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Sell faster with Rapid Sale - Best Barcode scanner in the App Store

Rapid Sale and Rapid Sale Lite are designed from the ground up for people that need to sell quickly, without hassle or physical barcode scanners. Scan the products for the customer, review then, have them sign the order with their finger, and mail it off for processing. The scanned items and the signature are attached to the email, which can go to the merchant and the customer for reference at the same time.

Check it out yourself, it supports all barcodes, QR codes and NFC in the next release as well.

SurfNWalk - Discrete / Permanent camera while surfing

Our screens are so big nowadays, why not give some permanent space to the camera!

With SurfNWalk you can see where you are going, while you are surfing on your phone. The camera view shows the front camera and this way you can avoid walking into people, walking into dog droppings, and even monitor the traffic light while waiting at the crossing.

You can switch to selfie modus to quickly check your looks, or watch/monitor when someone is walking up to you from behind, you can quickly *hide* the camera by tapping the arrow down.

Monitor your kids playing while using your mobile, watch TV and surf simultaneously.

For apps that have a web site, you can also use those in browser mode, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Swipe left or right on the camera image to go back and forward in your browser.

- Video size large / small
- Video flip to back and front camera
- Change video to the top / bottom of the screen
- Hide the camera view - sneekpeek
- Incognito browsing mode - your history is not recorded
- Private searching with DuckDuckGo - long tap on the privacy word to switch between google and duckduckgo (this does not block cookies)
- Quick one hand access to all your social sites
- Quick one hand access to your favourite sites
- Add your own bookmarks
- Clear browsing history
- Safari Reader mode supported

Download it here.

TestInvest - simply test what your money would do

We are in uncharted financial times, where interest rates are going down and maybe even negative. With TestInvest you can simulate what your money could have made while investing it in buckets of Bitcoin, Gold, S&P500 Stock fund index and a dollar saving account.

You can select an investment risk profile to limit or expose you to a more risky investment strategy. A few times per day the prices are updated on our servers, you can press “RECALC” to download new prices and see what your fictive money has done.

Appstore link:

Best Way to Fix iPhone Black Screen iOS 12

Is your iPhone screen black but on? We exactly know why it is happening and how to solve it. Continue reading below to know how to solve the issue.

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen iOS 12

The most common problem nowadays is iPhone black screen; however it may come out as a severe issue if you just are not able to access your iPhone in any possible way. At times, when you get a call from someone, all you can witness is a black screen and the phone ringing. Well, you cannot answer your phone in this case. And there are times when due to iOS firmware update too your iPhone may get stuck on black screen. Moreover, people have also experienced “iPhone black screen of death” issue during updating their iPhone to the latest iOS 12. In the below article, we will see the best method to solve “iPhone screen black but on” issue.

The best and the most simple method to solve iPhone black issue is Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is the best and an ultimate way to get rid of any type of iOS-related problems. You can call it as a valuable tool for repairing your iOS device.

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iPhone Bikers: go touring with the new NAVIGON Cruiser app

Are you a motorbike rider? Then we have good news for you: Get the latest smartphone app, NAVIGON Cruiser and save 20% on the unlimited usage package for Europe, North America or Australia & New Zealand.

Find gas stations along your route and get the latest information about the weather conditions. With the personal route adjustment options you can easily adapt the curviness and the bendiness of your route to your needs. And in case you have a couple of spare hours on the weekend, Cruiser will assist you in finding exciting round trips in your area.

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Outlook for iOS: OnePlaceMail, the First Add-in after Microsoft Launch Partners

Created by Australian developers OnePlace Solutions, OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in) brings the power of SharePoint for information capture and management to the iPhone and iPad so people can be productive wherever and whenever they want. OnePlaceMail lets workers take advantage of otherwise “dead time” to securely share data from their inbox to SharePoint.

With an increasingly mobile workforce and the volume of data being created and stored growing exponentially, companies need innovative solutions to help the mobile workforce to remain productive and enable them to securely store and manage important business information that would be otherwise trapped within inboxes.

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TuneGo: Transfer Data from Pc to iPhone at one click

iTunes was announced as the digital hub in your Apple life once by Steve Jobs. That was a visionary idea to put iTunes in the center of your digital iPod life. Time has passed by and iTunes has iterated over many versions, I guess it’s the most updated software Apple has ever made. All these updates have not made it easier for the average user.  For instance when you make a backup, does it copy the app? The Music? The Photos? Do I need to do the photos with another tool?

Then they have introduced iCloud sync, which is already a step in the good direction, but not the holy greal neither. I’ve notice a few times recently where I have to replace an iPhone for a family member and it was not clear what was the best way to transfer all this.

This new complexity has been noticed by quite some software vendors of which Wondershare is one of them with their TunesGo software for PC and Mac

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Data Recovery: Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

This time we are reviewing WonderShare Data Recovery for the Mac. There is always a time where you will loose data in your life, especially when you’re not prepared for it with multiple backups. And those backups still must be recoverable. Not too many people do regular checks of their backups.

Anyway when you come to the point that you really lost important data, there is Wondershare Data Recovery that can rescue you.

The application has 4 main modes.

1. Lost file recovery
2. Partition Recovery
3. Raw Recovery
4. Resume Recovery

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Back Up Your iOS Device Before Upgrading to iOS 10.3

dr.fone toolkit – iOS Data Backup & Restore lets you do a whole backup of almost all data on your iPhone and iPad, or you can also selectively export the data that you want to keep on your computer. When there is a need, you also can restore the backed up data to your device by selecting the items you want. It will be a better choice than using iTunes or iCloud.

The whole backup thing only takes you one click. Once your device is connected and detected, the program will automatically backup data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The new backup file won’t overwrite the old one. You can do backup whenever you want.

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Broadvoice app calls are now native iOS cellular with lots of other advantages

Broadvoice, an award-winning provider of hosted voice, unified communications (UC) and SIP trunking services for businesses, has updated its mobile application for Apple iOS so that Broadvoice calls look and feel just like native cellular calls.

Broadvoice mobile apps for UC and cloud PBX give users total access to their office communications suite while on the go. The updated version of the iOS mobile app for Broadvoice now supports Apple’s CallKit on iOS 10, which increases usability and convenience for mobile users.

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