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Monday, February 16, 2015
Fireebok’s iCloud Extractor Review
Fireebok’s iCloud Extractor Review

This week we’re testing a new tool from Fireebok—iCloud Extractor—which you can use to look into your iCloud backups, something which isn’t possible with native OS X tools.

You can extract every item from these backups to your Mac or external HD—e.g. fotos & videos. This way you can free up iCloud storage space before having to buy new one. Not only that but it’s an easy way for adding these fotos to your iPhoto library for example.

When you launch the tool you’ll see all your (incremental) backups which are currently stored. From here you can select the one you wish to download and extract from.

Fireebok writes this on theirs site;

“Apple provides just paltry 5GB of iCloud storage for free, and that can get tight quickly. When you don’t have enough storage on iCloud, you can’t back up your iPhone, or iPad until you have extra room. After extracting your iCloud backup with iCloud Extractor, you can delete the unnecessary backups to reclaim precious storage space. When you reach or exceed your iCloud storage limit, you can remove the backup files you don’t need before paying Apple for more. Not just space, iCloud Extractor saves more money for you!”

I was expecting to remove the backups from within the tool but that wasn’t the possible, anyway you can do that from the iPhone I supposed but when I switched off iCloud backup via Settings > iCloud > Backup, the back files were still visible in iCloud Extractor… This right the way to do this is as follows.
1. tap Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage
2. tap This iPhone under the Backups section
3. delete backup

So you can temporarely switch iCould backup off unafecting your backup files.

I guess the tool can also be useful for people which have switched to Android or Microsoft and still want to extract things from iCloud.

All-in-all a useful tool, I rate it 4 stars out of 5 stars.
Download here.

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