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Apple’s iPhone and the Future of Texas Instruments

Sramana Mitra submits: We discussed earlier that Intel (INTC) has decided to work on a chip that would power Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone’s competitors. Other companies will also try to go after this important hyper-integrated chip that combined processing power, lowers power consumption to the limits, and handles high-end functions like video, GPS, etc.

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T-Mobile pulling ahead in race to become European iPhone carrier

Everyone and their brother(s) have been trying to predict which mobile phone network will get the nod as Apple’s European partner for the iPhone, and it appears Apple is getting closer to a decision. Apple and the European carriers are hoping that big iPhone sales will make the exclusive distribution a lucrative one, so of course Apple is taking its sweet time in choosing a European carrier for the launch.

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Jobs pulled out an iPhone that had been hiding in his pocket

At Apple’s annual shareholders meeting on Thursday, chief executive Steve Jobs ran into some fresh sources of criticism and also commented on some new products and strategies, such as third-party iPhone application development and the future of the company’s .Mac online services.

After appeasing environmentally friendly investors by publishing new commitments to publicize Apple’s environmental work in driving non-toxic manufacturing and product takeback and recycling efforts, Jobs was introduced to a new bundle of critics: labor union managers.

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Possible Apple iPhone Nano Plans Discovered

iphone nanoThere’s still plenty of speculation and rumors floating around the yet to be released Apple iPhone, but that never stops more from surfacing. Though this latest report about a “nano” version of the Apple iPhone may not be a rumor, we’re also not sure if a publically available US Patent Office document qualifies as a “leaked” plan (as many are calling it), either.

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Apple 10-Q Filing Shows Leopard, iPhone Still On Schedule

Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 and iPhone product development appear to be on track, and both should ship on schedule, according to the company’s Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday. The report stated “In the second quarter of 2007, the Company determined that both Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard and the iPhone achieved technological feasibility.”

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Will Apple Embed the iPhone into Future Mac’s and Compete with Skype / Vonage?

Steve Jobs has already indicated that the iPhone is going to run a full version of the Mac OS; so it’s not completely illogical that iPhone will be ported to the Mac desktop / laptop platform. In fact, there is so much synergy and opportunity in doing so that it’s almost inconceivable to think that this isn’t going to happen at some point down the road. Let’s take a moment and think about the possibilities.

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Miglia’s TVMax Software Updated, Now Allows for Apple TV and iPod Conversion

Miglia has announced that it has released a software update to its TVMax product, a device which hooks into a Mac and allows video to be imported via coax, S-video and composite inputs. The TVMax itself relies on a USB 2.0 connection to interface with the computer.

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Apple iPhone Beat to Visual Voicemail by SimulScribe with Free Application

Press Release: SimulScribe, the super simple voicemail service for the Treo (recommended by that transcribes voice messages into text and delivers it by email, just launched a new application that beats Apple iPhones to visual voicemail.

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Call It The jPhone: Sun Shows Java Twist On Apple’s iPhone

jphoneSAN FRANCISCO — Call it the jPhone. At JavaOne Tuesday (May 8), Sun Microsystems(SUNW) debuted software for a high-end cellphone that looked very similar to the Apple iPhone. Sun said handsets based on its software could someday be the devices that bring most users in developing countries to the Internet for the first time.

Like the Apple iPhone that may have inspired it, the ambitious prototype device displayed here caught people’s attention but is still months away from being a reality. The software puts Sun into direct competition with some of the top cellphone makers that Sun has partnered with in the past to establish Java in the cellphone.

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Apple’s iPhone and the Future of Microsoft

Sramana Mitra submits: This is a very strange perspective but I think in the mobile world the iPhone is actually driving the market towards Microsoft’s (MSFST) Windows Mobile OS, and away from the current OS leader Symbian. Let’s go through the logic step by step.

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