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Sunday, January 10, 2010
iPhonetunes review: Documents to Go
iPhonetunes review: Documents to Go

DataViz attempts to fill a very large hole in functionality for mobile business users. Editing word docs on the go is a very important part of life for any mobile professional.  With that said, syncing your documents and getting them into a third party app is a very tough hurtle to overcome for IPhone developers. Apple doesn’t provide the option to do this from within the native mail application. Therefore, IPhone users are unable to create/edit a native word document or even send that document as an attachment.

iPhone apps | Documents To GoiPhone apps | Documents To Go

Multi platform

Even worse developers are not given the hooks to integrate their applications into the default mail application. The Application therefore has to stand on its own to provide the functionality most mobile devices provide standard.  The good news is DataViz has been at this for a while. I have Documents to Go in several different flavors. I have used this application on Blackberries, Palm and Windows Mobile devices for years. With DataViz’s expansion into the iPhone platform, Documents to Go attempts to fill a very important functionality hole.


Documents to Go gives you the ability to view, create or edit MS Excel and Office 2007-8 as well as legacy 97-2004, XP compatible documents. You can also view PowerPoint, PDF, iWork and some other types of file attachments. The product also provides the ability to synchronize with a desktop application via Wi-Fi or MS Exchange and email a document. Using a special technology DataViz calls “InTact” when you edit a document on your iPhone and the original formatting is saved. They also provide some missing functionality like the ability to change fonts, colors, highlight, underline, align text and indent word documents. Making small changes to Excel documents is also possible. Zooming, formatting, resizing rows and Columns, inserting formulas, editing as well as a find option are available. The app even makes use of the iPhone gyro with a shake to undo feature.


The big feature here is the exchange sync functionality. Documents to Go will scan your Exchange mailbox and find emails with attachments it can open. This eliminates the clutter   from the built in mailbox. This feature proved to be a nice work around for the development limitations inherent in the device.

The big miss for me is the lack of Spelling and grammar checking. I am a terrible speller and need the ability to scan a document for grammar and spelling problems after I have finished writing it. This feature does not exist and is a flaw that I didn’t expect.


Documents to Go, is rather costly for an iPhone app at $14.99 for the Exchange attachments version or $9.99 for the MS Word version. That cost is well worth it for mobile professionals who need the ability to edit documents on the go. DataViz is the gold standard as far as I am concerned for your mobile office needs and it is great to see they have extended an offering into the iPhone platform.

Features – 3
Appearance- 4.0
Usability – 4.0
Value – 3

Overall 3.5

Disclaimer: DataViz provided a licensed copy of Documents to Go for this review.

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