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ClearTouch Anti-Glare for the Apple Iphone

ClearTouch Anti-Glare™, the screen protector with the perfect blend of anti-glare and optical clarity.  Packed with numerous screen enhancing features, ClearTouch Anti-Glare™ provides your Apple iPhone with more than just protection from scratches!

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Will The iPhone Actually Ship On Time?

OK, I am going there. It’s beginning to look like Apple will miss the boat on its deadline for the iPhone. So, why do I think the iPhone will be delayed?

First, we learned this week that Apple is being forced to shift engineers from its much-anticipated Leopard OS to make sure the iPhone actually makes its schedule.

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Newcomer Deeda Going for iPhone’s Gullet

Deeda is a total unknown, and in fact we’re not sure about Brevisys, the supposed parent company, either. Deeda and Brevisys though has three touchscreen media devices to offer the public.

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Apple TV compatible with future version of Slingbox

he release of Apple TV a few weeks ago has opened up an intriguing new possibility: streaming music from iTunes on your home computer to your cell phone.

No, Apple TV does not stream over the Internet or across a cellular phone network, but the SlingBox does. And Sling Media, the maker of the SlingBox, confirmed to CNET on Monday that the company is working on making the Slingbox compatible with Apple TV.

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Nokia targets iPhone with widget support

Nokia today claimed to beat its rivals to an important release with the introduction of Widgets, its own approach to mini applications on its Symbian 60-based cellphones. Much as with the iPhone and its Mac OS X roots, the Nokia Widget solution uses a combination of Ajax and other web technology to provide single-purpose mini applications.

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Why the iPhone Might Be Able to Swap Music

It has been confirmed that Apple is delaying the release the next version of its operating system so that it can focus more attention to the iPhone. At a time when Vista was just released, it could definitely hurt Apple to delay their OS. What was so important that it needed to delay OS X by four months?

Music sharing.

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Apple Files Remote Control Patent, iPhone May Serve New Function

Apple has filed for a patent titled “Techniques for pairing remote controllers with host devices” that mentions using a “mobile phone” to serve as a remote controller for a Mac computer.

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Apple delays launch of Mac OS X ‘Leopard’, blames iPhone

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP)—Apple Inc. said it won’t be shipping its next-generation operating system in June as planned, saying it had to divert resources from the project so that it could launch its highly anticipated iPhone on time.
The new shipment date for Mac OS X ‘‘Leopard’’ will be in October, the company said Thursday. The iPhone will make its debut in June as planned.

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Apple May Tout IPhone With Multi-Culti Creative

IN AN EXPECTED HEAVY-SPENDING CAMPAIGN to introduce its iPhone this summer, Apple appears to be considering multicultural creative for the multi-functional device. A would-be spot calls for individuals of diverse backgrounds to plug different aspects of the phone in their native tongues, according to a casting call.

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Fighting Apple over the iPhone UI

Almost as soon as the iPhone was unveiled in January, personal technology artists began offering the sincerest form of flattery. While some might think skinning a Windows Mobile device with the iPhone UI was putting lipstick on the proverbial pig, it didn’t stop Apple from issuing threats cease and desist letters. More recently, an inspired artist named Tzywen came up with another similar interface, video of which was posted to YouTube. Not surprisingly, counsel for Apple had something to say.

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