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Sunday, December 09, 2012
Fuel Monitor - Review
Fuel Monitor - Review

With today’s high fuel prices one can only wonder when driving becomes too expensive for the average driver. Many people are changing their behavior already by buying smaller engine cars. Studies show that most drivers will save on other things before looking for cheaper alternative transport methods however.

The developers of Fuel Monitor for the iPhone, can help you save money on your driving style and make you aware of how much a trip actually costs, based on the iPhone’s realtime GPS data.

Fuel Monitor tracking cost GPS iOS6 iPhone 5

Real shopping cost

While testing the application, I became more conscious of what the impact is on my wallet by taking the car all the time. Even more, I started to add the fuel price to the products I was buying to calculate its real cost.

For example, I like to buy real good quality bread outside of my city. It is a 30 minutes drive, one way. Fuel Monitor tracked my trip and now I realized that I had to add 3.61 euro to my breads for the week. And that isn’t a small amount of money, money that could easily be saved. I can also calculate now that I can buy a bread machine of 120 Euro and save it back in 33 weeks (trips).

Fuel monitor can also be handy for people who want to split cost, like with car pooling for example or students that share cars. Like this there is no discussion for both parties.

Pedal to the metal

The efficiency meter shows you how to improve saving fuel and thus money by measuring your driving style. And after a while you start to want to have it in green all the time. This positive driving stimulance can save you up to 15 percent per fuel tank.

Fuel Monitor tracking cost GPS iOS6 iPhone 5

Say you drive diesel, which costs 1.51 Euro at the moment here. A full tank of 55 liters costs 83.05 Euro. 15% means 12.46 Euro in your pocket per tank. Imagine you fuel-up 2 times per month which relates to 24 times a year, which is 24 * 12.46 = 299.04 Euro savings by changing your driving habit.

Vehicle Profile

There are 60,000 vehicles in the database, mine was not in, but that wasn’t a problem because I could find my car stats online. What you then need to do is manually input the average consumptions for urban (mine was 4.4 l/100km) and for rural (3.6 l/100km). That’s not bad for a 110 HP diesel engine, mind you. Anyway the developers are constantly updating the database.

The application has many more features like advance journey calculation cost, create a journal of costs and even a parking feature as a bonus, to always find back your car. It has furthermore support for all the world’s units of measurement MPG(US), MPG(IMP), KPL, L/100KM, G/100KM.


I’ve only one little issue that I would like to have changed in the application and that’s the speed/avg consumption display, I would like to change it with the duration on the left to have it constantly visible. Now it switches all the time between speed and avg consumption. The duration of my trip is less important for me, that could be displayed when I arrive and stop the monitoring. But that is just a minor thing that would suite me better.

The usability of the application is depending on your needs. I have already a build-in GPS in my car so I can use this application open all the time. If you use your iPhone for navigation, the only thing you can do is to switch the app to the background and use the Navigation App in the foreground, although I haven’t tried it out—it claims to be background running.


I rate the application 4.5 stars, it does what it claims very well, it is graphically appealing and it can be earned back very fast. The good thing is that you’ll become more conscious about the real cost of driving and therefore change your driving behavior.

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Note, the application has been made available to us for testing purposes.

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