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Sunday, October 11, 2015
Review - Mustache Bash Free 5.0
Review - Mustache Bash Free 5.0

Bright Newt App has released the funny Mustache Bash Free update 5.0.4 The app to put a smile and mustache on your face or someone else’s. The cool thing is that the app has face detection and places the mustache or beard at the right spot without fiddling around, although you can adjust all manually. By default the app comes with 15 applications, things you can add to someone’s face.

My father used to wear a moustache, but I never had the guts to try it. Now that facial hair is fashion again, I can try with this app how it looks on my face and even better on my friends faces. It integrates well with Facebook, you can choose pick your friends directly from there. Once selected the fun starts, it throws a default mustache with beard on the picture. You can remove that with the trash icon. Use the plus icon to add a new one, resize it with pinch & zoom, rotate it with 2 finger touch, and there you go out to share it into the wild. The most popular networks are supported, or you just save the picture to keep for your self.

Go try it out yourself and mustach bash you friends, dog, girlfriend, cat, teacher, boss, you name it, fun guaranteed.

Mustache Bash free can be downloaded here from the appstore.

Here is the feature overview from the appstore;

· Cool design
· Gallery of hilarious mustaches
· Resizing & rotating for realistic (or unrealistic) look
· Simple tapping to change color: brown, blonde, black, red, or gray
· Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or email (or save to camera roll)
· Add-a-caption feature for Facebook posting
· Sweet in-app purchases for more stachebashing pleasure

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