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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Freeware: iPhone Video Converter 4.0

iPhone video converter A powerful iPhone Tools, Convert avi mpeg wmv divx xvid to iphone video is software for video conversion. You can enjoy the film with your home and PC DVD Player. Convert iPhone video format (avi, mpg, mov, rm) to VCD, DVD, SVCD… Also, it allows you to burn to VCD/SVCD/DVD. Clear and intuitive user interface makes it very easy to use.

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Google smart not to challenge Apple for iPhone

As Brian White wrote earlier, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) officially claimed it is not entering the direct cell phone business. It’s a smart decision for Google. It is not used to being the secondary player in any business it engages in. Possible partnerships with carriers is a more sensible route if Google does enter the phone business. Google is an online company, providing online service, and not a physical company with hard, touch and feel products.

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New Zealand Will Never See the iPhone - Or Will We?

Many of us who are currently using handsets with Vodafone’s customised firmware are known to often curse under our breaths as we battle with slow and unreliable user interfaces and system functions. Still, it’s something that we’ve come to accept as Vodafone’s philosophy in recent years ha strongly favoured the practice of Vodafone-ising the majority of handsets sold through their dealers.

read it here geekzone.co.nz

I have at least one reader in New Zealand, hang in there guys we support you.

new zealand


Vodafone ahead in the race for the iPhone in Europe.

Buried inside a Guardian article about how Google is hunting for a manufacturer for its Google Phone is an interesting snippet of information about the iPhone.

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ACTV: 4 hidden Details from the iPhone Keynote

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Apex Apple TV Video Converter Home Edition

Apex Apple TV Video Converter Home Edition is a new conversion tool. The converter software can convert various video files to Microsoft Zune. The format including asf, avi, divx, mov, qt, mpeg, mpg, rm, rmvb and wmv etc. With unmatchablespeed and high quality, the whole process is easy. The interface is professional and vogue.It is good at: rm to Apple TV, asf to Apple TV, avi to Apple TV, mov to Apple TV, mpeg to Apple TV, rmvb to Apple TV, divx to Apple TV, wmv to Apple TV etc. It is a good Video Apple TV Converter.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
iPhone release dates summary

This is a summary of the most probable release dates of the Apple iPhone.
Just in case you were still wondering.

USA: June, 11 2007
Europe: September 2007
Asia: End of 2007
Australia: Beginning of 2008

Sony Ericsson reacts on the iPhone

Most people would agree that the iPod rejuvenated the digital music market and, by the by, restored the fortunes of Apple.
With the launch of the iPhone, Apple is looking to do the same again - set the trends, corner the market and leave everyone else looking like also-rans.

But selling phones to people is very different to selling them a portable music player.

read it here bbc.co.uk
sony ericsson

Ringtones, DRM and iPhone’s Place in the Market

Music, movie and multimedia fans and pros flock to Austin, Texas, each March to learn and share knowledge at the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival and Conference. The last session I attended on your behalf, gentle reader, was a panel discussion entitled, “Come Together: Mobile Phones and Portable Music Players Converge.”

read it here ecommercetimes

iPhone: Is It a Mac?

That’s a question we’ve been pondering here at Low End Mac, because our primary focus is the Macintosh. Not iPods. Not Apple TV. Not Apple displays or printers.

Yes, we do look at the iPod now and again. We have a couple at LEM headquarters - a 1G model recently upgraded with a 20 GB drive after the original 10 GB drive failed and a 60 GB iPod photo. They’re great for backing up our work - and also good for listening to music.

read it here lowendmac

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple released iOS 8.1 today, and with it comes the ability to use Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. We decided to try it out by going to two nearby businesses that already accept Apple’s NFC-powered mobile payments: Walgreens and McDonald’s.

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iOS 8.1 is now available to the public. Along with bringing Apple Pay into the wild, this major update is packed with new features that bring harmony to your iPhone and Mac workflow. Instant Hotspot and SMS Relay connect your iPhone like never before, and there are a few other sweet new features you probably haven’t heard about yet.

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Record-setting iPhone sales helped Apple ring up sterling results on Monday, crushing analysts’ estimates. The company said its fiscal fourth-quarter revenue jumped 12% to $42.1 billion from the same quarter a year ago.

Read more www.usatoday.com

Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple has published a 48 page PDF entitled “iOS Security,” dated October 2014. Not only does it have a broad overview of iOS security in general, but it was also recently updated to include details of the Apple Pay technology and transaction security.

