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Cyber Monday 2015: iPhone and iPad Shoppers Generated 79% of Mobile Revenue

Many customers waited out the record-smashing weekend to jump online for Cyber Monday deals—with more people than ever reaching for their smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices produced 27% of total online revenue, up 10% from 2014. Smartphones were responsible for 16% of total online revenue, an increase of 41%.

Apple Inc.‘s mobile devices dominated total mobile revenue with 79% from iPhones and iPads, while Android phones and tablets accounted for 21%.

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iPhone 6S (Plus) prices increase between 5 and 16 percent

The iPhone 6S received a nice overhaul, and like I’ve blogged about before, this model is bringing a lot of new features to the table which were long overdue. Pre-iPhone 6 users, will get a really nice upgrade value bang for the buck with the new camera system and 3D Touch.

That being said the new iPhone flagships also take again a bigger bite out of the (family) budget. We have compared the prices of 4 European countries where it’s available for preorder the 12th of September, and we also compared the US prices.

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Waiting for iPhone 7 will pay off - iPhone specs history in graphs

Apple has never been the company that is keen on publishing specifications about their new products, until some years ago. In the pre-Samsung times, they have always highlighted unique features and use cases which were eagerly demoed by Steve and Phil. More recently, Apple is using its keynotes as a showcase for specifications, mostly caused by stiff competition. An exception from this is the Apple WATCH because it is a new player in the market, but wait for the next 2 models and it will be a specs demo all over.

I have graphed out most of the specs of all the iPhone models over the years. It shows that the iPhone 7 is the iPhone to wait for because many specs didn’t change over the last 4 models.

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The real reason why the iPhone 6 (Plus) bends

Just after the most successful smartphone launch in history to date, #bendgate was the trending topic on the anti-social media. The first adapters needed to inform themselves swiftly, because all of their friends and mom suddenly started interrogating them about this “design error” and they’d to defend their appalling phone purchase on top of the fact that most features were already in 2 year old Androids. Did Apple made the new iPhones too thin for the beauty of aesthetics, and from aluminium instead of Samsung-plastic™?

Apple had to come out with an official statement and so it happend, they even introduced the collective press to the unrevealed Cupertino testing facilities, something they’d also done after the iPhone 4 #antennagate. They came with the following statement;

bent iPhone 6

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Google Hangouts for iOS can call US & Canada for free, receive Google Voice calls

he Google Hangouts app for iOS is getting a major update this evening that gives it all new calling features on Apple’s mobile hardware. Users can call phone numbers directly from the app itself, with no charge for any calls to US & Canadian numbers (international calls work too, for a fee).

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How Cell Phones Are Consuming This Generation’s Time?

How are we consuming our daily app - petite for mobile content every day? I use my iPhone mostly for quick news reading, emailing, sometimes messaging and most of the time for calendar keeping and meeting reminders. Occasionally I play a game but that is mostly in the holiday periods when I have more free time. The iPhone revolution has put the internet in our pockets and going back to pre-2007 is unimaginable for me.

I read the news that Steve Jobs died on my iPhone, go figure.

Here is a nice infographic co-produced by us about the way we spend our time on these touch devices.

Check the infographic here

Apple Reports Third Quarter Results: more iPhone sold, less profit

Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2013 third quarter ended June 29, 2013. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $35.3 billion and quarterly net profit of $6.9 billion, or $7.47 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $35 billion and net profit of $8.8 billion, or $9.32 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 36.9 percent compared to 42.8 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 57 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

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5 new US carriers embrace LTE/4G for iPhone

Apple updated today its iPhone 5 LTE page with a whopping 5 new carriers that will transfer the bits to your phone with extremely high speed. Both the GSM A1428 and the CDMA A-1429 model received better connections.

Let’s begin to take a look at the GSM carrier Family Mobile first.

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Magellan SmartGPS with free apps for iOS

Magellan, a leader in GPS devices for vehicles, outdoor, fitness and mobile navigation, today announced the availability of its new Magellan® SmartGPS device at Best Buy U.S. consumer electronics stores and 

Magellan® SmartGPS is the game-changing GPS device integrating social, local and mobile content, including reviews and tips from Yelp and Foursquare, through Magellan’s revolutionary cloud-enabled Smart Ecosystem. Combining the reliability and safety of dedicated GPS devices, the content and mobility of smartphone applications, and the content and innovation of cloud services, the SmartGPS transcends traditional GPS solutions. In addition, the SmartGPS delivers current and localized fuel prices, weather, traffic events and speed camera warnings, along with social content, directly on the navigation map.

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Street view is back in Apple Maps thanks to Street View App

In the old iOS 5.0 days, everything was in order. There was the Maps app with Google Street View built-in. Then came the updated, new version of Maps designed by Apple. It all seems great until you realize that street view is gone! Many users are missing this handy feature… that is until FutureTap (“Where To?”) brought it back. The new app “Street View” integrates with Apple Maps and allows it to easily display the widely popular street view panoramas.

Street View iOS6 iPhone 5

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