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DxO ONE Miniaturised iPhone DSLR-quality Camera gets major update

Camera manufacturer DxO announces major updates to the DxO ONE Miniaturized DSLR-quality Camera for iPhone®, including Wi-Fi remote control and a new waterproof Outdoor Shell designed to further extend its fields of use. Upholding their promise to make the camera even better after you’ve bought it, Wi-Fi Remote Control will be available to all existing users free of charge via a forthcoming 2.0 software update. DxO’s accessories ecosystem also introduces an ultra-compact Stand and a snap-on Optical Adapter, enhancing creative possibilities for the DxO ONE which captures pro-quality photos and videos that you can share instantly to Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and more.

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Desqueeze lets iPhonographers directly batch-resize images and Videos

Independent developer, Alexey Khutorschikov is proud to announce the release of Desqueeze 1.0.3, his new iPhone app that lets amateurs and professionals reformat and resize a batch of photos and videos using presets or custom size up to 8192 px and 4k respectively. Desqueeze allows to select and resize photos and videos from any album in the photo library. It provides all settings as optional, and does not require configuration before each processing. Settings includes compression format, size in pixels, orientation detection options, resizing method, photo dpi and video bitrate. All processed photos and videos are automatically saved to app-specific albums and are available for sharing on results screen even after app reloads.

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Learn with iPhoneography expert Jack Hollingsworth via Picture Perfect video series

Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, video, audio, imaging and electronics retailers, recently signed on iPhoneography expert Jack Hollingsworth as one of its newest official photographers. Jack will be producing “Picture Perfect,” a new series of how-to videos for shooting professional mobile photography with an iPhone, available to all on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel. In addition to sharing some of the best tips for producing stunning iPhone imagery, Jack will highlight some of his favourite mobile photography accessories, which viewers can then shop online at Adorama.

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Print those iPhone selfies at home with the INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer

Taking pictures with the iPhone is so convenient that most people use it as their only active camera, and not surprisingly shooting the best or at least most original photos with it. Your DSLR or pocket camera you only carry with you when you plan to do serious photography. So why not do something with your best shots, do not leave them in digital forms in iPhoto or iCloud but print them and leave them on the coffee table for instance.

This is now possible for a relative cheap price.

print your selfies at home

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First shoot pictures THEN set Exposure and Focus with iOS 8 MultiCam APP

Set Focus/Exposure AFTER taking photo! MultiCam app changes way of taking good photos. So far you had to first set focus, exposure, then take a photo. MultiCam reverses this process - you take photos first, and then adjust focus/exposure anytime!  To achieve this our app uses unique iOS 8 features - manual focus and exposure and captures series of photos.

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OldBooth with cool and old 1950s Photo Pack

GetApp today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of OldBooth 7.3, an update to its popular photo montage application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. OldBooth allows users to take a photo and change its look by placing it into a prepared retro mask. The masks are derived from vintage and yearbook photos from the 1920s, 1940s, 1960s, 1980s, and in the latest version, the 1950s. All photos are high resolution and retina ready.

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CopyTrans Photo 3 enhanced and only 1 USD during the holidays

Back up iPhone photos with a single click.

You are up for some excellent photos and you’d rather not that they went to waste? With the latest and greatest version 3 of CopyTrans Photo, they now offer a one-click PC backup of all your iPhone photos at once. What about the photos your grandmother took with that old-fashioned digital camera? No problem, CopyTrans Photo can transfer those to your iOS device with a single drag and drop.

What can CopyTrans Photo really do?

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Alayer changes the way you take pictures forever

Loran Dyrmishi today announces Alayer 1.0.1 for iOS, an essential tool that will give anyone unprecedented control over the aesthetics of their photos. With Alayer, you can elevate your simple snapshots while enjoying the benefits of a streamlined photo editing workflow. Add an infinity of layers on your photos. Featuring more than 80 customizable textures, Alayer offers 15 different blending modes.With Alayer you can choose your Own Textures or other Images to Blend with your photo.

alayer photo preprocessing tool for iOS iPhone 5S

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Upgrade your face very easy with Facetune

Facetune is different,” said Zeev Farbman, Lightricks CEO. “Unlike other apps, it gives any user the ability to achieve high-end, realistic looking results, comparable only to what a professional can achieve on the desktop with Photoshop.” He then explained how this was achieved: “We have a strong background in the academia, which we used to take the most exciting, state of the art technologies, that were never seen on mobile devices, and integrated them into a product in the most user-friendly way. With the tiniest bit of effort, everyone can have great looking photos of themselves.”

Face Tune upgrade your faceUpgrade you face with Face Tune

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Facebook is blocking Instagram Competitor Vintage Camera to access their API

Antoine Morcos of Vintage Camera has made an appeal to the iPhone publishing community, including us with the following message;

The reason for the app being denied of uploading photos, according to Facebook, is that it was receiving a “high amount of negative user feedback”, which is not true…

As you can see in the attached screenshots of Facebook developer admin, for a total of 1000 to 3000 photos shared per day via Vintage Camera application, only 1 or 3 negative feedback are reported on Facebook, which we think is due to an inappropriate use of Vintage Camera application. This is less than 0,3% of negative feedbacks.

Vintage Camera

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