Read more www.macobserver.com

Microsoft has released a new update for Skype’s iOS app offering users with the larger iPhone 6 and 6+ an optimized user interface. In addition, the app now allows users to mark individual conversations as read/unread, disable notification sounds in “do no disturb” mode, and increased metadata in contact profiles.

Read more www.tuaw.com

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We have seen many iPhone knock-offs and ripoffs in the past, but most of them usually come from underdog companies that make cheap and not that high quality handsets, for those who would really want an iPhone but do not have the cash to get their hands on it. Surprisingly, it seems that Lenovo is actually working on an iPhone 6 ripoff, although keep in mind that these are just rumors and a few leaked photos we are talking about, so don’t go bashing away at the company who brought us the Lenovo Vibe Z3 and the Lenovo Yoga tablets just yet.

Lenovo iPhone 6 rippoff imitation fake clone steal copycat

Read more www.loadthegame.com

If you’ve recently picked up a shiny new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you probably want something to protect it from drops and falls, or scratches and dings. There are tons of cases available, from the super-expensive to the slim and cheap. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations and votes.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

So you’ve upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8 and are looking for the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps that take full advantage of all the new features. From custom third party keyboards to widgets and photo extensions, lots of App Store apps are updating to take full advantage of everything iOS 8 has to offer.

Read more www.imore.com

Apple’s iOS 8.0.2 update was released to fix lingering iOS 8.0.1 problems and iOS 8 problems. However, in the days since its release, we’ve heard numerous iPhone and iPad users complain about a slew of iOS 8.0.2 issues and here, we take a look at some of the most common iOS 8 problems and possible fixes for them.

Read more www.gottabemobile.com

If you follow Apple news closely, at some point in the last week you’ve probably seen the graph above. It’s from Apple’s Developer Support page, and the company calculates the figure by looking at the iOS versions of devices accessing the App Store.

Read more arstechnica.com

I’ve had my new iPhone 6 Plus a few days now, and I’m sure my experience is far from unique, but what the what. I ordered online, and I ordered the black/grey in 64GB, which from what I’ve been reading seems like a fairly typical choice.

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Chinese-language website Feng cites the Taiwanese media in a new report that claims the Apple Watch could launch at some point during the month of February. Apple has only confirmed that the smartwatch will launch “early next year,” with The Information reporting that the iPhone maker would be lucky to release the device by Valentine’s Day.

Read more www.iphonehacks.com

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the first Apple mobile devices to come equipped with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which supports much faster data throughput speeds. 802.11ac Wi-Fi is able to offer connection speeds that are up to three times faster than existing 802.11n networks.

Read more www.macrumors.com

A few of Apple’s new posters for the iPhone 6 epitomize bad advertising. The Verge reports that a billboard in Berlin and a poster from a store in the Netherlands showing off the new Apple smartphone are, unfortunately for Apple, ironically bent.

Read more www.designntrend.com

One of the problems the new iPhone 6 models present is where to put it when you’re in the car. You may not want to keep it in your pocket for obvious reasons, especially the iPhone 6 Plus, and the new models are larger and slipperier than ever.

Read more 9to5mac.com

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

In my attempt to purchase a Contract Free/ FACTORY UNLOCKED iPhone all I have wound up with is a bunch of confusion. Here’s how the story goes. I checked on this Extensively today.

Read more forums.macnn.com

Your pants aren’t happy about the new iPhone 6 Plus. Along with Samsung’s mammoth Galaxy phones, Apple’s phablet mega-sized phone is starting to look like the future of mobile tech.

Read more mashable.com

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

There may be yet another bug in iOS 8, Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. This time, some users are reporting that anybody trying to reset the settings on their iPhone could accidentally delete all of their documents saved in iCloud, Apple’s online backup service.

Read more finance.yahoo.com

Apple recently announced the Apple Watch concept with much fanfare. The reviews so far are mixed, but I wanted to put Apple Watch to the test. So, as I did with Google Glass when it was announced, I engaged my virtual ideas company, Ideasicle, with the task of coming up with creative applications of Apple Watch that take advantage of the technology and its context, our wrists.

Read more www.forbes.com

Feeling a little sluggish, slow and drained? Not you, mobile warrior: The battery in your iPhone or iPad newly update to iOS 8. Here are a few ways to restore some of your battery’s lost vigor by turning off:

Read more www.courant.com

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