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Buy even cheaper than online prices with the Dropio iOS app

Dropio is free to use – you only pay for the deals you get and choose to buy. On Dropio, prices drop from the lowest online price while availability of the items simultaneously runs down. Dropio offers the chance to get unpublished deals – but don’t wait too long, or you’ll miss the deal.

The catch? You can join only five “Drops”, and then you’ll have to wait until your Dropio Tokens recharge and you can join your next Drop. Users are encouraged to pick the Drops they join with care, and not let the best deals slip out of their hands by waiting too long.

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US Truckdrivers unite, get free membership for the ONE20 mobile app

There are more than 5 million professional truck drivers working today in the U.S., keeping both freight and the economy moving despite the rigors of life on the road. High prices, limited parking and long stretches away from family and friends take a toll on the hard-working men and women of trucking.

Trucking and technology industry veterans will launch ONE20 on August 24, 2016, a free membership that empowers professional drivers to join a community, connect with the people and information that matters most, plan their trips and save using the ONE20 mobile app, available on both Android and iOS. Unlike other solutions in the market, ONE20 is much more than an app—it’s a growing community of professional truck drivers who’ve decided they want more. ONE20 and its growing list of more than 1,500 retailers and service providers will help drivers find benefits not found anywhere else—and radically improve their lives on the road and at home.

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Get it today in the App Store: Pokémon GO Nearby Alerts App

PokéLoké - Get alerts when you’re near Pokémon you’re looking for on Pokémon GO & see the Pokémon around you! Then simply go to their exact location to add them to your collection.

1. See Pokémon near you and their exact location
2. Set alerts to be notified when you move into an area where one of the Pokémon you’re looking for is!
3. Go straight to where rare Pokémon are and add them to your collection
4. Show off your awesome new Pokémon!

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Stamps let’s you move songs & playlists between Apple Music - Spotify - Google Play Music

Available at no cost for iOS and Mac/Windows desktop, Stamp Music Importer by STAMP Software lets users import or export their favorite tracks and playlists to various music services. Import sources include: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Rdio, Deezer and YouTube. Export destinations include: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Excel (for playlists).

While music tastes and preferences vary—often leading to some of the most heated debates (read: flame wars) that the web has ever seen—there’s one thing that bonds hundreds of millions of music lovers across the world: a unified hatred of having to manually move tracks and playlists between the ever-growing roster of music services.

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AirMap Expands Airspace Management System with iOS App for Drone Operators

AirMap, the world’s leading provider of airspace information and services for unmanned aircraft, announced today the release of the AirMap app for iOS and Apple Watch. Operators can now access low-altitude airspace advisories, create flights, file digital flight notices to over 80 airports, manage unmanned aircraft, and more. Building on the success of AirMap’s Digital Notice and Awareness System™ (D-NAS), the AirMap app brings to iOS devices a fully integrated airspace management solution for recreational and commercial drone operators.

Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap and an airline transport rated pilot and flight instructor, said, “Everyone involved in aviation sees the promise and potential of unmanned aircraft.

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From the GPS app specialists -  Sygic Travel - Travel planner and City guide

Sygic, the global leader in GPS navigation apps used by 130 million people across the globe, today launched its travel companion platform, Sygic Travel. The new enterprise aims to transform the entire travel experience by offering customers help at every stage of their trip; inspiring, planning, booking and tailoring the entire vacation through just one app.

Sygic Travel provides the most relevant information and services, to help its customers from the initial holiday inspiration, through take-off, to the final sharing of their holiday memories. Users can research, plan and books their trips, and even process payments directly through the app.

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iPhone camera radiation detection with RAY DETECT

“RAY DETECT” is one of very few apps, that uses the camera sensor to turn the phone into a real radiation detector. And the only one to work even offline and without other devices or calibrations. Moreover, “RAY DETECT” on Apple Watch will show the level of radiation exposure, something we have seen only in fictional spy movies.š

We spent about a year calibrating the app against professional grade devices, in strictš laboratoryš conditions. The app’s features make itš easier than everšfor everyone to detectšactualšradiation andš shareš results with loved ones.

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System Monitor for iOS overhauls with Real Time Graphs and 3D Touch support

Tekton Technologies today is pleased to announce System Monitor 3.5 for iOS 9.0, a comprehensive health check for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. The iOS App monitors the memory in use, provides a real-time live graph view of the memory in use, frees up unused memory to speed up the iPhone, monitors battery life, disk information and other activities on the user’s device. It also activates helpful alerts set by users, letting them know when their device’s systems have reached certain limits.

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Buy and Sell second-hand electronics from your iPhone

The leading selling on-demand service, Gone, has announced the launch of a Gone Marketplace, where users can purchase second-hand electronics that have been inspected and approved for quality. With all of the risks in buying electronics from unknown sellers, this platform guarantees buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. The company taps into eBay’s most important category (used electronics is a $30 billion market). In addition to the launch of the Marketplace, Gone is also expanding its popular concierge service to Manhattan.

The service provides every user with a Gone assistant to simplify the selling process. The assistant goes to the seller’s home to pick up and package each item for sale. The service alleviates stresses of selling in the city as Gone handles the entire process from the pricing, pickup, packaging, contacting buyers, negotiating, and shipping of items.

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Planes Live - new beautiful app for passengers and pilots

Apalon Apps, a top developer of mobile applications worldwide and an operating business of IAC, today launched a new app for iOS, Planes Live, to help users keep up to speed with flights around the world in real time. Multifunctional and easy-to-use, Planes Live includes detailed reports on flights, aircraft characteristics, accurate departure and arrival schedules, airport time zones, weather forecasts and more.

“Planes Live is great for various cases. It’s useful for professional pilots and travelers trying to make their connecting flight or for those who simply want to make sure they pick up their loved ones at the airport on time,” said Alexey Goryaynov, Product Manager at Apalon Apps. “When creating Planes Live, we focused on user experience and made the app informative, beautiful and simple at the same time.”

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