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Thursday, April 08, 2010
iPhonetunes review: Nav4D BeNeLux
iPhonetunes review: Nav4D BeNeLux

I can say that I have reviewed almost every Turn-by-Turn GPS application in the App Store that has Europe maps. One app called Nav4D is already for a while on my iPhone, not reviewed yet and I thought I better share my findings with you.

Nav4D positions itself in the low cost part of the GPS app market, and this has a reason. They know probably that they cannot compete with the big players yet, so it is also not fair to compare them with TomTom or NAVIGON to name a few. We should better compare them with other low costs GPS apps like NDrive for instance, which only costs $24. Navteq map technology is incorporated.

iPhone apps | Nav4DiPhone apps | Nav4D

Nav4D describes itself as a high-end GPS app, which is highly innovative and here the funny part comes: Designed to attract everyone, the new interface concept makes usability and design a key point. I never had so much difficulties using a GPS app UI then with Nav4D, for instance when you want to select the street after typing it, it shows the position, to start navigating you have to touch the little arrow behind it. Some of the functions are under small icons like (page right).

iPhone apps | Nav4DiPhone apps | Nav4D
iPhone apps | Nav4DiPhone apps | Nav4D

The app has 3D landmarks and a 3D city model, but when navigating the screen updates are so slow, even on my 3GS that this mode is unusable. I have made multiple attempts, and I used the NAVIGON CarKit to do so. Switching back to normal 3D mode, made the app behave better, but not really smooth and fluent. I really do not like the map and the way streets are displayed.

I can continue talking about its routing features, like the special truck mode, but when the basics don’t feel right, what is the use of it anyway.

iPhone apps | Nav4DiPhone apps | Nav4D

My recommendation to the team is to redesign the maps, look at Copilot and Navigon. Redesign the interface, including keyboard which not usable in landscape mode, (TomTom has a good one, with sticking to Apple design standards).

My advice to the readers is: If you are on a budget, buy NDrive or CoPilot Live instead until they have improved the application to something more intuitive and usable.

iPhone apps | Nav4DiPhone apps | Nav4D

Stay tuned for our next GPS review of TwoNav in the coming week.

Features - 3.0
Appearance - 2.5
Usability - 2.0
Value - 3.0
Overall: 2.6 stars our of 5




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