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Tips to Improve the Sound on Your Apple Devices

Apple makes great devices. They look fantastic, are easy to use and, for the most part, do a good job.

Most iPhones, iPads and Macs have good built in speakers. The majority of users are perfectly happy with the sound quality. That is great, but many owners would still love to improve the way that their music, audio books and podcasts sound, which is why we have written this article.

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How to record Snapchat video on OS X in 7 easy steps

Snapchat is a fantastic medium because, why keep all the stupid and funny videos we make forever? It is a bit like real life, when is has happened it is history, and sometimes it better stays this way. Now for the new SnapChatters among us, do not really trust that your videos will be gone forever because there are many ways that the recipient can record what you just snapped.

Here we will go over the 7 simple steps to record SnapsChats for those people around who are fortunate Mac users.

don't get caught on snapchat anyone can record it even in OS X Mac OS

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Significant iPhone 5 battery life improvement with iOS6.1 and saving tips

After complaining about some 3G issues with the new install yesterday, today I can report you something very positive about the new mobile OS. Last evening I charged my iPhone fully until nine o’clock in the evening. I answered some emails on the iPhone 5, went to bed early, set my alarm clock, received some messages in the mean while and fell asleep. This morning snoozed my alarm 3 times. Arriving at work I looked at my screen around 8:30 AM and it still showed 100% battery life. And that is cool, never happened before. It would at least have gone down around 10%.

battery life good iOS6.1 iOS6 iPhone 5

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Change to Android? Don’t forget to unregister iMessage

First off, we are not encouraging people to leave the iPhone platform but for those who did or are planning to do so, we have some tips regarding iMessage problems. I came across an interesting story from a listener of the eMaccast podcast. His problem was that since he had moved over to the to Android camp, he was missing out on important SMSes that were sent to him. They kept arriving on his other iOS devices but not on his new phone.

There are two situation where you might be in.

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Forgot your iPhone’s passcode? Not so obvious to solve

Last week I was added to the list of proud new iPhone 5 owners. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so I fired up the phone, connected it to iTunes to restore from a previous backup. Once restored, I typed in my old passcode and TADA!; The “Wrong Passcode - try again” error was flashing in red on the new beautiful 4 inch retina display. Even errors look good on this screen. It turned out to be a backup from my daughter’s iPhone which I restored erroneously, one of which I don’t have the passcode. No-brainer I thought, just reinstall iOS 6 and boom. Well, there was no boom but again an iTunes error.

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Try this solution when you cannot restore or upgrade your iPhone

Many people like me are selling their old iPhone before buying the new iPhone 5. I ordered mine a while ago and it’s expected to ship between October 23 - 29. In the mean while, I wanted to cleanup my current iPhone 4S to make it ready for sale.

My iPhone 4S is Jailbroken, not for illegal software, I’m a strong opposer of that. Stealing software kills the development and update incentives. I jailbroke it to use IntelliscreenX. Anyway, I went to the Reset option in the Settings menu and selected “Reset all Settings and Content” to clean out all my personal stuff. But because the Jailbreak changed the filesystem, this does not work and you see the spinning wheel forever.

No problem I thought, I will just reinstall (Restore) the 5.1.1 Firmware, the same version the iPhone 4S was running.

Restore and Upgrade errors and solutions, iOS6 iPhone 5

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Privacy, another reason to Jailbreak your iPhone? - Tips to protect yourself

Every time I jailbreak my iPhone, I need to go out in Cydia to find all the apps that were installed before, just like last weekend with the 5.1.1 JB. And because I forget some of the package names, I go google again for the best Cydia apps. This time around I came across some other apps which I haven’t installed before and got to my attention.

The first one is called Firewall iP. The tool blocks by default all the connections your iPhone wants to initiate when you use your applications. I was surprised how many different sites some of the applications contact before they are fully functional.

Because I wanted to know what to block or to allow, I started investigating them one by one.

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iPhone 4S (+iPad 2) Jailbreak in 5 simple steps

Now that the iPhone hacking scene has finally delivered a untethered working jailbreak, I show you in 5 simple steps how to open up your iPhone or iPad with an A5 CPU.

Step 1. Download GreenPois0n Absinthe
a) OS X
b) Linux
c) Windows

Jailbreak in 5 easy simple steps ios5 and iPad2 iPhone 4S

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Enable Suggestion Bar without Jailbreaking in 10 simple steps

There is another hidden feature that can be unlocked on your iPhone without Jailbreaking it. Now you can have an extra bar above your keyboard which gives correction suggestions, a feature that comes from Android I believe.

Follow these easy steps to enable it yourself.

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
2. Right click on the iPhone on the left and select “Backup”
3. Go to in iTunes to preferences > Devices > Prevent ... from syncing automatically
4. Download iBackupBot for OSX or Windows

Enable Suggestion Bar without Jailbreaking in 10 simple steps iPhone 4S

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Enable Panorama Mode without Jailbreaking in 10 simple steps

Like reported in the news section today, someone discovered that your iPhone has a secret panorama photo mode. This hidden feature can actually get enabled without jailbreaking your phone, so you are not bringing some insecure code into your iPhone this way.

Enable Panarama Mode without Jailbreaking in 10 simple steps iPhone 4S

Follow the 10 easy steps below;

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
2. Right click on the iPhone on the left and select “Backup”
3. Go to in iTunes to preferences > Devices > Prevent ... from syncing automatically
4. Download iBackupBot for OSX or Windows

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