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Monday, April 03, 2017
TuneGo: Transfer Data from Pc to iPhone at one click
TuneGo: Transfer Data from Pc to iPhone at one click

iTunes was announced as the digital hub in your Apple life once by Steve Jobs. That was a visionary idea to put iTunes in the center of your digital iPod life. Time has passed by and iTunes has iterated over many versions, I guess it’s the most updated software Apple has ever made. All these updates have not made it easier for the average user.  For instance when you make a backup, does it copy the app? The Music? The Photos? Do I need to do the photos with another tool?

Then they have introduced iCloud sync, which is already a step in the good direction, but not the holy greal neither. I’ve notice a few times recently where I have to replace an iPhone for a family member and it was not clear what was the best way to transfer all this.

This new complexity has been noticed by quite some software vendors of which Wondershare is one of them with their TunesGo software for PC and Mac

Here are the main features of Wondershare TunesGo:

1. Rebuild iTunes Library
2. Transfer music to your iOS devices
3. Use your iOS devices a USB key
4. Transfer music from iTunes to an iOS device
5. Backup all your media to a folder on your computer
6. Restore this backup
7. Migrate data to another device

Wondershare TunesGo has a very intuitive interface for all of these options. I tried to make a backup of my media which works like a charm, it writes all the content into one big backup file, which can be restored on the same or another device. Notice that when you select restore, you can deselect media you don’t want to restore by clicking on the icons. This feature is also nice when you temporarily needs more storage space, just backup all, and restore when you have space again.

I’ve also used the app to manually add music with drag and drop features. I’ve tested to make a backup of an App that is not anymore in the Appstore, but this did not work on my iPhone because it is only supported on older iOS version until 8.3. The removal of Apps worked well.

When you go to the files menu things get really interesting, you can browse standard folders and even drag content in them, like I did with ringtones. Then there is a disk item on the left, when you select it you can drag all kinds of files in there, go on the move with your iPhone and on another computer where you have the software installed you can copy it off the iPhone again, how nice is that. Nowadays when we have so much storage left this is becoming a really cool feature.

Wondershare TunesGo has the ability to rebuild your iTunes Library in case when it is not good anymore, if your PC/ Mac suffers from a system crash or you own a new PC/Mac, Wondershare TunesGo will be able to rebuild your entire iTunes library from your iPhone, iPad and iPod quickly, including Music, Movies, iTunes U, Audiobooks, Podcasts, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Videos and Playlists.

All the media type whether it is music, photos or even videos, you can easily transfer it back and forth from Computer to iOS device or the other way around. Or do the same from iOS to iTunes and iTunes to iOS.

Don’t forget to check out the toolbox for goodies like: Fix iOS, phone transfer, Once-Click Restore and the GIF creator.

Everything works like a charm except for the exporting of Apps, but this is now well managed via iCloud so no big issue here.

Wondershare TunesGo is a iOS powertool with an easy interface and highly recommended for any iOS users, whether you just want to backup data the easy way, or fix what’s wrong in iTunes to users who want to transfer data from and to other iOS devices or even Android phones.

This with the combination of the USB flash drive makes it a “must have” in your application toolbox. The photo manager is also very well integrated, now you have just one tool that fills your digital lifestyle needs perfectly.

I’ve tested for you the Mac version of which you can download a Mac trial version over here

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