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Wednesday, January 04, 2017
Recover lost data on your iPhone with EaseUS MobiSaver Free 6.5
Recover lost data on your iPhone with EaseUS MobiSaver Free 6.5

When you delete important data on your iPhone, not all of that data is erased. The underpinning Operating System which is based on Unix, is just removing a pointer to the data on the disk or better solid state storage, or moving this data to a special folder for a specific time.

EaseUS MobiSaver can recover the following data; Photos, Videos, Messages, WhatsApp messages, Contacts, Call history, Notes, Calendar, reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Message attachment and your camera roll.

It has 3 ways to recover your data.

1. by connecting you iPhone directly to you computer and start scanning
2. from iTunes backups which you have created in the past
3. directly from your iCloud backup

let’s fire up the app and check things out.

1. Direct connection to the iPhone

To test things out I’ve deleted random data from my iPhone, some contacts, pictures and several messages.

When you press scan, the app starts scanning your iPhone and then doing an analyzing process, once that is finished after a few minutes, you’re presented with the interface of what has been found on your device.

When I selected the photos I could see all the photos currently on the iPhone and also the pictures I just deleted before. To recover the deleted picture I selected it and pressed recover, upon which I was asked for a saving location on the computer.

That all worked out just fine. The removed contact I couldn’t find back by name, but there was a long list of deleted numbers, which could be one of those. Anyway I saw all of the deleted contacts which I have cleanup over the years.

The messages I just removed, I could see again in the conversation tread.


2. Recover from iTunes backup(s)

If you’re in the habit of regularly making unencrypted backups to iTunes, you have the luxury to recover even more data. The EaseUS MobiSaver app detected my backups and presented me with a list of them. I selected one randomly and then I initiated the scanning and analysing process again.

The interface works here the same, you are presented with the data it found, you can scroll through it, do multiple selects and even filter on “only display deleted data”.

This way I could recover images that weren’t there anymore in the first test. Int this mode you can extract data from backups without even having to restore your iPhone first, nice!


3. From an iCloud backup

Most iPhone users also make backups to iCloud nowadays, next to the iTunes backups. The difference basically is that iTunes backups all data but need to be triggered manually by syncing with iTunes. iCloud backup only stores your data in the cloud which Apple thinks is the most important, like your camera roll, documents accounts and settings. By default you only get 5GB but more can be purchased of course.

When you restore from an iCloud backup your purchased music, apps, movies and books will be re-downloaded from from the Apple Stores, however not videos and music which weren’t purchased at Apple, but also photos that aren’t stored in the local camera roll, the call history, homescreen arrangement to name some. You will need an iTunes backup to cover all data! So our advise is, use both, iCloud syncing goes automatically when switched on, and connect your iPhone to iTunes ones every quarter to make a full backup.

iCloud backup extraction of data via EaseUS MobiSaver, can also be useful for people migrating away from the iOS ecosystem, because this backup is not browsable by apple tools, let alone extract it’s content.

Disclaimer, to use this feature you must have 2 factor authentication off. If you have it, which I recommend, you can easily temporary disable it until you have accessed the data you’re looking for. You will have to disable it via the web!&page=signin , you can’t do this from your iPhone.

You can read more about EaseUS MobiSaver Free 6.5 at the product and download page here.

EaseUS MobiSaver Free 6.5 is iOS10 compatible and we can positively recommend it to our readers!

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