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Monday, March 14, 2016
Review - Le Menu Dit translate menus from English to French without an Internet connection (2.0)
Review - Le Menu Dit translate menus from English to French without an Internet connection (2.0)

As a faithful reader of this site, you might’ve noticed that we’ve just reviewed this application, however this is version 2.0, a new full point release. The previous review you can read here.

Le Menu Dit has a better translation in this version as well as an improved user interface with better instructions and a new Feedback page. So let’s translate some menus and see for the results.

The first menu I tried was interesting because it has fish too, fishes are hard to recognise when you don’t speak the language, while everyone worldwide knows what chicken or taco means. “6 Oysters on the half shell” was translated into “6 hunters sur la demi-coquille”.

“Pan Seared Lemon Tilapia with Parmesan Pasta” gets very good translated. “Poêlé citron Tilapia au parmesan Pâtes”

The results are mixed and often never 100% perfect but good enough most of the time to know what will end up on your plate. The app had most difficulties when the text is extremely small or on one menu which had a black background with white text on it.

It’s important to crop correctly around the text, and don’t try to translate too much at a time. If you need more light, you can enable the flash light, but don’t forget to disable it before you press translate.

We also advise you to read the help page from within the application to get the maximum results out of it. If you’re not sure about the results before you purchase, you’ll have the option to test it 3 times for free and with some menus included in the application. Note some basics like that you should picture the text straight from above and not from an angle. It only works on printed menus, not on computer screens. Take pictures from different distances to have different results!

The good things about the app are that it doesn’t require an internet connection to be able to translate, it saves the scans that you make so that you can make up your mind later on. It has an easy learning curve, is fun to use and supports the iPad.

Pricing is $0.99 for a one week rental, just for one trip, and if you like to use it unlimited you have to shell out $2.99. The prices are reasonable knowing that you have it back with ordering a wrong dish against your liking.

You can download the app here, have fun with it and bon appetite!

PS you can also try to scan the bill afterwards

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