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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Review: iBearMoney
Review: iBearMoney

Over the past three months, we made a couple of application analysis on cost control. We started with Receipts (the simplest one); the next one was SplashMoney (more complete than the previous one). Today, we will review iBearMoney.

The application has been developed by iBearSoft and version 4.0.2 has been analyzed (latest update available). Pending the release of a free computer program, IE the desktop version, it will surely bring more functionality and versatility to the application.

  Appearance: 4

Though we are talking about a cost control application, the graphic design is very carefully done. I liked the choice of colors, icons, presentation of data, interface design, tables, result graphs, in short, all the visual aspect of the application. Compared to its competitors, iBearMoney is the best.

You can also customize a little bit the application, for example, you can load custom icons via the iPhone’s camera or photo album.

Features: 5

iBearMoney has a wide variety of functions. From the main screen input, you will see several icons, the top of the screen and the bottom.

At the top you can select the data input of a “quick” expenditure (cart icon on the left); data type templates: Transactions, Planned (by clicking the central arrows) and the standard data entry (sign” + “right).

Clicking on “+”, will show the default fields that we fill. As you can see on the photo below, it’s quite complete and easy. You can add or remove fields to suit our needs. I will not list the available options because they are many, I think very few situations may not be registered with the application.

At the bottom we see five icons: Transactions, Balance, Budget, Reports and More. Here more about the options available.

- Transactions: You could say that is the main screen discussed above. This data will introduce you to record movements.
- Balance: information about the monetary status of our accounts.
- Budget: Information on proposed budgets.
- Reports: Display multiple graphs and tables and other information available.
- Add: adjustment of the various functions and implemented tools. You set the menu (the account you’re using), the type of currency, data type, Configuration, Planner budgets, Managed Icons, Backup, Export, Import OFX, Help and Desktop version.

As seen in the last point, we have the option to export data. We can do it through email or Wi-Fi (in both cases QIF or CSV).

We can also access our online banking accounts (check availability by country.) We can test this type of transactions through the “Direct Connect” and “OFX.

I will not continue writing about more features because they are many and the review would be very long. As I said earlier, the app is very complete.

Usability: 4

iBearMoney is handled with ease. It is quite intuitive and uncomplicated, so you just have to use common sense. Like other applications of this kind, once you have entered the data and transactions costs, the management and data entry of the more commonly used items (electricity, water, gas, etc), will be faster.

The application has the option to record and schedule routine transactions.

Value: 4

iBearMoney is sold in the App Store for $4.99 (after April 12Th, $3.99). The app is one of the most expensive in its class (as seen in the App Store, most prices for similar applications is 2.99 € or even less) but also one with more functions available and some of the best graphics I’ve seen of this genre.


iBearMoney incorporates useful features such as the possibility of working with online banking, and in the near future synchronization with the PC. In addition, the range of settings and customization options is wide. The simplicity of operation and management is a plus. The visual aspect is quite accomplished, it is pleasing to the eye. The only “cons” I can think of is the price, higher than the competition, but it’s justified because of higher quality.

TOTAL: 4.25 from a total of 5.


NOTE: iBearSoft provided a licensed copy of iBearMoney for this review.


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