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Semiconductor Insights tears Iphone apart

Semiconductor Insights went out and bought an Iphone and immediately started to take it apart.
It compares components in the Ipod and the Iphone, including Samsung NAND flash memory. The phone has three RF components including an Apple part and a CSR Bluetooth device.

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TV on iPhone looks good

They say the new Apple iPhone, which was released to the eager masses Friday, could revolutionize the cell phone industry.  But it also could help change the face of television. That’s a possibility due to the iPhone’s ability to play video.
Mobile video on small devices so far has been nothing but a niche in the telephone and television industry because it doesn’t play right for people on the go.

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Search activity suggests iPhone is biggest-ever product launch

A new comScore study about Internet search activity for Apple’s new iPhone suggests that Americans have conducted an average of 274,000 iPhone-related searches each week since the beginning of the year.

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iPhone review: Hype meets reality

The iPhone was really handy when I needed to check a ferry schedule during a road test I gave the fascinating new gadget Saturday. A printed version of the schedule was somewhere in the car. But I didn’t have to root under the seats because I was carrying an iPhone.

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Asia scrambles to meet iPhone challenge

While Americans have been blitzed with news about the iPhone’s debut, many in South Korea’s and Japan’s technology industries initially greeted Apple’s flashy new handset with yawns.

Cellphones in these technology-saturated countries can already play digital songs and video games and receive satellite television. But now that analysts and industry executives are getting their first good look at the iPhone, many here are concerned that Asian manufacturers may have underestimated the Apple threat.

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Users report iPhone activation problems; AT&T promises to fix them!

Hope you’re not one of the iPhone owners that reported an activation problem. Apparently, many people have complained of having a problem activating their brand new iPhones. According to AT&T, their servers just couldn’t handle the volume of activation requests. Talk about being ready…

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Apple sold 525,000 iPhones since launch: report

Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) sold about 525,000 iPhones at Apple and AT&T Inc. (T.N) stores in the first weekend since its June 29 launch, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday, citing an analyst.

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Race is on to unlock the iPhone

Now that Apple Inc.‘s iPhone is finally on sale, the race is on to see who can unlock it.

Locked phones can only be used with cellular service from one carrier, a move designed to guarantee carriers recover the cost of subsidizing a handset through monthly service charges. But the cost of the iPhone, which is priced at either $499 or $599 depending on the model, is not subsidized by AT&T.

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The iPhone hype has either reached a high point or totally jumped the shark, depending on your personal opinion. just announced that it has launched its official iPhone effort, which it calls “iPlayboy.”

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Speculators Grab IPhone Domain Names

Visit and you’ll see ads for various cell phones that play music - but Apple Inc.‘s much-hyped iPhone isn’t one of them.

The domain name was grabbed long before Jan. 9, when Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) announced its gadget combining a cell phone, an iPod media player and a wireless Internet device. Since then, speculators and entrepreneurs have registered thousands of iPhone-related Internet addresses.

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