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Turn your iPhone into a 3D device with IQH3D VIEW cases and screen protectors

IQH3D is releasing its IQH3D VIEW™ accessories for iPhone this summer. Their 3D view screen protectors and limited-edition 3D view cases allow users to view their 3D content without 3D glasses and VR Goggles. They will be available for purchase on the IQH3D website and on Amazon.

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Charge your iPhone 7/Plus wireless made by mophie

mophie—the #1 mobile battery case brand in the US(1) — announced the charge force™ case made for iPhone™ 7/7 Plus, charge force™ case made for Samsung Galaxy S®8/S8 Plus, and charge force powerstation mini. These latest additions to the charge force ecosystem are designed to advance easy wireless charging for the latest leading flagship devices.

“mophie is committed to developing technologies that keep devices charged all day,” said Chris Ahern, President at mophie. “This case accomplishes that goal, not through additional batteries, but by making charging throughout the day effortless.”

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LG TONE ULTRA Bluetooth sports JBL Dual MEMS Micros

The ultra-popular, around-the-neck Bluetooth headset is back, this time with Dual MEMS microphones, JBL® Signature Sound and Quad-Layer Speaker Technology™1. Available in Sprint stores today, the LG TONE ULTRA comes in super sleek black for $99.99 and is compatible with the latest iOS and Android smartphones like the new LG G6® and the LG V20®. 

The newest LG TONE ULTRA features JBL Signature Sound for listening experiences that feature purer and more accurate extended bass. Plus, with Quad-Layer Speaker Technology™ and more than half a day of listening time, users no longer have to worry about distortion and audio that isn’t balanced when playing their favorite tunes.

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Timex makes their own Apple Watch with a classic watch design

Fitness and activity tracking devices are growing in popularity, but they are falling short in one area: style. Timex®, the global leader in the art of timekeeping, is excited to announce today the debut of the Timex® IQ+™ Move, which combines all the signature elements of an analog watch while discreetly housing sophisticated modern technology that tracks daily activity, like steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep metrics. It’s a fitness band, incognito!

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Train your dog with SMART DOG’s new bluetooth collar and iPhone app

Pet parents looking to take their training on-the-go need to look no further than the phone they’re carrying, thanks to the new SMART DOG® Trainer by PetSafe® Brand, a leading innovator in pet behavior and lifestyle solutions.

The PetSafe SMART DOG Trainer allows pet parents to train their dog using a smartphone. Utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology, the PetSafe SMART DOG Trainer app connects an iPhone® or Android™ smartphone to the training collar, providing an easy, convenient way for pet parents to communicate with their pet.

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Connect your bed to your iPhone with Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

Today, Beddit®, the leader in ambient sleep tracking to solve sleep, is announcing the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker™ at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara, California.

Sleep is a pillar of health and the bedrock of life. Yet, millions wake up every morning and wonder why they are tired. While an occasional night of bad sleep is normal, constantly feeling tired is not.

Going beyond just tracking sleep, the new Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker answers the questions of why one sleeps well and why not. The Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker is the first product to show how personal habits, activities, and feelings impact all aspects of sleep quality. The Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker provides personal insights to help develop the habits for better sleep.

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Control your visitors with the iOS GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera

The new GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera is a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell with two-way audio to allow homeowners to see who is at the door, and converse with the caller as well. Equipped with a 720p HD camera and a 180-degree wide-angle lens, the GoControl Doorbell Camera easily captures video even when mounted off to the side of the door. To provide homeowners with a superior audio experience, this connected video doorbell decouples audio / video information and uses low latency SIP technology for near real-time two-way audio performance.

To provide superior protection from the elements, the GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera is IP65 weather rated with hermetically-sealed wire connections to eliminate service calls due to dust, rain, sleet, and snow. The hard-wired installation coupled with the hermetically-sealed IP65 rating offers superior performance over other battery-powered units resulting in longer Wi-Fi range and advanced night-time illumination while the sealed design protects the sensitive internal electronics and safeguards the unit to deliver a durable and long-lasting connected doorbell solution.

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The new Gigastone IF-6600 is the Suisse Army Knife of iPhone storage extensions

iPhone users are constantly badgered by the infamous “Storage Almost Full” messages on their phones. The constant hunger for storage on cellular devices is especially prevalent on iPhones. Unlike their Android counterparts, the iPhone characteristically has no features to upgrade its internal memory. Up until recently the only solution to iPhone storage limitations seemed to be an expensive upgrade.

Michel Hassan, Gigastone, President expounded, “No matter how much storage you have on your iPhone or iPad, it is never enough. Who has the time to backup and restore data using iTunes and a computer? Granted we all have allot of junk on our phones. The question is how to free-up that data and in turn have that data on-hand and easily accessible. The new Gigastone IF-6600 is, to date, the most eloquent answer to this perpetual problem.”

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The evolved multifunctional Bluetooth iPhone headset - Pinn

The creators of Pinn, a first-of-its-kind mobile Bluetooth device with OLED display, announced recently its coming-to-market plans and Kickstarter launch. Pinn combines the key features of a user’s mobile phone into a single, go-anywhere clip- allowing users to know who’s calling, answer instantly and even play music when their cell phone is tucked away in a purse, pocket or even in the next room.

Pinn Founder, Sean Kim, has worked as an intellectual property and business development consultant for the past five years and has facilitated in the success of numerous technology startups. While consulting, Kim remained steadfast in his vision of being a master creator himself. Now Kim’s own innovation, Pinn, is expected to be available in market this October, with its Kickstarter campaign launching on August 10th, 2016.

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Extend you iPhone Storage by offloading to IDrive One and stream content back

IDrive Online Backup has launched IDrive One, a wireless storage drive that boasts advanced wireless connectivity and streaming capabilities along with the option for internal SSD drives for improved performance.

With the new IDrive One app for iOS and Android, transfer your media files (Un-Encrypted) from your mobile devices to the IDrive One Device. Once transferred, Pictures / Videos / Music can be streamed to your mobile devices.

Drive One offers a host of features that makes it one of the most innovative storage devices around as it does three great things in one device:

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