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iOS 9 Power Safe Mode for jailbroken iOS 8 users

Except from iPhone 6 Plus owners, I don’t think that anyone in the world is really happy with the battery capacity of their iPhone. Apple is always making their devices thinner and leaner with the implication that they have to come up with compensating measures to give you at least the same battery life in each new model.

As we know by now after 9 iterations, every new iOS version comes with a new iPhone model. The iPhone 6S is not smaller than the iPhone 6, however they have put in a smaller battery to compensate for the space of the 3D-Touch’s taptic engine(s). This time around Apple pulled the trick to do this via software, via their new Low Power Mode feature.

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Save battery when on WiFi with Smart 3G + LTE Cydia app

Smart 3G is a tweak that allows you to save battery by disabling Data (and 3G) when you have a working WiFi connection (connected and internet is reachable). But immediately after losing or disabling the WiFi connection, Data (and 3G) will be turned back on to avoid losing your internet connection and receive important messages.

When you spend a lot of time at home and work where you always have WiFi, it makes sense to disable 3G data. The app costs $1.5 at the time of the writing.

save battery with smart 3g on wifi networks cydia app store jailbreak

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IntelliscreenX is back from the dead - long live Jailbreaking

Yesterday I looked at the changed packages in Cydia and to my big surprise I saw that the marvellous Intelliscreen X is back in the store. I first bought it in the iOS 6 Cydia store. IntelliscreenX is one of *the* reasons you might want to jailbreak your iPhone. It shows all the important information on the lock screen such as weather, latest emails, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook and so on, but be careful on the configuration because you basically show private data without entering a pass code.

IntelliscreenX7 for Cydia iOS7 iPhone 5S

The good thing about is that it is a free upgrade if you bought it before for iOS 6 like I did.

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Velox made me go back to web apps

Velox is a Cydia tweak which changes the way you use and interact with your iPhone applications. By swiping down on apps it shows quick functions without opening the app or it displays safari web content.

I must admit it’s a bit buggy because Velox is still kind of beta, but Velox is even with the bugs well worth the effort of installing. I’m sure that they are working on updates 24/7 round the clock.

Anyway Velox made me uninstall AppStore apps that just grab html content from the net. Instead I have created new shortcuts from the real webpages. For instance I’m reading every day four news papers on the iPhone. Two of them were real apps. But because the way Velox works it’s much nicer to pull the content directly from the net. Now I only have to swipe four times up to quickly read the most important head-lines instead of open-close those apps. And as a bonus they don’t stay in memory eating RAM faster than the Cookie Monster.

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BatteryDoctorPro - Fantastic Cydia Application

BatteryDoctorPro - Fantastic Cydia Application

This week there was an update of Kingsoft’s BatteryDoctorPro in the jailbreak AppStore. The wonderful application is also available in the iTunes AppStore but with less functionality. This makes it so attractive to jailbreak because these kind of applications change systems functions, something that’s prohibited by Apple’s default policies.

The current version I’m writing about is 4.1.1-380, and appears in the BigBoss repo, I remember that in the past I’d to add the special source for this application, but now it comes with the default store sources luckily.

BatteryDoctorPro iOS6 iPhone 5BatteryDoctorPro iOS6 iPhone 5

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New Zealand finally has 4G LTE support for the iPhone 5

Today is a remarkable day for the Vodafone iPhone 5 users in New Zealand. Apple has updated it’s LTE support page with this information as well as a new LTE carrier STC for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had already 2 carriers supporting 4G, namely Zain and Mobily. It’s the most popular 1800MHz band that has been rolled-out which is compatible with the iPhone 5 Version GSM-1429 aka the LTE world iPhone for this reason.

Signal Cydia Cell Tower Apple Maps Visualise

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Cool new Cydia apps - AirFloat and Airplane Scheduler

Did you ever felt the urge to stream music to your iPhone? Me not, but anyway the fact that this is possible now is already cool. Enter Airfloat, the open scource Github Cydia application makes this now possible. And even better it is free. The application has been removed from the App Store and is now available again via Cydia.

Turn your iPhone into an AirPlay audio receiver, send audio form iTunes, iPhones, iPads or Apple TVs to your iPhone, just as if it was an Airport Express.

AirFloat AirPlay receiver Cydia iOS6 iPhone 5

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Protect Apps from accessing your System Files - tsProtector PFB

tsProtector PFB 0.0.1b is an application still in beta phase that has already been launched in Cydia. This tweak will protect your important system files from applications in the App Store that attempt to access them. How? tsProtector PFB intercepts the File System access and will notify you with an alert when an application is trying to retrieve confidential information. The user can then decide whether to allow the app to access this information or to block access.

tsProjector PFB iOS6 iPhone 4S

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20 Cool Siri Add-Ons in Cydia

Are you still using Siri that much like you used to do in the beginning? Me yes and even more and more, first it felt a bit awkward to talk to Siri, but I got used to it and now it is becoming a second nature. I use it mostly for setting timers, alarms and calling people.

Maybe when Siri is also location aware in Europe, like announced in the last Keynote by Scott Forstall - Senior Vice President of iOS Software - I will also start using it for those kind of things. If you want to see the complete list of Siri’s questions / answers, just check out this part of our site. By the way, in iOS 6 which will be released together with the new ‘iPhone 5’ by end of the summer, Siri will also speak and understand the following more languages; Canadian French and English, Korean, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin and the 3 Swiss languages (Why not Portuguese (6th World Language), anyone?)

For the people with to jailbroken iPhones, I have compiled a list of apps in the Cydia Store which enhance Siri.

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Beware - Keylogger (Anti-theft) app in Cydia Store

Awosoft Software launched iKeyMonitor v2.1- a keylogger application available in Cydia for users with jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch to monitor their iOS devices by recording keystrokes, tracking web history and taking screenshots. iKeyMonitor is designed to provide an all-sided, simple and secure iOS monitoring solution for parents and employers. iKeyMonitor is also a must-have anti-theft and anti-lost application for iOS users to get back their devices when stolen or lost.

iKeyMonitor keylogger Cydia ios iPhone 4S

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