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All New Guardian Firewall Expands The Privacy Protection For iPhone Users

The Guardian Firewall team has discovered that a growing number of iOS apps covertly collect precise location histories from tens of millions of mobile devices, using packaged code provided by data monetization firms. In many cases, the packaged tracking code runs at all times, constantly sending user GPS coordinates and other information. Inadequately policed, the mobile universe has become a “wild west” of unauthorized surveillance and surreptitious spying. To get a sense of the breadth and depth of this immense privacy problem for mobile phone users, see their report at, the first of many to be posted free as a public service.

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Secure your Apps Biometrical with Tidas

Trail of Bits, a New York City-based information security company, has released Tidas, a first-of-its-kind security tool for app developers that boosts user privacy and minimizes developer liability—all by ditching passwords completely.

Tidas is an iOS SDK that allows developers to offer the strongest user security protections— without the hassle of passwords— on any iPhone running iOS9. “Mobile apps usually have an awful user experience when it comes to security,” said Dan Guido, a security researcher and co-founder of Trail of Bits. “Trying to enter a complicated password on a mobile phone is difficult, and many users settle for weaker passwords to save time and frustration,” he said.

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Qiwi a new hardware IAM cross-platform solution coming to iOS this year

Lightfactor, a cyber security startup and new FIDO Alliance member announced today the planned 2016 release of a completely new hardware mobile security solution.  The miniaturised device will provide identity and authentication services across mobile platforms, and will be submitted for FIDO certification in the immediate future. The solution, a culmination of several years of research and development, was created to solve a number of mobile security and ubiquity problems that current offerings cannot address.

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Kodekey enables Web authorizations with iPhone’s TouchID

Seeking to fill a void in the way that customer service businesses use verbal verification to protect the security of their customers’ records, startup company Qondado LLC has released an online public user verification system, available at 

With KodeKey, Qondado offers an application for iOS and Android that ties a user’s mobile number to their device based on biometrics, transforming it into a hardware authorization token. Customer service agents who employ KodeKey can request that users swipe their fingerprint on their KodeKey enabled device to verify their identity.  Companies can use the KodeKey web service via a simple web API that can be integrated into established enterprise services.

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Integrate Face-recognition in your apps with BioID’s new app

BioID GmbH, a cloud biometrics leader, today announced the availability of the BioID Facial Recognition app for iPhone and iPad. The free app enables developers and companies to add biometric authentication to their mobile platforms with just a few lines of code; their end users can then enjoy secure and convenient login and transaction authorization as easily as taking a selfie. Face recognition provides strong multi factor security (biometrics + phone) with a simple user experience, while patented liveness detection ensures that attackers can’t trick the system with a photo.

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“BackStab” attack hunts for unencrypted iOS Backups says Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks®, the next-generation security company, today revealed details of a new “BackStab” attack used to steal private information from mobile device backup files stored on a victim’s computer. A white paper from the company’s Unit 42 threat intelligence team explains how cyberattackers are using malware to remotely infiltrate computers and execute BackStab attacks in an unprecedented fashion.

Used to capture text messages, photos, geographic location data, and almost any other type of information stored on a mobile device in their possession, BackStab has been employed by law enforcement and cyberattackers alike. The Unit 42 white paper shows how BackStab attacks have evolved to leverage malware for remote access and why Apple® iOS devices have been a primary target for attacks, as the default settings in iTunes® store unencrypted backup files in fixed locations and automatically sync devices when they are connected to a user’s computer.

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Google helps secure Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 update

Apple has been releasing an important speed update to the Watch Operating system. Not that people seem to notice it dramatically but enough to be snappier. Next to the Siri and fitness improvements, there are also 14 security updates in this release. Apple developers have been very busy patching the kernel, 8 kernel issues have been address and funny enough 3 of them have been found bu Google Employees.

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Secure Filebox 5.20 - Security made simple for the iPhone masses

Rottiesoft LLC today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Secure Filebox 5.20, an update to their powerful encryption app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Using AES256bit and RSA encryption, users can securely store, organize and share documents, images, and videos. Additionally, users have the ability to chat and text message in a secure environment.

To ensure privacy, files and messages are encrypted through the use of public key encryption when shared. By applying encryption at all times, Secure Filebox meets HIPPA requirements in protecting patient information stored in electronic systems and networks. Only users who hold the key can decrypt the information being shared.

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iOS Devs can now use the Bitcasa Secure Storage API

Bitcasa, the company that makes your digital belongings infinitely useful, today launched its Developer Program with the release of the Bitcasa Secure Storage API. The API gives mobile and desktop apps an easy-to-use, full-featured, and device-independent storage layer. With more than 35 petabytes of user files under management, developers can also reach a whole new audience to help organize, share, and stream users digital content.

bitcasa secure storage API for iOS iPhone 5S

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Protect your iPhone - iPad or even Android with Codeproof

Codeproof protects your phone from malware and thefts. Codeproof is not just a simple app, we provide web-based Console, where customer can login and check the health of the phone anytime anywhere. Codeproof is FREE for 1 device.

Codeproof supports iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and even Kindle Fire. The key features include the following:

Codeproof security scanner iOS6 iPhone 5

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