold B550 device as a new option in addition to CardFlight’s existing card reader choices. The Bold B550 is particularly valuable for merchants that want to accept both NFC and EMV payments or who prefer to connect to a card reader via Bluetooth rather than the audio jack connectivity used in CardFlight’s other readers. SwipeSimple is CardFlight’s product that enables merchant service providers, banks, independent sales organizations and other financial institutions to offer a great EMV-enabled mobile point-of-sale solution to their merchants.

Bold B5 50 reader by CardFlight

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Move It is the first iOS connected smart home gym

Housed in a compact stand, Move It is comprised of an Ab Wheel, a Resistance Band, two Push-Up Handles and a Jump Rope, all of which feature patent-pending interchangeable Intelligent Handles and Sensors that wirelessly connect each workout device to the interactive app.  Each handle and piece of equipment contains sensors that precisely track movements in real-time and connect wirelessly to the user’s Smartphone, providing instant feedback on exercise form, number of reps performed and calories burned.  The handles also include LED lights to indicate the workout status and a battery that lasts through a week of routine workouts to keep the sweat flowing without interruption! 

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iPhone camera radiation detection with RAY DETECT

“RAY DETECT” is one of very few apps, that uses the camera sensor to turn the phone into a real radiation detector. And the only one to work even offline and without other devices or calibrations. Moreover, “RAY DETECT” on Apple Watch will show the level of radiation exposure, something we have seen only in fictional spy movies.š

We spent about a year calibrating the app against professional grade devices, in strictš laboratoryš conditions. The app’s features make itš easier than everšfor everyone to detectšactualšradiation andš shareš results with loved ones.

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System Monitor for iOS overhauls with Real Time Graphs and 3D Touch support

Tekton Technologies today is pleased to announce System Monitor 3.5 for iOS 9.0, a comprehensive health check for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. The iOS App monitors the memory in use, provides a real-time live graph view of the memory in use, frees up unused memory to speed up the iPhone, monitors battery life, disk information and other activities on the user’s device. It also activates helpful alerts set by users, letting them know when their device’s systems have reached certain limits.

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Music Powered VR game for iOS - HEADBANGERZ

daydream.VR announces the launch of HEADBANGERZ at the Virtual Reality Summit in New York. Daydream.VR mobile VR App is the virtual reality fix for boring and serious VR. Now with daydream.VR Headbangerz you can play your favorite songs and blast through a VR roller coaster collecting BEATCOINZ to stay alive.

V Owen Bush, CEO of stated “We are always learning from our passionate user base of over 50,000 users. The addition of HEADBANGERZ is a new direction in Music Powered VR games.”

Ignacio “Nacho” Platas, Chief Product Officer of, commented: “HEADBANGERZ calculates the tempo of your music and places BEATCOINZ to coincide with each beat so you can bang your head up and down left and right in order to catch the incoming eye candy! “

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Breakthrough low power HD video-audio for IoT Homekit solutions

GainSpan Corporation, in collaboration with OmniVision Technologies and Microsemi Corporation, today introduced the GS-ADK-Video+FD-Audio reference design, a low-power, battery-operated reference design capable of streaming high definition (HD) video and two-way, telephony quality audio over Wi-Fi networks. The GS-ADK-Video+FD-Audio platform was developed in response to the rapidly growing IoT market for audio and video streaming products in smart homes, and is designed to help speed up customers’ time-to-market by reducing product development costs and cycle times. Through this collaboration, customers benefit from each company’s leadership in their respective fields: OmniVision’s low-power video processor solutions; Microsemi’s advanced audio analytics algorithms; and GainSpan’s expertise in low-power, cloud-connected Wi-Fi solutions.

The highly optimized IoT video and audio platform is the trio’s first reference design collaboration, and sets a new standard for real-time, interactive imaging experience in home IoT products such as smart video doorbells, battery-operated cameras and baby monitors.

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Buy and Sell second-hand electronics from your iPhone

The leading selling on-demand service, Gone, has announced the launch of a Gone Marketplace, where users can purchase second-hand electronics that have been inspected and approved for quality. With all of the risks in buying electronics from unknown sellers, this platform guarantees buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. The company taps into eBay’s most important category (used electronics is a $30 billion market). In addition to the launch of the Marketplace, Gone is also expanding its popular concierge service to Manhattan.

The service provides every user with a Gone assistant to simplify the selling process. The assistant goes to the seller’s home to pick up and package each item for sale. The service alleviates stresses of selling in the city as Gone handles the entire process from the pricing, pickup, packaging, contacting buyers, negotiating, and shipping of items.

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Planes Live - new beautiful app for passengers and pilots

Apalon Apps, a top developer of mobile applications worldwide and an operating business of IAC, today launched a new app for iOS, Planes Live, to help users keep up to speed with flights around the world in real time. Multifunctional and easy-to-use, Planes Live includes detailed reports on flights, aircraft characteristics, accurate departure and arrival schedules, airport time zones, weather forecasts and more.

“Planes Live is great for various cases. It’s useful for professional pilots and travelers trying to make their connecting flight or for those who simply want to make sure they pick up their loved ones at the airport on time,” said Alexey Goryaynov, Product Manager at Apalon Apps. “When creating Planes Live, we focused on user experience and made the app informative, beautiful and simple at the same time.”

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New INRIX Traffic Mobile app is the most intelligent of all navigation apps

Today INRIX, Inc., the world leader in connected car services and movement analytics, released a completely redesigned version of INRIX Traffic for iOS and Android. INRIX Traffic is a next-generation navigation and traffic app that learns user preferences to take the guesswork out of driving. The app integrates with a user’s calendar and learns their driving habits to create a personalized itinerary that includes automatic alerts, anticipated trips, favorite destinations and preferred routes.

Available worldwide now in the Apple App Store and Google Play, INRIX Traffic learns routines and preferences as users go about their day. INRIX Traffic adds favorite places automatically instead of requiring users to spend time inputting destinations like home, work or school. Based on learned activities, it creates a daily, driver-specific itinerary of anticipated trips, as well as frequent and preferred routes. By accessing calendar information on a mobile device, the app also adds events with addresses to the daily driving itinerary.

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Participate with the iOS ResearchKit project: America Walks

TrialX announced the launch of “America Walks,” a mobile based research study to determine the walking behavior of Americans. The entire study is being conducted virtually by requiring participants to download a mobile phone app that is available for both iOS and Android phones. The App will leverage the mobile phone’s step count sensor technology to automatically determine participants’ daily walking activity, thus being the first research study to measure such activity using mobile phones, instead of self reported surveys, pedometers or tracking devices.

The study also breaks new ground by being the first mobile app based study to be available on both iOS and Android devices. The America Walks App has been built using Apple’s ResearchKit Library but the team at TrialX has also ported the same for Android devices so that the app is available to a much larger population base.

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