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Ask A Rock Star: Will You Get An iPhone?

Later this month Apple will release it’s latest nifty gadget, the iPhone. We asked everyone from No Doubt’s Adrian Young to Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship if they’re

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Apple gives developers some iPhone access

In addition to another preview of OS X 10.5, developers received some welcome news from Apple CEO Steve Jobs Monday—they’ll be able to write applications for the company’s highly anticipated iPhone.

Jobs ended his 90-minute keynote by inviting Scott Forstall, Apple’s vice president of iPhone software, to show what the Apple CEO called an “innovative new way to create apps for iPhone.”

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WWDC 2007

Analyst Angle: iPhone Impact

I’m pretty sure that Congress just officially declared June “iPhone Anticipation Month,” necessitating daily coverage in every newspaper, trade paper and blog. I actually haven’t written about the iPhone since my First Impressions report after I first played with one in January, so it is high time I did my civic duty and offer a pre-launch assessment and discuss the customer base, competition and industry outlook.

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The Full 33 Page iPhone Manual

A leaked iPhone sales training manual has revealed that the new iPhone due for release on June 29 will have no GPS capability however it does deliver support for IMAP and POP3 email as well as Yahoo Push email. It also has no hard keypad.

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OS X upgrade, iPhone may boost Mac sales

Apple Inc.‘s computer business may seem like it’s taken a back seat lately to its flashy younger siblings, the iPod and iPhone, but Macs are still a key part of the family.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to use his speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday to highlight the upcoming release of Mac OS X, showing that Apple remains a computer company even after dropping “Computer” from its name in January.

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iPhone Price To Drop

By the time the iPhone is launched in Australia and other overseas Countries in 12-18 months the cost of the device may have dropped by as much as 40% from the US launch price. The answer to this may not come until late in 2008 to 2009.

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Qualcomm Chip Embargo To Boost iPhone?

A ruling today by the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban new models of phones with 3G chips from Qualcomm could have a positive impact on Apple’s iPhone, some are suggesting.

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Developers To Jobs: Give Me My iPhone!

As iPhone anticipation reaches fever pitch, more than 4,000 of Apple’s faithful techies are making their way to San Francisco. Where they won’t get a chance to play with the must-have gadget, which won’t be formally unveiled until the end of the month.

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iPhone details uncovered in Sales Training Workbook

Here’s some dirt that’s sure to heat up the iPhone debates over the next 20 days. According to alleged scans from the “iPhone Sales Training Workbook,” we’re seeing a vast array of features that we were already fully aware of, but here’s the skinny on what you may have not known until now:

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iPhone makes Apple stocks red hot

Apple Inc. has not yet sold a single iPhone, but investors are driving up the company’s shares to record highs as they bank that the combined telephone and media player will be a major hit.

A slew of brokerages from UBS to Piper Jaffray are raising their targets on Apple’s stock to as much as $160—equivalent to about 40 times its expected fiscal 2008 profit.

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