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Apple provides tips for long iPhone battery life

One of the biggest criticisms of the iPhone is that, unlike many other mobile phones (particularly smartphones), it lacks a removable battery. This means that that once your battery stops holding a good charge, you have to pay for Apple to replace it. The iPhone has pretty good battery life compared to many other phones, though, so the need for battery replacement won’t be as great, but $85 is still a lot to pay for a battery.

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Google AJAX Search Optimized For IPhone

googleGoogle has rolled out a search interface optimized for the iPhone. The new page can be found at The new interface relies on the AJAX Search API and carries with it the limitations of that API — you can only see the first eight results — but it’s fast and much easier to use on the iPhone.

click here to google with your iPhone;

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Customize your iPhone’s background

While the iPhone’s sleek, imageless design helps to keep things simple for everyone, I can understand some people’s desire to customize their surroundings. While Apple isn’t making this easy on anyone, keeping the iPhone locked up for themselves and all, that doesn’t mean determined hackers aren’t trying to pick the locks.

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Cases and holsters

When it comes to cases most people fall squarely into one of two camps: you’re either pro case or anti-case. The pro case camp, where your author is firmly planted, believes that cases are a good because they protect our mobile gadgetry from the trauma of daily life. The anti-case faction throws caution to the wind and believes that cases take away from the natural beauty of the product and since gadgets are getting so small, a case is a hindrance.

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Tell Gmail not to send your iPhone a copy of sent mail

Several of our readers have written in and asked how to make their iPhone stop sending them copies of their outgoing Gmail. Here’s how. Go to Settings -> Mail -> (Your Gmail account) -> Advanced. Switch “Use Recent Mode” from ON to OFF. Be aware that the first time you do this, you may end up sucking a bunch of old messages into your iPhone inbox. (I had about a dozen old emails which shows exactly how little I use my gmail account.) It’s a one time thing, though. After you get rid of those old e-mails by disabling “recent mode”, your iPhone will stop sending you those outgoing copies.

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iPhone’s hidden RSS client

RSSApple has answered one of my burning requests for the iPhone: a built-in RSS reader. Kinda.

While it’s not the dedicated RSS client that I hope they’ll build for iPhone, it helps a news junkie get his fix on a slow EDGE data connection. It works like this: when you click on an RSS badge on a site Safari for iPhone it redirects you to a page at

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20 tips—and one more thing—for using your new iPhone

You can do a lot with the iPhone—make a phone call, surf the Web, watch a movie—just with the touch of a virtual button. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find you can do a lot more. After putting the iPhone—which hit market shelves June 29—through its paces, here are 21 tips for getting the most out of the its advertised features—or using features you might not know were part of the repertoire.

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iPhone Typing Trick

While I love the iPhone, there are some typing issues, especially when entering punctuation and
so David Pogue offers this tip by way of Andrew:  The iPhone doesn’t register most key presses until you *release* your finger. But Andrew discovered that the Shift and Punctuation keys register their taps on the *press-down* instead.So here’s what you can do, all in one motion.

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Secret iPhone codes

What a hack-y afternoon. Here are some more secret iPhone codes for you to enjoy. After realizing that the *3001#12345#* was a familiar Nokia code, I decided to spend some time googling for other phone codes that might work on the iPhone. These (mostly) do. There are more. Feel free to add your own to the comments.

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