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Recover lost data on your iPhone with EaseUS MobiSaver Free 6.5

When you delete important data on your iPhone, not all of that data is erased. The underpinning Operating System which is based on Unix, is just removing a pointer to the data on the disk or better solid state storage, or moving this data to a special folder for a specific time.

EaseUS MobiSaver can recover the following data; Photos, Videos, Messages, WhatsApp messages, Contacts, Call history, Notes, Calendar, reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Message attachment and your camera roll.

It has 3 ways to recover your data.

1. by connecting you iPhone directly to you computer and start scanning
2. from iTunes backups which you have created in the past
3. directly from your iCloud backup

let’s fire up the app and check things out.

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Claris Mobile Health Ultrasound scanner uses iPhone as mobile Camera

Clarius Mobile Health is showcasing the world’s first handheld ultrasound scanner with a mobile application for iOS and Android smart devices at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine Conference in New York March 18-21, 2016.

“Physicians have been asking for a portable ultrasound system that works with their iPhone for some time,” said Laurent Pelissier, Chairman and CEO of Clarius Mobile Health.  “The challenge has been to make an affordable device that is small enough to carry around and that also produces great images.  I’m happy to say we’ve succeeded in creating a product that will enable more clinicians to use ultrasound anywhere to improve patient care. It’s as easy to use as a mobile phone camera.”

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Protect your iPhone content while handing it off to friends

Haven’t you also been in the situation where friends asked for your iPhone and you were not very sure to do so? In cases that you’re playing a nice game and they want to try that pesky level that you kept failing on. Or you just want to show some pictures, let them listen to your new favorite song, have a quick try with 3D Touch on your new iPhone. This list goes on and on of course, and you don’t want that they read your private messages in between or your emails.

You can do that since iOS 6 I believe, using a feature called “Guided Access”. For the newcomers to the iPhone platform or people who forgot about this feature, I’ve written this article.

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Tenorshare Announces a Breakthrough for iPhone 6s Data Recovery

iTenorshare today announced it had made a significant breakthrough for Phone 6s data recovery.  This new achievement will allow iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users recover deleted messages, contacts, photos, notes, etc. easier than ever. Moreover, it recovers data from iOS 9 iTunes and iCloud backups. Along with the growing iPhone 6s users, more data lost issues ascend. “Tenorshare’s mission is trying our best to help iPhone users get back lost precious data” said Mike Lee, Tenorshare’s CEO. “Although the technology becomes harder and harder, we overcome it finally.”

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Check this out before upgrading to iOS 7.1

The long awaited update iOS 7.1 finally came out, but the lack of storage space and media library mess for iOS update might be a big concern to people. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join
the iPhone Cleaner and Transfer Tool event.

Reasons to join;

1.  iOS 7.1 update requires over 2.5GB space of iPhone 5s and it’s really frustrating to fail the update for running out of space. Every iOS user desperately needs a practical iPhone cleaner like PhoneClean, which could free up 40%-60% space on iPhone by a routine cleanup.

2.  Every single major iOS update could well be a risk of losing some apps or even users’ priceless photos and videos. They’re eager for an iPhone transfer to avoid messing up the media library. Luckily, AnyTrans is the very program that helps back up important files to any other iDevices or computer before upgrading iOS 7.1.

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iPhone 5S & iOS7- World’s first 64-bit smartphone marriage?

Apple has outdone them selfs again yesterday by presenting the first full 64-bit smartphone in the world. Next to that, the overhauled iOS7 has also received double bits. Phil Schiller even made the bold statement in yesterdays’ keynote; “I don’t think the other guys are even talking about it yet”.

The new A7 SoC is fully 64-bit, the iOS7 kernel is also 64-bit and so are the libraries and drivers. Of course it remains 32-bit backwards compatible so the developers don’t have to rewrite all their apps but they are welcome to update if they want.

64-bit means that the A7 has eight octets of data-path widths, integer size, and memory addresses. These processors are not so new as you might think, in 1961 IBM’s super computers already was 64-bit while on the Operating System market we had to wait until 1985 for Cray’s UNICOS 64-bit OS. 64-bit hardware works best with 64-bit software but is still backwards compatible to 32-bit. The bold statement of Phil, made me want to dig a little deeper and see what the competition is doing and if his statement holds true.

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Significant iPhone 5 battery life improvement with iOS6.1 and saving tips

After complaining about some 3G issues with the new install yesterday, today I can report you something very positive about the new mobile OS. Last evening I charged my iPhone fully until nine o’clock in the evening. I answered some emails on the iPhone 5, went to bed early, set my alarm clock, received some messages in the mean while and fell asleep. This morning snoozed my alarm 3 times. Arriving at work I looked at my screen around 8:30 AM and it still showed 100% battery life. And that is cool, never happened before. It would at least have gone down around 10%.

battery life good iOS6.1 iOS6 iPhone 5

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3G toggle switch gone in iOS 6.1 and other 3G issues

Because of the security updates in iOS 6.1, I decided to upgrade my iPhone 5 yesterday. I recommend this to everyone who takes security seriously, however realise that this might impact the iPhone’s 3G behaviour.

This morning I looked at my iPhone and saw the 3G icon in the top bar. Strange, because I always have it disabled. I noticed yesterday that after the firmware upgrade and reboot, 3G was active. This is the default setting after each new upgrade, so I switched it back off afterwards. How can the iPhone then switch alone to 3G?

3G active while toggle switch is off iOS6.1 iOS6 iPhone 5

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AnyTrans - the ultimate iOS transfer tool for Windows users - 10 free copies for you ($39.90)

AnyTrans is the first in its kind that gives you such an all-in-one and best-value iPhone, iPad, iPod utility. Now you are about to put music, movies, Apps and everything entertaining right onto iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and all iDevices ever made. Best of all, you can convert iPhone videos so as to enjoy them on the move.

AnyTrans iOS6 iPhone 5

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Solve battery and memory problems by analyzing diagnostic data

Occasionally, your iPhone sends reports with diagnostic information to Apple. You can disable this feature, at least the sending part, but any way reports are being generated. Apple receives this data and analyzes it to find bugs and improve functionality and iOS behavior.

Digging a little deeper in these reports can help you solving some common problems.

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