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AT&T exec: iPhone data plans to be announced June 29th

AT&T plans to announce new service plans customized specifically for Apple’s iPhone but will not make such details public until June 29—the same day the device is due to launch in the United States—an executive for the wireless carrier told USA Today.

Larry Carter, senior vice president of sales for AT&T, confirmed that his firm has added 2,000 extra retail sales people for the launch—half of which will be there just to help handle the expected early crush of buyers.

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The Top Secret Apple iPhone Tests

Doing dry runs with Apple’s iPhone, the world’s most anticipated mobile phone due out at the end of June, has been challenging. Tests of the iPhone had to be done in places frequented by wireless users. Under strict orders to keep the phone under wraps, technicians had to hide or disguise the phone when in public.

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New Wi-Fi TV Stations to Have Content Ready for iPhone

Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVI) is providing all purchasers of Wi-Fi TV Stations during the month of June with the ability to have short videos available for download to the new iPhone® on the day of the iPhone release (June 29).
Wi-Fi TV is encoding and posting the videos provided by new Wi-Fi TV Station owners to the Wi-Fi TV iTunes® Store. Each video can be saved in the iTunes account of consumers, and can be downloaded for viewing in the iPhone®, iPod® or on AppleTV®.

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Sent from my iPhone

Since today seems to be all about tiny little details of the iPhone, why not continue that trend? Blogger Paul Kedrosky shares something interesting an iPhone user told him. While composing an email the iPhone will insert the signature ‘Sent from my iPhone’ at the bottom of the message (I am sure you can turn this off if you like).

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Apple buyout rumours circulate as iPhone launch nears

Scepticism about the launch of the Apple iPhone is growing, and it isn’t helping the Apple share price. What a coincidence that exactly as things get tougher in the stock market, rumours start appearing that will “cause a 40 per cent premium on the Apple share price”!

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Opera mini goes head-to-head with iPhone

Opera Software, the maker of the most underrated web browser known to mankind, has unveiled a new beta version of its flagship software for mobile devices, and it is pitching it directly at the Apple iPhone’s inbuilt Safari browser.

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Opera mini

Apple iPhone may hinder touchscreen technology

According to analysts at iSuppli, Apple could hinder wide deployment of multi-touchscreen technologies. Apple owns one of the patents involved in such technology, and has adopted multi-touch technology within its iPhone.

Such multi-touchscreen technology is more responsive than single touch, and is capable of recognising multiple simultaneous touches - which is why iPhone users will be able to pinch an area of their screen to zoom into an image, for example.

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Cheaper iPhone flavors coming

If you find the cheapest iPhone’s $499 price tag a little difficult to swallow, you’re probably not alone. According to an analyst report quoted by TechWhack, “market sources” claim Apple is already at work on a more affordable variant of its upcoming smart phone.

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iPhone dock photo published

Does it ship with the iPhone or do you have to buy it separate? With my first iPod it was included and in the later models they left it out to reduce the price.
Anyway it looks cool.


MyMetar iPhone Interface

We’ve added a theme to’s user interface especially for the iPhone. So, if you’re going to be lining up on June 29th for one, you’ll have access to your page as soon as your phone is online.

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