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OhMiBod: The iPhone sex-toy add-on coming soon

I don’t want anyone vomitting over their cornflakes whilst perusing SMS Text News (not, unless it’s at yet another mobile operator catastrophe) so if you’re of a nervous disposition or are incompatible with the words sex, toy and vibrator, swiftly move along.

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Horizontal Leather Case with Belt Clip/Loop for the Apple iPhone

Our top of the line; horizontal leather case will carry and protect your Apple iPhone with style and flair. Uniquely designed with both removable belt and integrated belt loops!

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iPhone case

OpenMoko free OS competes with iPhone’s OSX

OpenMoko is an Open Source project to create the world’s first free mobile phone operating system. The OpenMoko project is a community that anyone can join, and help to design their ideal phone.

OpenMokoThe Neo1973 from FIC is the first of many phones that OpenMoko will run on.

The long term goal of OpenMoko is that phone software will no longer be tied to one phone. You can buy any compatible phone, and install any software over the whole range of phones. If you upgrade your phone, you don’t lose the software. Bugs fixed on one phone are fixed on all.

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iPhone advertising awarded to agency behind iPod campaigns, TBWA

Advertising Age has confirmed with inside sources that Apple’s current ad agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, will be marketing the iPhone upon its release. The agency, which created the iPhone ad that was aired during the Oscars, has been Apple’s agency since 1997 and has handled all of the creative development for other devices like the iPod.

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iPhone: “largest electronics launch in history”

AT&T CEO Stan Sigman has described Apple’s forthcoming iPhone as “the largest commercial product launch in the history of electronics” during a graduation speech at the West Texas A&M University. “This is you. AT&T and Apple will release the iPhone,” Sigman said.

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iPhone for sale in Brazil?

The site is from expansys and you can already pre-order your 4GB iPhone. I recently published an article here on, claiming that it would not be possible to pre-order the iPhone.

The price is not available yet.

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Expansys Brasil

Will Philippine Telcos Agree to Apple’s iPhone Terms?

US mobile operator Verizon rejected a deal with Apple to carry the iPhone. So Apple went to Cingular, their competitor.

According to the story, Apple wants a share of the monthly subscriber fees and tighter control over the subscribers. That won’t work here in the Philippines. Even if hypothetically, our mobile operators gave Apple a share of their revenue, how much would that be?

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iResist iPhone

With the iPhone’s release slated for next month, we’re getting closer to having to decide if we’re going to buy one. For me, the answer is no, even if it does turn out to be revolutionary and extraordinary.

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Apple’s iPhone cleared for sale

green lightSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)—Regulators approved Apple Inc.‘s iPhone for sale in the United States on Thursday paving the way for the much anticipated device to be sold by the wireless unit of AT&T in late June.
News of the Federal Communications Commission certification helped send Apple (Charts, Fortune 500) shares up nearly 2 percent to $109.44 on the Nasdaq Thursday.

“That’s the primary reason why the stock’s up today,” said Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research, adding that it was welcome news despite there being little doubt the device would win approval.

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ezGear’s top selling ezSkin product line for the iPhone

The new ezSkin continues the tradition of ezGear’s top selling ezSkin product line.  ezSkin cases are made of high quality silicone for a perfect fit and a special silky smooth coating to repel dirt and provide a great feel.  All ezSkins provide access to all ports, buttons, and switches.

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eZskin for iPhone

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