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iPhone displays may be coming from Japan

Although it was previously thought that AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux Display would be the manufacturers chosen by Apple to fabricate the iPhone’s “multi-touch” displays, a DigiTimes report citing “sources at panel makers” said the major suppliers for the panels may be “two Japan-based players while an unspecified Taiwan-based company may be a secondary source for the iPhone panels.”

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Rumor: iPhone and AT&T Wireless to be sold at Fry’s from June 11

Thanks to the loose lips of a local employee, we now bring news that Fry’s, the ginormous big-box electronics retail chain that is part Mecca and part Disneyland for nerds, will next month start selling AT&T Wireless. They haven’t announced this yet, but it’s a big deal. Fry’s was always reluctant to offer Cingular’s services for various reasons, but seems to be ok with AT&T.

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iphone at fry

iPhone will probably ship with surprises

Macworld. Steve Jobs went on stage and introduced the iPhone to much fanfare. According to our source from an Apple affliate (that shall not be named), Steve left out some of the iPhone’s features out of his Macworld keynote…and at the same time downplayed some the features.

Why would Steve downplay some of the features? Our source says that since the iPhone would be released in June, Apple did not want to affect iPod sales. Apple has not released a new video player version of their iPod since 2005, despite the update to the 5G iPod in 2006.

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Google cooking up more apps for the iPhone and other details

So The Seattle Times got a sit down with the rather guarded Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s man on the ground for the iPhone. While he didn’t give much up in the way of the phone’s finer details, he did have one takeaway that left us interested.

When asked about the mass skepticism over the iPhone’s price, he replied “...

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Verizon to offer LG PRADA as iPhone alternative

Verizon Wireless is looking to gate crash on Apple’s iPhone release by brining up its own smartphone, LG PRADA. With iPhone’s release date getting close, CNBC is speculating that the date could be June 20, Verizon is keen to attract potential iPhone customers by offering an alternative.

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Leading the charge on iPhone

Brace yourself for another tsunami of hype.

May’s craze was “American Idol.” June’s will be the Apple iPhone, which is going on sale in a few weeks. As with “Idol,” the iPhone show has lots of Seattle connections. The season begins Wednesday when Apple boss Steve Jobs is expected to talk up the device at a Wall Street Journal tech conference in California.

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AT&T to launch new Unity plan with iPhone

AT&T is reworking its failed Unity plan to be simpler and to coincide with the launch of the iPhone, AT&T chief marketing officer Rick Welday told Bloomberg in an interview. The company is trying to time the re-launch of Unity with the iPhone because they think they’ll be able to sell it to a wider audience when people are in the store to check out Apple’s new gadget.

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iPhone Software Review Part 4: Kikee DVD to iPhone Converter

This software is also very easy to use. Just insert your DVD to your DVD-rom or import the DVD folder, make a few settings such as selecting subtitle and setting audio track, then just click the ‘convert’ button to start conversion.

Cropping Movie: No.  Trimming Movie: No.  Rip DVD folders: Yes.
Easy to use: 5Star   Interface: 3Star   
Time to Complete Conversion: 91m17s

Ref URL:
Kikee iPhone DVD Converter

a) If you focus on the conversion speed and the cost, Wondershare DVD to iPhone Ripper is the best choice. It can also convert DVD movies for iPod and Apple TV and this three-in-one function could save me about a hundred bucks.
b) If video and audio quality is your first concern, I would recommend Wondershare DVD to iPhone Ripper and Aimersoft DVD to iPhone Converter.
c) If you just want the easiest-to-use program, Kikee DVD to iPhone Converter is a very good choice.
d) If you want to rip two DVD movies into one file, the only choice is Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter.

The above is my experience with iPhone converters so far. And I hope it can help iPhone users like me to select the right conversion tools. Open to discussion and more recommendations.
by adamsblack

Is The New iPhone Worth It Without Insurance Coverage?

Have you seen the new iPhone and its hefty price tag?  For $499 to $599 I’d imagine the Apple phone would not only cook breakfast in the morning but also clean up afterwards. AppleCareAlas that is not part of the package but at least you get a phone, widescreen iPod and Internet access “into one small and lightweight handheld device” according to Apple.

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iPhone Used to Browse

It looks like someone at Apple has started more openly testing the Apple iPhone across web sites, including

One reader tipped us off that they had come across iPhone browser identification strings in the Apache logs of their eBay images. According to their submitted logs, the browser identifies itself as:

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