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Friday, May 14, 2010
Review: TwoNav
Review: TwoNav

Let’s make things clear before starting this review, TwoNav is a GPS application for the iPhone that is made for Outdoor activities and also Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn navigation. My review is mainly focused on the latter.

TwoNav has provided me with the code for the application and links to download maps so I was able to test the road navigation from the BeNeLux where the TeleAtlas map is not bundled yet with the basic TwoNav app.

iPhone apps | TwoNaviPhone apps | TwoNav

The editions that have a Sat-Nav bundle are;
• TwoNav France
• TwoNav Spain
• TwoNav DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
• TwoNav Italy

So if you buy these editions you don’t have to go through all the steps I had to. For me to get all working I needed to download and install CompeGPS Land 7.0.1 from the web site. I was unlucky because only Windows is supported, but anyway I have a dual boot on my Macbook Pro, so I could install the software. After opening the PC application I was a bit intimidated by all the options and menus, but hey that is just me because I am new to this Outdoor map & trekking things. I am sure that if you have hobbies like this, you would have a big smile on your face now.

iPhone apps | TwoNaviPhone apps | TwoNav

I had to download maps and place them in the correct folder in CompeGPS Land (CL from now on). Afterwards I could enable FTP in the TwoNav iPhone app and transfer the maps to the iPhone. With a little help from the friendly people of TwoNav I got all right to be able to make this review. My advice here is that if you want to use the app unbundled like me, read the CL manual first. CL can be downloaded and tested for 30 days for free by the way.


TwoNav has 2 main menus that have the two colors, green (leaf symbol) for the Outdoor functions and grey (wheel symbol) for the road functions. Getting the details of the TeleAtlas maps works only in the road menu. I have a little issue with the interface design, it looks futuristic but it feels like you have to learn the system, which could be avoided by using more interface guidelines from Apple for the iPhone. On the positive side, most buttons are big which is easy when you are moving and you can change the menu system to column layout, which did not always work good for me.

iPhone apps | TwoNaviPhone apps | TwoNav
iPhone apps | TwoNaviPhone apps | TwoNav
iPhone apps | TwoNaviPhone apps | TwoNav


The display works in portrait and landscape mode.  Pinch to zoom works but also the plus and minus symbol to zoom. In the top of the display there are 4 little icons that can be collapsed when you don’t need them. First a little square to ask for more statistics, an arrow to point the map to the north, 3D to 2D switch, and sound on/off. The map can be scrolled around with your finger, a bit like Copilot Live and Sygic Aura. My only gripe here is the displaying of the street names, which follow the road. Good is that you can see the max speed sign which will color red when exceeding. POIs are displayed with descriptive icons. The display can switch automatically to night view and in tunnels.

iPhone apps | TwoNaviPhone apps | TwoNav

Routing types

You can switch while navigating from car to bike to foot. Further more can you define fastest or shorted route and allow: tolls, highways and unpaved.

Navigation test

I took the app with me on several trips to see how it calculated the routes.  The results are comparable with Sygic, which also uses TeleAtlas Map tech. The English lady who was giving the commands was speaking a bit slow but guided me correctly to my destinations.

Others & Settings

TwoNav has also speed limit and camera alerts, and they are configurable like CoPilot Live can. Routes can be simulated and all the waypoint, tracking routes features that are in the Outdoor part of the app are also available here.

Further more, the data fields to display can be tuned for the Data Bar, Data Page and Compass/Graph. The 2D / 3D+ environments can be tuned. If you dig deeper in the settings you can see that you can change your pointer to a car or motor of something else (remember iGO My Way, anyone?). I found also an EcoCalculator inside and the option to change your tracking prefs. Did I already mention the WayPoint Alerts?


TwoNav for the iPhone is a big application that needs time to learn and explore, certainly in combination with the CompeGPS Land PC app. But this learning curve also means that the application has a lot to offer.

Things that can be improved are the voices and the displaying of the street-names (and maybe an interface redesign). I can recommend this app for people who do already Outdoor activities or plan to do so in the future. You have Sat-Nav app to drive to your location and the Tracking app to plan, manage, record and graph your actions.

Features - 4.5
Appearance – 3.5
Usability – 3.5
Value – 4.0
Overall: 3.87 stars out of 5

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