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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Review: Saving Private Sheep
Review: Saving Private Sheep

You read that good, it isn’t Shaving Private Sheep, a game where you must collect as much wool as possible. No this is of course a parody of Saving Private Ryan, a war movie about the invasion of Normandy in WWII.

Your mission is clear, operation “Iron Wool” has been launched and you are responsible for giving the sheep their green territory back, so they can graze in peace forever.

Saving Private Sheep (SPS), is a puzzle game created by Bulky Pix, a company who have released a dozen titles already for the iPhone and has 3 more up their sleeve; Roll Out, Drums Challenge Charlie Morgan and UNDEAD the last Refuge.

iPhone games | Saving Private SheepiPhone games | Saving Private Sheep

SPS is intuitive to play, you have always a scenario that goes like this; you see a pile of crates with General Sheepard on top of it, all standing on a platform, with open space left and right. In the open space below the platform the violent and hungry wolves are waiting for you to fall into. With your finger you tap on the crates you want to disappear so your sheep starts falling with natural gravity physics applied. Some objects later in the game, you cannot dissolve, like iron objects. In other missions extra objects appear to play a role to successfully land your sheep, like explosives, swings, balances and so on. In some missions the scenario changes that you will have to see for yourself, I won’t spoil all here.

When you start playing SPS, you notice immediately the high quality delivered, everything shines, the animations and graphics are smooth, the sounds are excellent, the game physics very well done and most importantly the excellent humor. This is one of those games created for the iPhone that really stands out.

iPhone games | Saving Private SheepiPhone games | Saving Private Sheep

You will notice that when you need to kill time waiting somewhere you will launch Saving Private Sheep to get to the next level, the difficulty gradually increases which makes it also for the younger gamers a challenge. There are numerous things to unlock in the game like levels, success and medals.

I stop writing about it because you just must try it out yourself, and I am sure you won’t regret this purchase. Bulky Pix delivered! I can’t wait to get the iPad edition in my hands.

Features – 5.0
Appearance – 5.0
Playability – 5.0
Value – 5.0
Overall: 5 stars out of 5




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