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Saturday, March 12, 2016
Review - UsefulAlarm -Ringtones and Radio Player
Review - UsefulAlarm -Ringtones and Radio Player

iOS developer Stefano Galizia from Beautiful apps, has released his third application in the Appstore, this time it’s an alarm app. Not just an average alarm app, but a useful one like the name implies.

Until now I must admit that I’ve only used the standard iOS alarm since 2007, but UsefulAlarm got me interested to change this habit. The app can wake you up with radio, which is something I really like. At work I listen in the morning to News radio and the afternoon to alternative radio.

This week I’ve been waking up with my favourite radiostation and must admit that this is really much nicer, it’s more subtle and relaxed to wakeup versus the harsh normal iOS wakeup sound.

Snoozing like never before

UsefulAlarm can also be configured the classical way, to wake up with ringtones, if you don’t want radio. And what’s also cool, is that you can change the snooze time interval! There are many theories for the fact that regular alarms always—including iOS—have the 9 minute interval, theories from technical limitations to easier programming. I like to set my interval now at 10 to 12 minutes because I’m a light sleeper and it takes more time for me to fall back to sleep, so snoozing is more enjoyable. Another way of waking up is with a welcome voice of your name or a classical ringtone.

Be informed for the day

UsefulAlarm has other useful features right accessible from the bottom of the screen. When you’re finally awake, you can swipe the screen to see the news, the calendar of the day, your reminders and even a horoscope. I found out that for me the calendar and reminders are the most useful, I’ve already an idea for what is coming up, but must confess that I find it funny reading the horoscope, something I previously never did.

On the main screen you also spot the weather, it would be nice if it could give an hourly or 6 hour interval of the upcoming weather, this is just my personal feature request for an of the app.

Stop snoring

If you would like to find out if you or your partner is snoring during the night, you can now. Just switch on the recording option and check it out the next day. Snoring normally

indicate an unhealthy situation which can be improved by loosing weight, more exercising, quit smoking, avoid alcohol and sleeping pills.

Other options are Shake to wakeup or snooze, a help/tutorial page, and repeating of alarms.


UsefulAlarm has replaced my 9 years of ‘standard iPhone waking with a ringtone’ habit to a much more enjoyable experience with my favourite radiostation, and discovering the information for the day is also nice. The app does what it advertises and is good enough for a 1.0 version to buy it for only $0.99. Well done!

My feature requests for an update are; more snooze buttons, I like to press the sleep/wake button of the iPhone, configurable news source (of RSS), upcoming weather, configurable C/F instead of displaying both.


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