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Sunday, March 20, 2016
Review - Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery now called UltData
Review - Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery now called UltData

This week we are reviewing a Mac application that claims to recover lost iPhone data. UltData is however also released for Windows.

Why do people loose data on their iPhones, you might wonder? Well, the first good reason is that you can have deleted it yourself. Or what if your iPhone gets damaged and you still want access to the data? I’ve had already personally lost all my contacts one day, because of a bad iCloud sync. So plenty of reasons, they are all listed on the website if that interests you.

Tenorshare UltData can help you in 3 Recovery modes.

1. iPhone data recovery without backup
2. Restore data from an iTunes backup
3. Restore data from an iCloud backup

iPhone data recovery without backup

We have tested this by deleting SMS conversations and photos.  Follow the steps on the screenshot to recover the data.

Drag the icon over to install the application

Connect the iPhone via USB, click “Start scan”

Select the data in the left pane you want to see and recover and click “Recover”

Close the Recover Complete message

The iPhone reboots now and indeed the conversations which I had deleted are back. In this mode you can only recover Messages, Contacts and notes.

This is tested with several iPhone models, note that when your iPhone is pass locked it can’t be scanned, so you can’t scan someone else’s iPhone. If this could have been the case then the CIA didn’t have to take Apple to court, to get data from a locked


Restore data from an iTunes backup

In the case that you can’t access your iPhone for whatever reason but you do have local backups in iTunes on your computer, then you can scan those backups for all the information that is in there. Just select the iTunes symbol on the top and press scan. Note that in this recovery mode you can recover much more, like photos, photo steam, videos, voice memos, Viber and WhatsApp data and more.


Restore data from an iCloud backup

Say that you don’t have a local backup in iTunes and you cannot access your iPhone anymore, however you had enabled iCloud backup. Good that you did because in this mode you can browse the backups by entering your iCloud credentials. In this mode you can recover also almost everything, like in the iTunes backup recovery mode. It will prompt you with a selection window, but you can select all to recover the complete backup data.

I advise you to carefully read their websites, it contains many more tips faqs and methods.



Tenorshare’s UltData does what it promises, it costs currently in discount $49.95 which is not cheap, but if your data needs recovery for whatever reason I can imagine that you’r more than happy to shell it out and have again access to it.

The applications crashed a few times, but restarting the app did fix this, so no big deal.

Don’t expect to extract data from locked iPhones, but you can restore deleted information from your unlocked iPhone, restore from iTunes and iCloud backups.

Tip, make frequent backups to iCloud and iTunes so you can always recover in case of need. With this tool you can also check which backups exist and remember that a backup isn’t a backup until you have proved it can be restored!

The application can be downloaded here;

Tenorshare UltData for Mac

Tenorshare UltData for Windows

I will rate it 4 stars, 1 star less because of it’s current price. rating

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