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Monday, April 03, 2017
Data Recovery: Best Data Recovery Software for Mac
Data Recovery: Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

This time we are reviewing WonderShare Data Recovery for the Mac. There is always a time where you will loose data in your life, especially when you’re not prepared for it with multiple backups. And those backups still must be recoverable. Not too many people do regular checks of their backups.

Anyway when you come to the point that you really lost important data, there is Wondershare Data Recovery that can rescue you.

The application has 4 main modes.

1. Lost file recovery
2. Partition Recovery
3. Raw Recovery
4. Resume Recovery

Lost File Recovery

The first one Lost file recovery is what most people will use, it scans you computer for disks and there you have the option to select the one that has lost data. Then you can start scanning, this goes rather quick, the app comes up with a list of deleted files. Note that you can filter them on file type, like image or video and so on.

Once you have located the deleted file(s) you can recover them to another location or other disk or USB drive.

For my test I did delete a bunch of my favourite puppy photos, and indeed it was discovered by the app and I could recover any content from it. It had to select the deep recovery and then select deleted files, I filtered them on “images” to narrow down my search quest.

The option in the scan menu to do a deep scan, can take hours to days, but it will do a more thoroughly analysis of your deleted files.

Partition Recovery

When you have destroyed a whole partition of a disk drive, this mode comes to the rescue. This mode can recover deleted, lost, damaged or even resized partitions. First off you select the disk where the partition was on, and then you can search partitions. Here is a special option called “Enable Raw Recovery”, this recovers files without original file name, this will take more time but has good results on lost photos.

The Partition Recovery mode lets you manually select the File System Type as well, and the most common ones are all supported, from Windows FAT to NTFS to the Mac file system types.

I’ve tested this on my external disk, it found 2 partitions, of which I scanned the biggest one from 1 Terabyte. This took a while, it is still a normal hard disk not a SSD disk.

Raw Recovery

Choose this mode if you want to go directly into raw recovery which I’ve explained above, so when you have lost images or photos.

In this advanced modus, you can add filters to only look for certain file types (the list is really long), and you can even tell the app from which disk region to start scannen, with the “Select Disk Region Option”.

I’ve tested this and filtered on email, and indeed I could read deleted mail messages, even the mail headers where still okay, I could see the sender and my address as well.

Resume Recovery

Because some modes take long to complete you can stop them during the session and save them for when you have more time later.

I can imagine this mode is also handy for people who do a lot of forensic work.

Conclusion: WonderShare Data Recovery is a “Wonderfull” Mac app that needs to be in your toolbox. It is easy to use for regular users to more advanced for technical people. It has an easy interface and best of all it can recover deleted or lost files as it did in my tests. The price when testing was 81,85 Euro which is justified for important data recovery, how much is your data worth?

Download it here and give it a try yourself!

Highly recommended Mac App!

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