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Thursday, May 14, 2015
Ultimate Ears BOOM dual review
Ultimate Ears BOOM dual review

We’ve tested the Ultimate Ears BOOM before here on iPhonetunes, that was the special Kenny Scharf edition. We were very surprised by the quality of the speaker as well the finishing of the product as a whole. Logitec has looked into the cookbooks from Apple on how to make the best speaker possible and that in a nice design, with finesse in every detail.

This time we’ve tested the UE BOOM in dual mode, myself as being a twin knows that 2 is more than 1 plus 1. We received 2 test models, one yellow with green label and the other being blue with a red label. I really like the vibrant yellow BOOM, while my daughter fell in love with the blue BOOM.

UE Boom Logitec - Dual mode review

I took the speakers for a weekend trip in a houseboat which was in the city of Groningen in The Netherlands. It had everything like a normal house except for a decent hifi. Here the BOOMs came to help us out. One BOOM alone was already filling the room with music, my daughter and girlfriend used it in their sleeping cabin and the wheelhouse upstairs to dance.

Connecting to the speaker is easy, just enable Bluetooth on your iDevice and connect. In the UE BOOM app which you’re prompted to download you can configure the BOOM. You should definitely check out the equalizer settings for your environment. For the boat the normal settings where good, although the Bass setting was giving some extra punch in the lows for rock music.

You can see to which BOOM you’re connected by its color on your screen. To enable dual mode you’ve to start the wizard which will tell you to power on the second BOOM and press the bluetooth button twice. Now you see them both colored in on your iDevice.

I quickly had to lower the volume because it was very load. I advice you to lower first the volume on both speakers, then set the output volume on your iOS device on almost maximum, and then gradually push up the volume on the 2 BOOMs till you’ve loud enough music. This way you can change the volume easily on your iDevice when songs are different in loudness.

I was really impressed with the volume and quality of sound that they produce being paired, you can set them far away from each other to create a very nice stereo-effect. If you don’t want that, you can also put the stereo off, switch left and right or un-pair them again

UE Boom Logitec - Dual mode review

We rocked the boat last weekend and received attention by passing boats with the music, which was a very nice experience. I know that buying 2 BOOMs cost some serious money, but when you’ve 2 family members which love music and own one, they make up a nice pair during your trips and replace a regular Hifi with ease.

Highly recommended


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