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Apple to advertise iPhone during Oscars

Apple will use the Academy Awards show on Sunday to feature a new teaser advertisement focused on the iPhone, Macworld has learned. The new ad was described as being made for the Oscars, although no further details on the content of ad were available.

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What about the domain?

The battle over the iPhone trademark? Resolved. John Chambers? Still alive by all accounts. Steve Jobs? Relaxing to the soothing sounds of Bob Dylan. But while this fixes the trademark issues, another theater of operations is still active: the Intertube.

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iPhone on stage

Apple and Cisco settle over the iPhone dispute

Everybody is writing about it, finally we can take a deep breath because this also means that I can keep my site like it is. Good news after all.

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Sections added

We have just added two new sections on the left side. A collection of iPhone Wannabees and an archive of iPhone skins for various mobile phones. If you happen to bump into one not listed yet, please let me know.

The iPhone Lawsuits

It’s not been the best of news for Apple since they announced the iPhone at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this year. So far they’ve been faced with stiff competition from the likes of LG with their Prada touch screen phone, and the most recent Samsung F700 Ultra Smartphone, the latter of which has already been said to have killed off the iPhone.

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Saint Steve Jobs “insulted” Cingular for iPhone

APPLE GURU Steve Jobs managed to insult his telco partners Cingular until they bent all their rules to take his iPhone project, an august journal claimed yesterday.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Jobs started out by reminding Cingular that it was an ‘orifice’ and should not get too cocky over what it could do.

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Citigroup moves to “buy” on Apple, with US$105 price target.

With the stock price this low, it is maybe time to buy again. This is what more and more investment specialist are suggesting.

Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner is upgrading his rating on shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL/NASD) to “buy” from “hold” ahead of what he considers important “product catalysts” coming up for the company.

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Microsoft caught off-guard, beaten badly by Apple’s iPhone innovations.

“Just days prior to Apple’s iPhone unveiling this past January, Microsoft filed a new patent titled Transforming Media Device which describes a communications device which could be transformed into at least three different shapes with each representing a different feature set by physically modifying the device.

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iPhone docking station patented by Apple.

A new patent application has surfaced today detailing a docking station designed for the iPhone.

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iPhone dock

Meizu CEO Says They Didn’t Copy The iPhone That Much.

Despite Meizu’s history of “borrowing” design ideas from Apple (their entire Miniplayer series comes to mind) their CEO is denying that the M8 phone is copied from the iPhone. Seems like everyone’s denying influence from the iPhone these days.

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