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Yahoo Weather iOS 10 location services always on bug

Since I’ve upgraded to iOS 10 I noticed that the location service icon in the top right was always visible, so the GPS was always tracking me. At first I hoped that it would go away but it started to annoy me after a while because it drains the battery faster.

I closed all apps, which had no result. I rebooted the iPhone to be sure it couldn’t be an app which had been opened before. Still no result.

When I looked in Setting > Privacy > Location Services, I could see that the purple location icon was with the Yahoo Weather app. Because I was sure it was closed before and that rebooting didn’t help I decided to remove the app.

Boem that solved it, the location services icon immediately went away.

3G toggle switch gone in iOS 6.1 and other 3G issues

Because of the security updates in iOS 6.1, I decided to upgrade my iPhone 5 yesterday. I recommend this to everyone who takes security seriously, however realise that this might impact the iPhone’s 3G behaviour.

This morning I looked at my iPhone and saw the 3G icon in the top bar. Strange, because I always have it disabled. I noticed yesterday that after the firmware upgrade and reboot, 3G was active. This is the default setting after each new upgrade, so I switched it back off afterwards. How can the iPhone then switch alone to 3G?

3G active while toggle switch is off iOS6.1 iOS6 iPhone 5

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your gps receiver has been turned off - error

Yesterday I reinstalled iGO Primo on my iPhone because of a long story I don’t want to bother you with. Anyway so far so good, the app was installed and I started the application. After been walking through the initialization wizard I go to > Show Map.

It shows me the map, but instead of Brussels where I was, it showed Paris, which is the application default for not finding your GPS fix apparently. In the top of the screen I saw the message “your GPS receiver has been turned off”.

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Apple Q&A on Location Data

Apple would like to respond to the questions we have recently received about the gathering and use of location information by our devices.

1. Why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone?
Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.

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Problems and conflicts between apps in the iPhone after iGO My Way 2009 installation [UPDATE 4]

Brussels // // 7.08.2009. The first problems after the iGO My Way 2009 installation in the iPhone, have appeared.

Some users with previous installations of Navigon and Sygic, have seen these apps not working anymore. If they work, they take a lot of time to catch the GPS signal. For other users, the iGO app does not work at all.

In some iPhone models, the problem could be resolved turning off the 3G signal. Having both signals, GPS and 3G working simultaneously, can cause problems.

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iPhone 3GS Compass Flakiness: Blame The Hardware, Or The OS?

Whenever Apple launches a new product, reports of problems with new and old features alike begin to stream in, and the two questions that we always ask are whether they’re widespread, and whether they’re due to user error, software issues, or hardware issues.

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Users claim iPhone 3.0 GPS mis-map mishaps

iPhone owners have begun filling forums with grumbles that Apple’s latest firmware causes Google Maps to become more than a little inaccurate.

The “GPS and Maps not working after 3.0 upgrade” thread on Apple’s own Discussions website is filled with comments from angry iPhone owners that the firmware update causes the bundled Google application to spit out current location results anywhere between a few hundred meters and four miles off course.

iPhone bugsiPhone bugs

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Will Overheating Prompt an iPhone 3GS Recall?

I have a confession: I recently woke up with a hot iPhone. In fact, it happened twice. And that was just during the first week I owned my new iPhone 3GS.

This is, apparently, a reasonably common phenomenon—the hot phone, if not waking up with one. Around the forums, people are blaming Push features and bad batteries, and all sorts of things. Apple doesn’t seem to have responded to the complaints.

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I ran into the second iPhone 3GS bug

R.Bollen // Brussels. After solving the previous bug I ran into, the mystery voicemail and battery draining bug, today I had the second one. One that has been described already by other forums on the internet. The disappearing icons bug.

It appeared after rearranging the icons on my iPhone. I like to group them by utility and games.

I just unchecked the “Sync Applications” check box in iTunes and select the Apply button. Afterwards checking it again of course and press Apply. It took a while because I have the Navigon Europe Maps GPS app which is around 1.5 GB.


Call waiting - battery draining - Bug in Belgium iPhone 3GS? [update]

R.Bollen // Brussels. Since I have my new iPhone 3GS, all people who call me go directly to my voicemail, not only that but the battery was draining extremely fast. It was empty in 5/6 hours without using it. After revisiting the Mobistar store, they could not help me because with another SIM card there was no problem, note that I have Proximus.

This morning I found some people with the same problem in some Belgium iPhone forums, and I started to play around with my phone settings. After changing: “settings - call waiting” from on to off, I received calls again and now the battery drainage is normal again. On my friends iPhones (3GS) with Mobistar SIM card, I was unable to set this switch to on, with the following error: Impossible to set the call waiting option.

iPhone bugs

This is what the iPhone manual tells about this feature;
Call Waiting
Activate or deactivate call waiting
Choose Phone > Call Waiting, then turn Call Waiting on or off. If you turn call waiting off and someone calls you when you’re already on the phone, the call goes to voicemail.

If you know more about this feature please leave a comment, maybe other BE people can check if they have the same problem?

[Update] We have contacted Mobistar, the official iPhone provider, for a reaction on the article.

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