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iPhone Premium leather flip case

iPhone flip casePrima is pleased to introduce our newest Premium Leather Flip Case for iPhone.
Made of Soft, Aniline Leather, the Prima iPhone Case contnues the tradtion of Fine LEather Form Fit Cases, at an affordable price.

-Form Fit to compfortably house your iPhone
-Flap over protection
-3 Credit Card Slots
-2 SD Slots
-Magnetic Closure
-Removable Swivel Clip

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Apple iPhone retail price, $999?

So the other day I took my cousin to his work, and since I had to stay with him for about an hour I decided to go to the Cingular store nearby his work. It was about 15 minutes to closing time. I went in there and looked around at some phones, there was no other customer so I talked to the two gentlemen there waiting for closing time.

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Apple’s iPhone and the Future of Broadcom

We’re not drinking the Apple Kool-Aid, but Jobs and team do seem to get it: It’s not the technology, stupid; it’s the experience. We love engineers, but you shouldn’t need one to make your digital home work. Whatever the quibbles over iPhone’s price and novel touchscreen interface, Apple seems to have the right recipe for the next big thing: simplicity. The iPhone’s single button says it all.

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Thoughts on The Apple iPhone in Ireland

iphone ireland Wow, the Apple iPhone is great isn’t it! Ever since the first day that the iPhone was announced and appeared on that huge stage & screen I knew that I’d want one.

Apple’s $499/$599 iPhone still on track for late June in the US, however there has been no release date for the gadget here in Ireland/Europe (that I am aware of, please correct me if I am wrong).

One problem - How much is the iPhone going to be by the time it is launched in Ireland

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iPhone to ship late June, says Apple finance chief

Apple’s iPhone is on track to ship in late June, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer was quoted by a Reuters report as saying.

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iPhone snapshot: Harbinger or mirage?

Apple fanatics who can’t wait for the June launch of Apple’s new iPhone got a little treat to tease them over the weekend: a photo allegedly taken with an iPhone popped up on Flickr.

The photo has since been taken down, but the data included with the images suggests it was taken with one of the as yet unreleased devices, and the specs seem to match with what Apple has promised for the iPhone. The photographer is apparently an Apple employee, but many bloggers noted that the EXIF data posted on Flickr can be easily edited.

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Apple TV: iTunes movies coming to Europe in ‘07

Apple has confirmed plans to bring full-length feature films to its iTunes Store in Europe during an interview with a French newspaper this week. Apple vice president Pascal Cagni, who oversees the company’s European endeavors, confirmed that the company will launch its iPhone in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2007.

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Apple iPhone’s Slippery Secret

Just how slippery is Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone?

Scattered reports from people who have put their hands on pre-release models say that its main problem is not the rumored battery-life shortfall, but the sleek, slippery surface.

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Dual LG Patents May Hinder Future iPhone Designs

Despite the fervor and enthusiasm over Apple’s upcoming iPhone, some additional roadblocks may remain. LG Electronics has recently published a pair of patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that may impair Apple’s ability to create future iPhone designs.

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More iPhone details emerge from internal AT&T document

For over a year and a half, I have been liberated from the device that ties many of you down: the cell phone. I have no regrets related to ditching the overpriced service. If I need to make a phone call that badly, I find a phone. Due to this, I haven’t been that tempted by the iPhone, but regardless I still find all of the talk fairly interesting.

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