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Cisco Wants Enterprise Compatibility for iPhone

Even as Apple and Cisco were staging a legal flack over the name “iPhone,” most sources — including us — suggested that the scuffle was actually the first round of negotiations between the two firms, with compatibility with the iPhone being Cisco’s ultimate goal.

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Will Battery Life Delay The iPhone?

The iPhone rumors this week are non-stop. As if the ruckus over rebates and subsidies for the iPhone weren’t enough, now an online newsletter claims that the iPhone is suffering from poor batter life, echoing an earlier rumor broken by John Dvorak two weeks ago. The poor iPhone just can’t catch a break.

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25% of Teens Would Buy an iPhone - report

A study carried out in the USA by analysts at Piper Jaffray has reported that there is a very high awareness of the new Apple iPhone amongst teens - and a strong interest in purchasing the handset despite its fairly high price point. Of the students surveyed by Piper Jaffray, 84% had heard of the iPhone, and 25% would buy an iPhone at the US$500 price point.

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Apple considering a rebate for the iPhone?

If there’s been one standout concern about the iPhone, it’s been the price of the thing. Well according to one analyst, it looks like Apple is reconsidering its $500 and $600 price tags and is looking at the possibility of offering rebates.

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miniSync™  for the Apple iPhone

miniSync™ synchronizes and charges your iPod, all in an ultra-portable form factor. With the miniSync™ you can also use your iPod as a portable hard drive for transferring and storing any type of files!

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sync cable

Designio Leather Sleeve™  for the Apple iPhone

Hand-crafted from fine, premium grade leather, BoxWave’s Designio Leather Sleeve™ is a slim leather case that is custom fitted for your Apple iPhone.  This durable leather sleeve protects and neatly stores your device everyday.


Hand crafted Designio leather iPhone case

We’ve gone ahead and preemptively created several accessories for the iPhone—including two different styles of the hand crafted Designio leather case, and both ClearTouch Crystal and Antiglare screen protectors.  As always, you should expect terrific fit and fantastic quality.  You can expect fresh announcements as we’ll be bringing even more accessories for this ground breaking phone shortly.

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ClearTouch Anti-Glare for the Apple Iphone

ClearTouch Anti-Glare™, the screen protector with the perfect blend of anti-glare and optical clarity.  Packed with numerous screen enhancing features, ClearTouch Anti-Glare™ provides your Apple iPhone with more than just protection from scratches!

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Will The iPhone Actually Ship On Time?

OK, I am going there. It’s beginning to look like Apple will miss the boat on its deadline for the iPhone. So, why do I think the iPhone will be delayed?

First, we learned this week that Apple is being forced to shift engineers from its much-anticipated Leopard OS to make sure the iPhone actually makes its schedule.

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Newcomer Deeda Going for iPhone’s Gullet

Deeda is a total unknown, and in fact we’re not sure about Brevisys, the supposed parent company, either. Deeda and Brevisys though has three touchscreen media devices to offer the public.

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