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Siri, ?????????????????????????????

That should mean according to google translate; Siri, where can I eat good sushi around here? And Siri should answer perfectly now. Today is the big day for many Asian people to talk even more to Siri than before. Apple has taught Siri, Local Search, Directions and Restaurant information to the already pre-announced countries; Japan, Hong Hong and South Korea. The big surprise here is that they have also implemented these 3 features secretly in China.

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20 Cool Siri Add-Ons in Cydia

Are you still using Siri that much like you used to do in the beginning? Me yes and even more and more, first it felt a bit awkward to talk to Siri, but I got used to it and now it is becoming a second nature. I use it mostly for setting timers, alarms and calling people.

Maybe when Siri is also location aware in Europe, like announced in the last Keynote by Scott Forstall - Senior Vice President of iOS Software - I will also start using it for those kind of things. If you want to see the complete list of Siri’s questions / answers, just check out this part of our site. By the way, in iOS 6 which will be released together with the new ‘iPhone 5’ by end of the summer, Siri will also speak and understand the following more languages; Canadian French and English, Korean, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin and the 3 Swiss languages (Why not Portuguese (6th World Language), anyone?)

For the people with to jailbroken iPhones, I have compiled a list of apps in the Cydia Store which enhance Siri.

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