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Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Ultimate Ears | Boom—Designed by Kenny Scharf
Ultimate Ears | Boom—Designed by Kenny Scharf

Ultimate Ears has just released a special limited edition of their Ultimate Ears Boom series wireless speakers—The Kenny Scharf Blablobs design. Kenny has become famous with painting pop culture icons in a science fiction setting—like he did with the Jetsons and the Flintstones. He was the roommate with Keith Haring and created the cover album of the B52’s fourth album. Now enter 2014, Logitec has collaborated with Kenny to design their UE Boom for a special limited edition. And we are reviewing it.

review UE Boom limited edition kenny scharf

The UE Boom comes packed in a cylindrical tube (pleonasm) and is a bit mysteriously to unpack. Lifting the outer cardboard it reveals the black plastic tube that conceals the speaker. Here you can clearly see that this speaker and it packaging is designed for Apple enthusiasts who expect nothing less but the best. The speaker feels nice in the hand, the top and bottom are made of soft rubber and the speaker is of woven fabric that also feels pleasant. The accessories—USB cable and power-plug—are from an exceptional quality in some kind of mustard colour. Always cool when the unpacking experience of a product is part of the buying pleasure.

Once unpacked I pressed the power button, enabled bluetooth on my iPhone and it paired instantly. After this it tells me that I can download the accompanying application for free in the App Store, which I did of course. One tip here, when the application does not show up because it is not in the app store of your country, just go to and type the app name, now click on this link and you can download the international version.

DJ, music please…then came the best sensation, streaming music from the iPhone to the UE Boom, wow what a sound, the speaker is around two times the height of my hand but does not sound like this, when cranking up the volume, you risk a neighbours’ complain, seriously very loud and very clear, no distortion even on the loudest setting. At this stage you want to hear your favourite songs to see how well they sound, so that is what I did, and afterwards throwing a mix of different styles at it, Pop (Rihanna - Man Down), D&B (Netsky - Iron Heart), Vocal (Birdy - People Help the People), Rock (U2 - Ordinary Love), Metal (Disturbed - Indestructible) to name a few.

I took the UE Boom to several friends and everyone has the same reaction, they all love it and want to have one. For me it is a bit the same feeling I had the first time I touched an iPod, once you know that something so cool exists it is hard to resist owning one yourself. It is a pity I could not test the doubling of the Booms, yes you can stream to two UE Booms for double volume or stereo, it must be an awesome sound. Furthermore the Boom can be placed in cup-holders, is easy to carry around, can be mounted on a tripod, can be hanged,  and has up to 15 hours playing time, it is still playing on first charge here.

The UE Boom has a little manual which I did not need, even changing iOS devices was as easy as holding the bluetooth button for 3 seconds to pair.

Now what about the pricing and availability? You can buy it online with free shipping, for Europe in Colette

Be quick, because most other limited editions are sold out!

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