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Saturday, January 23, 2010
iPhonetunes review: IM+
iPhonetunes review: IM+

Usually I wait till the end of a review to become opinionated about an Application. After having used IM+ from Shape Services it is difficult for me to hold back my feelings. It is said that it takes 10,000 oysters to find a pearl. I have found that the same holds true for iPhone apps. I have installed hundreds of Apps and there is only a handful that I still have on my device, much less I use every day. IM+ has now joined that select group of applications I use several times a day. The All-in-One-Messenger combines messaging from Skype, AOL, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ and MySpace, into one complete solution.

iPhone apps | IM PlusiPhone apps | IM Plus

Imagine having every single one of your IM personas and contact lists in one simple to use program. I have always found instant messaging a pain, mainly because of the many different systems and the lack of connectivity between all of them. Everyone I know has a different messaging service and until now it has been very difficult for me to bridge the gap. IM+ is the cure for messaging overload.

Features - 5
If that wasn’t good enough, IM+ is also feature rich. IM+ also harnesses all of the unique features an IPhone. You can send a picture, video, voice message or even your GPS location to a contact. If you have trouble typing on the small iPhone keyboard you can even add speech recognition for $.99 a month through a subscription. The best feature of all is of course how IM+ makes use of an iPhone’s Push Notifications. Shape Services has even made that option completely customizable. For those of you who need to keep up on your inbox, IM+ provides customizable e-mail notifications as well. Customizable sound settings for Twitter timeline and direct messages are built in as well. If that wasn’t enough Shape Services packs in its own internet browser so, you don’t have to leave the app to surf the web. After several days of use it would be hard for me to come up with a reasonable suggestion for an additional feature I would like to see. 

iPhone apps | IM PlusiPhone apps | IM Plus

Appearance & Usability - 5
I found the interface to be intuitive and easy to use with its familiar iPhone layout. Message response from multiple accounts is quick and effortless. I was astonished at how well IM+ was able to handle multiple conversations from different accounts at the same time. The inbox tab makes transition from one conversation to the next seamless. Twenty minutes after installing IM+ I was involved in three simultaneous chat sessions from friends who couldn’t believe that I finally settled on their chat client. Little did they know I had not settled at all.  IM+ is a multitasking dream come true. The landscape keyboard with customizable settings for auto-rotate make it easy to lay back and relax while you keep in touch with your friends. Several wallpapers and the ability to add your own are a nice touch as well. Your status is controlled in a central location and once set applies for all your accounts.

Value - 5
IM+ is not cheap but, you get what you pay for. IM+ costs $9.99 bucks for the app and $1 a month if you would like use of the voice recognition feature. For this you get the “Best in Class” IM app for an iPhone. If you buy one app this month, IM+ from Shape Services should be it. It adds new functionality and as they say in business world, presence.  Adding a good quality instant messaging and mail notification tool to your iPhone will give you added value and might even lower your text messaging charges at the end of the month. 

iPhone apps | IM PlusiPhone apps | IM Plus

I’m finding it hard to say enough good things about IM+ by Shape Services. It is among one of my few treasured iPhone applications. IM+ has joined Facebook as the first things I check each morning. Because of this it has earned the highest rating I have ever given an App, Five of Five Stars. This from a guy that said, “Nothing is perfect”. 

Features - 5.0
Appearance - 5.0
Usability - 5.0
Value - 5.0
Overall: 5 stars our of 5

Shape Services provided a copy of IM+ for this review

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