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iPhone Spotted in Public

Engadget has photo evidence of an iPhone in the wild! The sighting occurred on CalTrain, a commuter rail known to be heavily trafficked by Apple employees traveling between San Francisco and the company’s Cupertino headquarters. According to the eyewitness, this is no fake: The guy using the phone was seen flipping through songs as we’ve all seen it done in demos.

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Omnifone takes on the iphone.

MusicStationBritish hi-tech firm Omnifone is offering the MusicStation service which gives subscribers unlimited access to music for a weekly fee.
It allows customers to download tracks from a library of one million songs through their subscriber abled phone devices.

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SSH client for iPhone project

SSHA new third-party development project has been spawned with the hopes of creating a highly desirable, currently missing (as far as we know) function for the iPhone: an SSH client. The “Hull Project” lays out these goals for the client:

* to provide an easy-to-install solution on your server to allow secure shell access to your machine
* to provide an access as close as possible to a real ssh client.
* to provide an interface aligned with the “standard” Apple iPhone applications

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New ebay regulations regarding the iPhone

***Listing Policy Clarifications: Apple iPhone Pre-Sales and Post-Launch Sales***

June 08, 2007 | 01:10PM PST/PT

Here are listing policy clarifications that we are implementing effective immediately:

Apple iPhone Pre-Sales are prohibited. This highly-anticipated device will be in high demand after the US release on June 29th, 2007. Prior to the release of similar high-demand electronics, we saw a high number of well-intentioned sellers unable to meet their pre-sale obligations to buyers due to restricted supply, as well as an increase in fraudulent listings for these items. To prevent similar problems with the iPhone, eBay is prohibiting all pre-sales of this device.

Criteria for Apple iPhone Post-Launch Sales. In order to continue to ensure protection for our Community after these items are made available by the manufacturer, the following requirements have been put in place for the sale of the iPhone:

The listing must include a unique photograph of the item or items
Your User ID must be clearly displayed within the photograph (watermarks will not be accepted).
To ensure buyer protection, PayPal must be the only accepted form of payment
Sellers will also be notified of these requirements during the listing process when using the Sell Your Item form.

This is taken from their site ebay

Digg for the iPhone

Here it is already, the first app for the iPhone?

It really is very good done, even the scroll animation gives you the iPhone feeling. It shows to me, that the new way of developing for the iPhone with Javascript can be really powerful.

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EU operators bemoan Apple’s iPhone arrogance

Apple might choose a retail-only strategy when it launches its iPhone in Europe, as operators are complaining about the firm’s arrogant demands.

“Operators consistently told us, not for attribution, of course, that they had spoken to Apple and found the company ‘unbelievably arrogant’, making demands that ‘simply cannot be justified no matter how hot the product is’,” Avi Greengart, a principal analyst at Current Analysis, wrote in an advisory on Monday.

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10 serious problems with touchscreens that you should know before 29th June

So the Apple iPhone is coming on 29th June, eh? Exciting. But just in case the whole anticipation thing is becoming a bit too much for you to bear, here’s a small list of things to ponder while you’re waiting.

10 serious problems with touchscreens that you should know before 29th June

1. Sunshine is not your friend…

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Apple iTunes Store account required to set up iPhone; Safari to be bundled with iTunes

The text of AT&T’s email to those who signed up online for Apple iPhone information verbatim followed by a report that Apple will bundle Safari with iTunes later this year:

Get ready for Apple iPhone.

iPhone arrives on June 29. iPhone features an amazing mobile phone, is the best iPod ever created, and puts the Internet in your pocket with desktop–class email, web browsing, searching, and maps. And iPhone makes it all easy to use with its revolutionary multi-touch user interface.

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Will Apple’s iPhone walk on water?

I just did a Google news search for “iPhone” and got a very impressive 5,800 hits. The same Google search on the Web (not limited to news sites) results in a ridiculous 71 million hits.

The level of hype over the iPhone started out at an absurd level in January when it was first announced. Most major newscasts mentioned the announcement and just about all of the telecom industry pundits had something to say. (What I had to say at the time is: “Apple iPhone: Almost all of what I wanted”.)

Editor: And is number 17 today of this query, “iphone news”, of these 71 million sites, second page of google and we are proud!

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google query iphone news

New Apple Email Says Get Ready for iPhone

Apple today sent out a reminder email to “Get Ready for the iPhone”. In addition to reminding customers of the release date, the email also offers suggestions to help you get ready.

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