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Apple TV delivery date in Belgium

Today I got the order confirmation from Apple Inc about the Apple TV. The web-store showed February as the shipment date, that seems to be the case. My invoice shows; 28 February 2007 shipment date and the delivery date is 2 March 2007. Oh well just 6 weeks and 2 days waiting.

Here is a part of my invoice, in Euro;

000010 TL951ZM/A XTREMEMAC HDMI TO HDMI CABLE 2M-ZML 1 20.62 February
000020 MA711ZD/A APPLE TV-ZDD 1 247.11 February

Totaal: 267.73
Korting (al verrekend in Totaal): 0.00
BTW @ 21.00% : 56.22
Totaalbedrag van de bestelling: 323.95

Do you care about iPhone’s 2MP camera?

People with camera phones fall squarely into two camps: those that care about the camera (and actually use it) and those that don’t. Count me in the camp that doesn’t really care that much about the camera in my phone because I usually have a better (real) camera with me.

read zdnet


Apple TV - bringing you all the details

Next month I will publish all the details I personally have with the just ordered Apple TV. I will post photos and first hand experience with my own iMac 20 inch and LG plasma 42” (HDMI to HDMI Apple TV to TV connected). I have added a menu section for Apple TV
Stay tuned!


iPhone war could be long and costly

What’s a name worth?

To find out, Cisco Systems and Apple may spend millions of dollars in a high-stakes legal battle—and the winner could walk away with the rights to the name iPhone.
In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Cisco asked a judge to forbid Apple from using the name iPhone, a Cisco trademark since 2000. The case hinges in part on whether Apple’s phone—unveiled Tuesday to much fanfare—could confuse shoppers looking to buy Cisco’s iPhones.

check it out indystar

How Will the iPod be Affected by the iPhone?

One thing that seems to have gotten lost in the fray with all this iPhone hullabaloo is what is going to happen to the iPod now. Sure, the iPhone is a phone mixed with an iPod, but not everyone wants to spend $600 and get a phone/tablet with their music player. Apple has spent so much time and money getting TV shows and movies into the ITMS there’s no way they won’t release a new, high capacity multimedia player with the same slick widescreen format for people who don’t want to make the jump to the iPhone.

All at gizmodo


The Apple iPhone runs OS X

Sweet, glorious specs of the 11.6 millimeter device (that’s frickin’ thin, by the way) include a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen display with multi-touch support and a proximity sensor to turn off the screen when it’s close to your face, 2 megapixel cam, 4GB or 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP, WiFi that automatically engages when in range, and quad-band GSM radio with EDGE.

Perhaps most amazingly, though, it somehow runs OS X with support for Widgets, Google Maps, and Safari, and iTunes (of course) with CoverFlow out of the gate.
nerd details and nice photos of the keynote engadget


How Apple’s iPhone Could Flop

At CES this week, reaction to the device was decidedly mixed. There were several consistent concerns. One, price. Two, the appeal of typing on a touch screen may be limited. And three, the decision not to choose a 3G network, which means data speeds will be fairly slow. And four…did I mention the price?
find out at seekingalpha

Real iPhone review of PC Magazine, must read!

I actually got my hands on one. For all of ten minutes. Ten minutes isn’t much, but I can safely say that the iPhone is even more impressive than it appeared during the Jobs keyote. And that’s saying something.
full article pc magazine

Cingular: The iPhone Price Is RightCingular:

Some commentators have questioned the high price of the iPhone. At $499 for a 4-Gbyte device and $599 for an 8-Gbyte model, it easily tops most of the smartphone offerings that will be its main competition.
unstrung has the details.

Cisco Files iPhone Suit

Cisco Systems said Wednesday it has filed a lawsuit against Apple over the use of the iPhone name.

Read more at redherring

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