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Leading the charge on iPhone

Brace yourself for another tsunami of hype.

May’s craze was “American Idol.” June’s will be the Apple iPhone, which is going on sale in a few weeks. As with “Idol,” the iPhone show has lots of Seattle connections. The season begins Wednesday when Apple boss Steve Jobs is expected to talk up the device at a Wall Street Journal tech conference in California.

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AT&T to launch new Unity plan with iPhone

AT&T is reworking its failed Unity plan to be simpler and to coincide with the launch of the iPhone, AT&T chief marketing officer Rick Welday told Bloomberg in an interview. The company is trying to time the re-launch of Unity with the iPhone because they think they’ll be able to sell it to a wider audience when people are in the store to check out Apple’s new gadget.

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iPhone Software Review Part 4: Kikee DVD to iPhone Converter

This software is also very easy to use. Just insert your DVD to your DVD-rom or import the DVD folder, make a few settings such as selecting subtitle and setting audio track, then just click the ‘convert’ button to start conversion.

Cropping Movie: No.  Trimming Movie: No.  Rip DVD folders: Yes.
Easy to use: 5Star   Interface: 3Star   
Time to Complete Conversion: 91m17s

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Kikee iPhone DVD Converter

a) If you focus on the conversion speed and the cost, Wondershare DVD to iPhone Ripper is the best choice. It can also convert DVD movies for iPod and Apple TV and this three-in-one function could save me about a hundred bucks.
b) If video and audio quality is your first concern, I would recommend Wondershare DVD to iPhone Ripper and Aimersoft DVD to iPhone Converter.
c) If you just want the easiest-to-use program, Kikee DVD to iPhone Converter is a very good choice.
d) If you want to rip two DVD movies into one file, the only choice is Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter.

The above is my experience with iPhone converters so far. And I hope it can help iPhone users like me to select the right conversion tools. Open to discussion and more recommendations.
by adamsblack

Is The New iPhone Worth It Without Insurance Coverage?

Have you seen the new iPhone and its hefty price tag?  For $499 to $599 I’d imagine the Apple phone would not only cook breakfast in the morning but also clean up afterwards. AppleCareAlas that is not part of the package but at least you get a phone, widescreen iPod and Internet access “into one small and lightweight handheld device” according to Apple.

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iPhone Used to Browse

It looks like someone at Apple has started more openly testing the Apple iPhone across web sites, including

One reader tipped us off that they had come across iPhone browser identification strings in the Apache logs of their eBay images. According to their submitted logs, the browser identifies itself as:

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Apple rises after iPhone media report

Shares of Apple Inc. rose Friday after a media report stated the company’s much-anticipated iPhone will be released June 20.

Apple shares added $1.83 to $112.52 in afternoon trading. Apple’s shares have been rising steadily over the past year, hitting an all-time high of $115 on Wednesday. Growth in recent months has been fueled by speculation and consumer excitement over the hybrid phone and media player.

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iPhone Software Review Part 3: Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter

This easy-to-use software can complete the work in two steps, import and convert. You don’t have to make any settings because the program has done the default settings for your choice. If you just want to convert a part of a DVD movie, Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter supports partial conversion, you can select a clip by setting the start and end time, or just select the chapters and titles you want to convert.

This is definitely the easiest to use one, but it is a bit too simple and doesn’t have certain functions that I think are quite useful, such as video cropping and movie trimming. One more thing I must mention is that this program can combine two DVD movies and rip them into one MP4 file.

Cropping Movie: No.  Trimming Movie:Yes.  Rip DVD folders: Yes.
Easy to use: 5Star   Interface: 3Star   
Time to Complete Conversion: 92m35s

Ref URL:

by adamsblack

iPhone hurries to Russia

Apple will start sales of iPhone in Russia in autumn 2007, a source in the company’s Russian partner told CNews. Experts believe Apple’s decision is connected to its fears to miss the market, while many of the company’s competitors are already entering the marked.

A source in the company working with Apple on the Russian market told CNews Apple iPhones will appear on the Russian market in Spetember -October 2007. “The sales channel hasn’t been determined so far, but these will most likely be federal chains, such as Euroset, Svyaznoy, Dixis, etc”. The phone was expected to appear on the Russian market not earlier than 2008.

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iPhone 2.0 may feature built-in GPS

This is a no brainer Apple’s next version of the iPhone probably due out at Macworld in 2008 will sport a GPS chip closely matching the iRFstarIII from SiRF Technology. The StarIII is best known for its capability to receive signals from 20 different satellites simultaneously, and a super fast First Fix Time. The only draw back is the requirement for higher power consumption.

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Apple-AT&T union on iPhone could rock mobile world

Apple’s partnership with US telecom giant AT&T on eagerly-awaited iPhone devices set to ship next month promises to be an industry-changing blissful union or a history-making horrid divorce.

Industry insiders see AT&T as a clear winner from the union as Apple’s iPod-driven cache’ gives Internet-age youthfulness to a company as old as the telephone itself.

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