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DLO teases with iPhone skin

iPod accessory maker DLO is already preparing accessories for the iPhone, the company revealed today. The company has released a teaser photo that shows an unnamed silicone skin for the Apple device that would guard all but the screen against impact or scratch damage; the protective layer would be sensitive enough to allow use of the home button.

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iPhone on Lost?

If you were stranded on an island, what’s the one gadget you’d want with you? For many geeks today, the answer is easy: Apple’s soon-to-be-released iPhone. Looks like the writers for ABC’s Lost might be thinking along the same lines.

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Japanese iPhone protection cases

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iPhone could turn technology world on its ear

As of February, awareness of Apple Inc.‘s iPhone device had spread to nearly 50 percent of U.S. consumers, with a significant chunk of those people expressing sincere interest in buying the device without having first seen one in person, a broad market survey has shown.

In order to determine just how strong the buzz around Apple’s first mobile handset had grown, market research firm Harris Interactive in mid-February conducted a an online study with over 1,100 consumers from its multimillion member panel.

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Microsoft: iPhone lacks business savvy

Apple’s soon-to-be-launched iPhone will be irrelevant to business users because it is a “closed device” and does not support Microsoft Office, a senior executive with the software giant said this week.
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iPhone to become a cult classic predicts pollster boss

The iPhone will gain a cult following its launch, according to the Vice President of Harris Interactive’s Technology Practice Joseph Porus. Porus made the prediction after Harris Interactive recently surveyed more than a 1100 Internet users and found that 47% were aware of the iPhone and 17% expressed an interest in purchasing it.

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Research In Motion’s CEO Mike Lazaridis talks phones, outage and iPhone

It’s been an exciting and unpredictable couple weeks for Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry. The company on April 11 announced fourth-quarter earnings were up and its subscriber base has hit 8 million users. But the latest talk has been about an overnight outage Tuesday that affected its 5 million North American users.

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iPhone launch not a guaranteed success

Jobs iPhone LaunchBuy- and sell-side analysts are running around Wall Street’s high-tech conferences questioning the impact iPhone’s launch could have on the wireless handset market and smartphone devices like Blackberrys and Treos.
The presumption is Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) move is an offensive one and a natural extension of the 100 million iPods that have been sold around the world. It is also presumed that iPhone’s launch will succeed.

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Cisco Wants Enterprise Compatibility for iPhone

Even as Apple and Cisco were staging a legal flack over the name “iPhone,” most sources — including us — suggested that the scuffle was actually the first round of negotiations between the two firms, with compatibility with the iPhone being Cisco’s ultimate goal.

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Will Battery Life Delay The iPhone?

The iPhone rumors this week are non-stop. As if the ruckus over rebates and subsidies for the iPhone weren’t enough, now an online newsletter claims that the iPhone is suffering from poor batter life, echoing an earlier rumor broken by John Dvorak two weeks ago. The poor iPhone just can’t catch a break.

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