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Magellan SmartGPS with free apps for iOS

Magellan, a leader in GPS devices for vehicles, outdoor, fitness and mobile navigation, today announced the availability of its new Magellan® SmartGPS device at Best Buy U.S. consumer electronics stores and 

Magellan® SmartGPS is the game-changing GPS device integrating social, local and mobile content, including reviews and tips from Yelp and Foursquare, through Magellan’s revolutionary cloud-enabled Smart Ecosystem. Combining the reliability and safety of dedicated GPS devices, the content and mobility of smartphone applications, and the content and innovation of cloud services, the SmartGPS transcends traditional GPS solutions. In addition, the SmartGPS delivers current and localized fuel prices, weather, traffic events and speed camera warnings, along with social content, directly on the navigation map.

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Street view is back in Apple Maps thanks to Street View App

In the old iOS 5.0 days, everything was in order. There was the Maps app with Google Street View built-in. Then came the updated, new version of Maps designed by Apple. It all seems great until you realize that street view is gone! Many users are missing this handy feature… that is until FutureTap (“Where To?”) brought it back. The new app “Street View” integrates with Apple Maps and allows it to easily display the widely popular street view panoramas.

Street View iOS6 iPhone 5

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iOS 6 Maps not perfect, but Turn-by-Turn Navigation Excellent

This guy made the smart comparison between Apple iOS 6 maps, Android Maps and his GMC SatNav. He cruised around in the Chicago area a lot and compared the routing, speed and ability to recover. Guess what, the much plagued Apple Maps comes out top-notch.

iOS6 iPhone 5

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Remembering Steve - One year later

Today is that day, the day to remind us about Steve’s demise one year ago. Total shock to the world, I am sure that you still know where you were when you heard the news at October 5 2011. I was walking my dog for the morning session when I took out my iPhone. I saw a tweet stating: “RIP Steve Jobs”.

We all knew that Steve was fighting hard his sickness. He left Apple a few times before to get treatment. We also knew that this moment was coming inevitably, but anyway, it took everyone by surprise. All the media attention was focused on the release of the iPhone 4S. Why did he passed away one day after the release? Did he fight to see that happen?

RIP Steve Jobs October 5 2011 iOS6 iPhone 5

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iPod Touch 64GB + Cheap Phone = iPhone 5 Alternative

Did you check out the new iPod touch already?

The brand new iPod touch is completely trampled underfoot by the media-coverage of the iPhone 5. Most people don’t even know that it comes with an arm strap, in Apple’s jargon also known as the iPod touch loop.

The point that I will try to make is, that the iPod touch is so good and cheap that it becomes a direct competitor for the iPhone 5. For $399 you have already the 64GB model which you can fill with all your music, videos and photos. It has the 4 Inch Retina bigger display, it is thinner than an iPhone, only 6.1 mm and 88 grams in weight. FaceTime is build-in, 5 MP camera with HD video recording, flash LED and HDR support. The three year researched EarPods (Including a travel case, finally!) are also included along with the ultra-thin much debated digital lighting connector. Hack, even iOS 6 maps are supported although only with location based known WiFi networks which seems to work in most urban areas.

New iPod Touch Retina Display Live iOS6 iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 - Our opinion - Keynote is Live!

Yesterday the commercial presentation of Jony Ive was already on the site and today also the full Keynote, check it out, it is really worth viewing it to get the best impression of the new iPhone 5. It’s the first time that before an iPhone release so much has leaked already in the press. This makes me wonder if Apple should stick to super secrecy if it doesn’t work in the end. It kind of only makes the announcement more disappointing because you expect more. Although this time they didn’t lost the iPhone in a bar which happend with the iPhone 4.

Anyway I have mixed feelings about it because there wasn’t really a big new feature like for instance Siri which came with the iPhone 4S. Okay maybe the ultra fast wireless, but for this we are dependant on our providers. If I understood the keynote correctly Phil Schiller talked about HSDPA speed in Europe which is only one quarter to fourty percent of the LTE speed.

different telecom speeds iOS6 iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 drama unfolding in a few hours - Coverage sites listed

Are you ready for the iPhone 5 keynote coverage in a few hours? I am. Everybody has asked me this week if I will buy the new iPhone or not. I have been thinking about this for a while now and at first I decided to wait and see, because the new connector breaks with my Mini Cooper integration. I need to replace the connector cable in the car and the armrest needs an upgrade when it is available. On the other hand I know myself and after seeing the keynote I will stand in line in a few days/weeks later.

Android iOS6 iPhone 5 img source

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$10.000 First Gen Sealed iPhone Reoffered on eBay

I am sure that many of you know already the story about the First Gen iPhone that was still sealed in the original box and was offered on eBay for $10.000 (buy it now). Actually there were two on eBay around the same time. Just for fun I started following them to see what would be the ending bid.

One had a final bid of US $10.099,00 and is now reoffered, check it out here.

It has a minimum price now of $4000.

iPhone first gen sealed in box on ebay for $10.000 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Readdle Turns 5: Best apps on 70% sale

Readdle turns 5! 70% sale. Once a Year. 48 hours only.

Grab the best productivity apps for your iPhone & iPad.

Readdle Turns 5: Best apps on 70% sale

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Apple to use only green power for main data center

Apple Inc plans to power its main U.S. data center entirely with renewable energy by the end of this year, taking steps to address longstanding environmental concerns about the rapid expansion of high-consuming computer server farms.

The maker of the iPhone and iPad said on Thursday it was buying equipment from SunPower Corp and startup Bloom Energy to build two solar array installations in and around Maiden, North Carolina, near its core data center.

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