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Case maker expecting ‘iPhone 11’, ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ and ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max’ brand names

As we get closer to the iPhone September launch window, iPhone naming speculation ramps up. We have heard the iPhone Pro moniker being bandied about from other sources, and it seems case makers agree.

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Apple WATCH redesign leaked before spring event

Apparently in the last minutes before the upcoming March 9 Spring Event, Apple has changed the final design of its much anticipated smart watch. According to the leaker which asked to remain anonymous, it only weights 35 grams (1,23 ounces) and has a LED display. You can select from 10 different colors, black till crazy purple. Not much more details are know yet except for the price, which is much lower than the anticipated $20,000 for the Edition, like mentioned by the famous Apple blogger John Gruber.

You can see the leaked images here.

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C / iOS 8 Concept

The guys from are back with new concept renderings, they did also the brilliant iOS 7 concept before.

Here are the features translated from French;

- iOS 8 which comes again in the iOS 7 style (gradients are back)
- The “Air” design -> iPhone 6 Air
- 4.5-inch anti-glare display with ultra-thin edges
- 20 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and stabiliser

- Siri on the lock-screen

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Scott Forstall returns to Apple and dethrones Tim Cook with iOS X

History repeats itself, they say. Just like Steve Jobs was sacked from Apple in 1985 before his reappearance in 1998, to make Apple the world’s biggest company, Scott Forstall will come back to save Apple from the second demise.

Fast forward to 2018, Scott Forstall is named CEO of Apple Inc. The iOS Director had been forcefully removed from the company in 2012, after being blamed for the iOS 6 debacle, and clashing with Bob Mansfield the Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering.

Scott Forstall returns to Apple iOS6 iPhone 5

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Apple and Sharp to jointly develop LCD and OLED panels for future iPhone/iPads?

Peter Misek, an analyst at Jefferies says that he believes that Apple decided to buy iPad 3, iPhone 5 and TV display panels from Sharp. At first these will be IGZO based LCDs - which will be brighter, clearer, thinner and more efficient than existing LCDs.

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LG’s plastic OLED iPhone 5 display production rumors

During LG Display’s conference call discussing their Q3 2011 financial results, the company reiterated plans to release a 55” OLED TV product in the middle of 2012. LG’s OLED TV will be Oxide-TFT based. This will not be mass production, but the company hopes that towards the end of 2012 they will announce their plans for mass production. LG Display is aiming towards 80%-90% yield in their pilot plant, and will announce the yield in the middle of 2Q 2012.

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iPhone 5 likely to appear 3rd Quarter 2011

According to Taiwan’s “chinatimes” reported that the prototype of iPhone 5 has been put into trial production in Honghai Foxconn. “In addition to change over to metal to raise antenna sensitivity, a 4 inches Capacitive anti scraping touch screen will also be assorted”, according to past practices, it will be on the market in the third quarter.

iPhone 5 questionmark

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Low stock of iPhone 4 in Belgium

The introduction of the iPhone 4 is a fact in Belgium. Quite some people have tried to get their hands on one, but not too many succeeded. For example in Antwerp the rumor goes that there were 65 iPhones for the people who queued sinds midnight (see pics below) and only 15 for the morning queue.

In another Mobistar shop in Mortsel there were only 11 but there where 16 preorders, so -5. I checked out some shops in the capital Brussels.

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The iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking rumor mill

The latest buzz sweeping the blogosphere concerns a rumor that the iPhone OS 4.0 MAY finally offer the ability to multitask.  Apple’s taken a lot of flack over the years for not offering what is probably the most basic of features in today’s computing environment. Johnny-Come-Latelys, like the Droid, who are trying to capitalize on the iPhone’s success by copying it are touting this prominently in their advertising.

iPhone rumors

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iPhone-HD unveiled in the latest SDK

I was reading an interesting news article from pocketgames this morning, where they unveiled hints in the code to a new device called the N89, which includes video codec for 720p.

720p means basically that the resolution is 720 pixels vertical by 1280 pixels horizontal with progressive scan. It has a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9.

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