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Review: NLife Europe

NDrive you might’ve heard and read about on our site in one of the GPS review articles we’ve published before. Recently I was getting annoyed with the latest update of Navigon, where it kept asking me to calibrate the compass. One a small trip it happened twice and I looked foolish as a head of the family doing the calibrate yoga session. Because my partner leaves on holidays earlier than me, I don’t want to bother her with that, so I decided to look for new GPS software in the App Store.

There I found NLife (version 1.4.14), it has been released a while ago now, and it’s a rewrite of NDrive which is no longer available at the moment. I decided to buy the Western Europe Maps which are from TomTom and paid around 40 Euros for a lifetime license. I threw in another 10 Euros for the traffic cameras which is a yearly fee. Not too bad if they’re updated actively. I didn’t install the traffic feature because I don’t drive daily.

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Review - Libratone Live - Airplay Speaker

The Libratone Live speaker is maybe not so well known due to its high price tag. The Airplay Wireless Speaker is geared towards an audience which cares about both quality in design and sound. The speaker has a minimalistic Scandinavian look which stands out great in any modern living-room.

After unpacking the speaker we were a bit surprised about its size, it was actually a bit smaller than perceived on the photos on the Libratone site but big enough to impress. The Libratone site says that the speaker is build with wood, chrome and cashmere but we see that it has a white plastic top that could have been of some better material. Also there is no wood to be discovered by us.

libratone Live airplay speaker ios iPhone 4S

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