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Friday, January 01, 2010
iPhonetunes review: Yamaha TSX-130
iPhonetunes review: Yamaha TSX-130

Yamaha fits this device in their “Audio4iPod and DTA (Desktop Audio)” product line. Yamaha’s website invites us to “enjoy the music from all your favorite sources for this attractive “all in one audio system”, in any room in the house.”

Let’s check whether it’s worthwhile to accept this invitation…


Appearance and design: 3.5

Inside the box you’ll find:

•The Yamaha TSX-130.

•A remote control with battery included.

The set has a “retro” touch, which makes it look interesting. The front of the TSX-130 is the highlight, the integration of the two 8 centimeter speakers, the screen design and its LEDs (also retro), makes the set visually appealing.

Given its size (350 x 120 x 240 mm) and 4 Kg of weight, I would not recommend it for a little bedside table; it’s somehow big and bulky. It strikes me that they haven’t thought of this, because one of the features of the Yamaha TSX-130, is the clock radio.

The set that I have discussed is cream colored and has, at its top, a wooden sheet. It doesn’t have a conventional color scheme, the other available version (black and dark wood), seems to me more beautiful.

Rock n ‘Roll

Functions: 4.0 ?Ease of use: 4.0

The sound quality produced by the two 15W speakers is pretty good. The REFEX basses are reinforced through two ports located on the back of the device; these ports act as echo chambers, providing low power and resonance frequencies. The small 30 cm separation of the two speakers, limits the stereo effect, but despite everything, the balance is good. The midrange clarity is surprising since sometimes the reflex ports masks these audio levels. Highs are a bit distorted with very high notes or high volumes; far away from this range of frequencies, the behavior is good. Although the sound and tone are generally good, they are far from the High Fidelity.

It lacks an equalizer, I would be glad with only two or three configutarions by default

. There is a default Equaliser “DSP” button on the remote gives you 5 settings.

The sound level is adequate if you are near the TSX-130 or to provide ambient sound. If you look for power, this device is more than discreet.

The Yamaha TSX-130 also has a USB port, making it compatible with MP3 players and external hard drives (the navigation through files in the latter can be difficult). The appliance comes with a built-in CD player being compatible with MP3 & WMA, and also features a FM tuner. You can’t play DRM protected files.

The brightness of the LCD display can be adjusted (there is also an automatic adjustment function, that changes the display with the brightness of the room). The set has clock and dual alarm functions. The alarm can’t be selected for the days of the week, but you can choose what sounds you want to wake up with (music stored on the iPhone, beeps, melodies or a combination of the above).

The dock is at the top. When connecting the iPhone, it will ask if you want to activate the “airplane mode” to prevent interference. If you accept, note that you can’t receive calls.

At the top of the console will also find buttons (it’s strange that you can’t change radio stations with those buttons, just with the remote). The remote control is well designed; it’s small, lightweight and easy to use. To access all functions of the TSX-130 you use the remote, the menu isn’t obvious but doesn’t pose much difficulty; it is not necessary reading the user manual.

Surprisingly, the Yamaha TSX-130 has no input to connect an external audio source. Another feature that I miss is Wi-Fi connectivity.


Value: 3.5

The Yamaha TSX-130 offers many benefits, a proper sound and a reasonable volume. You can listen to music stored on various digital media, you can listen to the radio (including DAB) and it has multiple alarm options. Quality materials are used and the finish of the product is good. In contrast, no auxiliary audio input or Wi-Fi connectivity is supported. With a suggested retail price of 355 €, I think I’m not asking a lot, include the last two functions that I mentioned would be great.

TOTAL: 3.75


NOTE: Yamaha has given the device for test purposes freely.


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