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As iPhone goes on sale, what problems lie in wait?

The date’s been cast in stone: June 29 is the day the already legendary Apple iPhone goes on sale in the US, but as the date of release draws closer, what problems can Apple expect?

If you haven’t already seen the new iPhone ads on US Primetime TV or from Apple’s website, the first thing you notice is just how cool the iPhone interface looks and high incredibly easy it appears to be to use, as easy as when Steve Jobs demonstrated it back at Macworld in January.

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iPhone release date 29 june USA

Apple’s “iPhone ad slip up” reveals “mystery app”

In looking through Apple’s newly posted iPhone ads on their site, I noticed something interesting. In every shot we have ever seen of the iPhone’s main menu thus far, there are 3 rows of icons for applications (2 rows of 4 icons, and the 3rd row has 3 icons) for a total of 11 icons. (See below).

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Apple may introduce iPhone developer kit at WWDC - report

Apple Inc. at its developers conference next week may introduce a software developers kit (SDK) that will allow third party developers to write small applications for its upcoming iPhone handset, according to a published report.

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3 New iPhone ads

1. Never been an iPod
iPhone Ad 1

2. How To
iPhone Ad 2

3. Calamari
iPhone Ad 3

All the ads open with a date on the iPhone of yesterday June 3. Ad 2 was also taken yesterday, also viewable correctly on this shot also:
iPhone Ad 2

The second part of ad 2 is taken 14 or 15 May, I found out with the publishing date of this NYTimes articles:
iPhone Ad 2

What is a bit strange is that the time on the iPhone is always 9:42 AM, while it shows the emails are last updated at 12:55 PM the same day on the bottom.

how is that possible?

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Pocketsolution - Apple iPhone Accessories

Apple iPhone accessories allow you to take your device anywhere with you, and be able to keep it either powered by our selection of Apple iPhone car chargers, Apple iPhone home chargers, or battery extenders, or keep it protected by selecting from our comprehensive Apple iPhone case selection.

Apple iPhone accessories are why we’re here!  We’ve even got the coolest Apple iPhone, Auto Mount (automount) you’ve ever seen. So if you are looking for an Apple iPhone screen protector, case or cord, look no further.

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New AT&T CEO moved into place before iPhone launch

SAN ANTONIO - After an acquisition binge that transformed the smallest Baby Bell into a telecommunications heavyweight, AT&T Inc. is undergoing another change today: a new chief executive.

Randall Stephenson, 47, rose through the ranks of AT&T and previously served as its chief financial officer and chief operating officer. He is credited with helping position the company so it could afford the buying spree that turned it into the nation’s largest provider of traditional phone, wireless and broadband services.

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Merrill Lynch predicts 4 million iPhone shipments this year

According to predictions made by Merrill Lynch, one of the most recognizable names in financial services, Apple Inc. will ship four million iPhones in 2007, followed by 12 million in 2008.

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iLounge spills the beans on iPhone accessories

The iPod lovers down in the iLounge yesterday released the third edition of their iPod book, with 116 pages of Apple-accessory goodness. Most notable are the multiple pages of iPhone accessories. They’re the first of their kind, and they hit home that the arrival of this year’s must-have gadget is imminent.

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iPhone in stores in two weeks, but ‘in limited quantities’, AT&T staff tell analyst

Many stores operated by AT&T, the exclusive carrier for Apple’s iPhone mobile phone, will have only a handful of phones in stock initially, according to analysts who surveyed AT&T staff. Stores revealed that they expect to have the first iPhones on their shelves on June 15.

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Apple’s advertising for an ‘iPhone Flash File System Engineer’

Apple’s advertising for an ‘iPhone Flash File System Engineer’. Some people are interpreting this as a sign that future iPhones will feature support for removable flash memory cards of one form or another, but we think that’s drawing a long bow.

Apple has already announced the iPhone will come with 4 or 8G of memory, and it seems most unlikely that it won’t be flash.

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