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11 things to configure after iOS5 upgrade

To tell you the truth, I have been holding off with the iOS5 upgrade until yesterday. In the old iPhone days I was always the first to upgrade but I’m getting a bit more precautious lately. Yesterday I couldn’t wait anymore and because there were no major issues reported by the people around me, I decided to jump as well.

Once the iPhone was finally upgraded, I was looking around if all was set automatically to desirable settings, at least for my interest. The following things I changed immediately, or are at least worthwhile looking at, if it interests you too.

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your gps receiver has been turned off - error

Yesterday I reinstalled iGO Primo on my iPhone because of a long story I don’t want to bother you with. Anyway so far so good, the app was installed and I started the application. After been walking through the initialization wizard I go to > Show Map.

It shows me the map, but instead of Brussels where I was, it showed Paris, which is the application default for not finding your GPS fix apparently. In the top of the screen I saw the message “your GPS receiver has been turned off”.

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Hysteria Project 2 - Download Walkthrough PDF here

Hysteria Project 2 is a hardcore interactive movie that is also a 360° live-action, choose-your-own-adventure survival-horror game, with a Hitchcock feel thrown in for good measure. Hysteria Project 2 takes you on a hardcore ride where you are the hero of an entirely filmed adventure. Follow the video clips, keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and most importantly of all - make the right choices at the right time, or suffer the consequences and fall pray to your folly.

iPhone games Hysteria Project 2 - Walkthrough PDF

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iPhone Controlled House Automation

Domotics or the art called House Automation is increasingly getting more and more popular, driven by energy efficiency, security and comfort needs. Most of these systems have their own set of remote controls, ranging from ugly plastic remotes to high cost programmable LCD screens.

We did set ourselves the goal of integrating our home automation with an iPhone to eliminate again another device at home. The project consists of three main building blocks.

iPhone Domotics Home Automation

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iPhoneTunes Quiz - Are you an iPhone 3G S Pro User?

Over the years the iPhone and its OS has evolved fast and stacked with new features. It isn’t so easy anymore to know every little detail of your beloved gem.

Yesterday I was reading a new iPhone tip and that gave me the idea to create a little quiz, to test if you are a real iPhone 3G S Pro User or not.

It takes a few minutes to conduct the test. Afterwards you can see the right answers and maybe learn some things you didn’t know yet. Have fun!

Test me dude!

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The iPhone upgrade project, part 2: leaving Safari

In Part One of this series, I talked about how I wanted to replace the built in iPhone E-mail app. I settled in the end on simply using Safari and the Gmail web interface, but Safari has a few shortcomings of its own. The biggest, and most surprising, is that it’s really not designed for the small screen of an iPhone. The address bar at the top and tab bar at the bottom take up a lot of screen real estate that would be better used to show me what I’m looking at.

It has no ability to set a homepage, although you can create a shortcut on your Springboard to the page you want, but that seems so kludgy. Bookmark management is horrendous, and I’ve recently learned that once you launch it, Safari continues to run in the background until you reboot your iPhone. If you find your iPhone is slow or crashy, and you left a number of tabs open in Safari when you last used it, go in and close them to see the difference. I still have a 3G, so I can’t really afford something taking up my very limited memory.

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15 Things You Can Remote Control With Your iPhone

Some of the coolest apps in Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone App Store are widgets that let you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control.

You can control dozens of gadgets, ranging from your DVR to your computer or high-end digital camera. The best news: Many remote control apps are free, and most are a few bucks or less.

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iTunes trojan horse small.bog

Today I finally installed iTunes 8.2 on my Windows Vista PC and I got the iTunes Trojan Horse small.bog virus alert. Could there really be a iTunes trojan or iTunes virus in my download?

The problem was in:
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\iTunes.dll

While researching the problem, more infections occurred.

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How To Make Your iPhone App Launch Faster

So, one of the most common complaints about PCalc before 1.7 is that it took too long to launch – around four seconds on an iPhone 1st Generation. I actually got emails accusing me of having a massive ego because I was making the splash screen stay up for so long. Now, I may have a massive ego anyway, but that’s not why it was happening.

iPhone development

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6 Webkit Tricks to Easily Create Stunning iPhone Web Designs

Webkit is the display engine created by Apple to render pages in Safari on OS X and the iPhone. Like Firefox, it has a series of specific CSS properties you can use to design pages for Mac or iPhone. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t much documentation on the web about Webkit. So, here’s a list of six Webkit properties you can use for your next iPhone or Mac website. Remember, these don’t work on any other browser, so I wouldn’t recommend using them for a PC-oriented website without CSS hacks or IE fallbacks.

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