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iPhone autopsies conducted

It hasn’t taken long for many of the Apple iPhones acquired over the weekend to be taken home and taken to bits as hardware fans and chip analysts alike try to find out what kind of kit the “revolutionary” handset is packing.

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Build Your Own iPhone in Three Easy Steps!

iPhones are expensive. I can’t afford one. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to wait in line for days just to get one. Instead, I figured out how to make my own iPhone. It only takes a couple of common household objects and three simple steps. iPhones even make great gifts! Remember, the most meaningful iPhone is the one you make yourself.

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iPhone and iPod accessories: what works, what doesn’t

In addition to documenting every last swoop of the iPhone’s interface, we’ve also been busy plugging this thing into anything we can find with a 30-pin dock connector. The results are actually kind of surprising: while it looks like a bunch of third-party headphones are out, most iPod accessories seem to work, although the iPhone isn’t exactly happy about it—it pops up a warning and offers to put itself in airplane mode so you don’t hose your speakers with GSM signal noise.

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Incharge Auto for iPhone and iPod

We can add another iPhone accessory to the plethora that has already come out and this one is called the InCharge Auto. InCharge Auto is a car charger that is compatible with any 12-volt accessory outlet and allows you to charge the iPhone or iPod in most any vehicle.

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The “Jesus Phone”

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Belkin accessorize your iPhone

Belkin releases new cases and cables for the iPhone. A Sport Armband, and Acrylic and Slim-Fit Cases let you carry your iPhone anywhere and keep it fully protected. The Stereo and Mini-Stereo Cables allow you to listen to your tunes through your home stereo system or portable speakers.

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Karelia, Amazon and the Apple iPhone

Karelia Software has announced the beta version of Amaphone, software that makes it easier to shop at Amazon using an iPhone.

Dan Wood, cofounder of Karelia Software explains: “When you’re trying to search on iPhone’s version of Safari the experience is a frustrating one; with Amaphone you can focus on getting prices, checking availability, and ordering direct from in a fraction of the time.”

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Semiconductor Insights tears Iphone apart

Semiconductor Insights went out and bought an Iphone and immediately started to take it apart.
It compares components in the Ipod and the Iphone, including Samsung NAND flash memory. The phone has three RF components including an Apple part and a CSR Bluetooth device.

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TV on iPhone looks good

They say the new Apple iPhone, which was released to the eager masses Friday, could revolutionize the cell phone industry.  But it also could help change the face of television. That’s a possibility due to the iPhone’s ability to play video.
Mobile video on small devices so far has been nothing but a niche in the telephone and television industry because it doesn’t play right for people on the go.

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Search activity suggests iPhone is biggest-ever product launch

A new comScore study about Internet search activity for Apple’s new iPhone suggests that Americans have conducted an average of 274,000 iPhone-related searches each week since the beginning of the year.

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