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Thursday, April 22, 2010
Review: ReaddleDocs
Review: ReaddleDocs

Unlike Tony, I prefer to read paper books instead of books in digital format. This does not mean that I have some ebook readers and some comics and books stored in my iPhone. Often unexpected waits arise and having a book in hand, always helps pass the time.

You can read on Readdle’s web that ReaddleDocs is a complete document and file management solution for your iPhone. ReaddleDocs features a document viewer, file manager, network file server, web storage client and web browser combined within a single iPhone application package. Let’s see how this app works on the iPhone.


Given that ReaddleDocs is a document manager, I love the visual aspect and the graphic design of the interface. The dotted gray tone with a touch of blue, give the application a sober but elegant touch. I like the icon’s design, they have an appropriate size to press them without problems. In general, I would say it is a “clean” design, without complications and without unnecessary additives.


Based on the features described on the web, I will discuss the use of them.

Copy files to your device directly from any Mac or Windows computers

With this feature, our iPhone will behave like Wi-Fi drive. I tried it in Windows XP and works well. Easy to setup, just have to enter the Windows’s menu “My Network Places”, add the IP of the iPhone (this information is displayed on the Network tab of ReaddleDocs) and open the appropriate port (available also in ReaddleDocs).

The application uses the WebDAV protocol, compatible with most operating systems.

Read all common office documents

The app handles the following formats: pdf, doc, xls, ppt, html, htm, rtf, rtfd, txt, fb2, pbd and other formats like MS Project, MS Visio, OmniGraffle, etc. Media formats: mp3, mp4, 3gp, mov, mpv. Picture formats: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff.

I started with smaller files and ended up with a catalog containing lots of images that are around 25MB. All well managed, but you must take into account that with many (big) images and pages, the application takes longer to load the file and to make page transitions.

For PDF files, the reflow feature is available (reflow: in short, a function that resizes the text to the screen size for better reading). You can see an example of “reflow” in the two lower images, the image on the right has this feature turned on.

You can also send pictures. You can access the photos stored on our iPhone’s camera roll and then print them or email them from within the app. You can also type an email using the built-in mail application of ReaddleDocs.

To hide or show the controls (zoom, search, bookmarks, print, email, go to “page”), you only have to tap once on the screen.

Email files stored in ReaddleDocs to your colleagues and partners

On Readdle’s website (, you can open an account for free storage up to 512 MB (there are two payment options with more capacity). From this account, you can upload or download files. An email account is also assigned to you, so we can forward emails with attachments (format: [email protected]). Files stored on the account page are accessible from the iPhone: Network> Favorite Servers> Readdle> Sync (button in the upper right corner, right image)

Save attachments that you have in the email

Any file attached to an email that comes to your account, can be downloaded and stored on the iPhone. You just have to press a button-icon. By tapping on any saved file, you can rename it, move it to another folder, email it, copy it, delete it or compress it (zip format).

Access MobileMe iDisk and other popular web storages

By selecting the Network icon, you can add several web storage accounts (MobileMe iDisk, Box.Net, Filesanywhere, Google Docs, etc) and access them directly from ReaddleDocs. Once connected to your account, you can read or download the saved files.

Save documents from the Web

You will have the option to save files on the iPhone (E.G. catalogs, manuals, books) directly from websites. Once downloaded, you can open them from the application itself. For convenience, ReaddleDocs has implemented an Internet browser in the same application, it is not necessary to exit and access Safari to surf the Web, which is a plus.

Transfer files to your iPhone without Wi-Fi

The application also works with a 3G or EDGE connection.

Create Bookmarks

Bookmark any place in the document.

Exchange files with other iPhone users

Assume that your friend has ReaddleDocs installed on his iPhone or iPod Touch, you are on the same Wi-Fi network and you want to get some of his files. Then you are lucky because it is a matter of several taps for ReaddleDocs to cope with this task.

We can customize the app by Touching on the “Settings” icon: Passkey Lock, Wi-Fi Drive, Browser downloads, Viewers, Auto-open and Support.



The application is well designed, like the user interface. You can access the functions and menus easily and intuitively. The best aspect of the interface is that the basic features (email and web browser) are built-in the same application, so no need to leave it to execute these actions.

VALUE: 4.5

Given the quality of implementation and features available, the value for money is very high. Well spent money!


I recommend ReaddleDocs highly to users who use the iPhone as a working tool (and those who do not use it for work, should begin to consider this option.) ReaddleDocs is visually pleasing, easy to use, versatile and very functional. A simple way to manage documents with the iPhone.

TOTAL: 4,75 out of 5.


NOTE: Readdle provided a licensed copy of ReaddleDocs for this review.









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