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OS X upgrade, iPhone may boost Mac sales

Apple Inc.‘s computer business may seem like it’s taken a back seat lately to its flashy younger siblings, the iPod and iPhone, but Macs are still a key part of the family.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to use his speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday to highlight the upcoming release of Mac OS X, showing that Apple remains a computer company even after dropping “Computer” from its name in January.

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iPhone Price To Drop

By the time the iPhone is launched in Australia and other overseas Countries in 12-18 months the cost of the device may have dropped by as much as 40% from the US launch price. The answer to this may not come until late in 2008 to 2009.

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Qualcomm Chip Embargo To Boost iPhone?

A ruling today by the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban new models of phones with 3G chips from Qualcomm could have a positive impact on Apple’s iPhone, some are suggesting.

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Developers To Jobs: Give Me My iPhone!

As iPhone anticipation reaches fever pitch, more than 4,000 of Apple’s faithful techies are making their way to San Francisco. Where they won’t get a chance to play with the must-have gadget, which won’t be formally unveiled until the end of the month.

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iPhone details uncovered in Sales Training Workbook

Here’s some dirt that’s sure to heat up the iPhone debates over the next 20 days. According to alleged scans from the “iPhone Sales Training Workbook,” we’re seeing a vast array of features that we were already fully aware of, but here’s the skinny on what you may have not known until now:

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iPhone makes Apple stocks red hot

Apple Inc. has not yet sold a single iPhone, but investors are driving up the company’s shares to record highs as they bank that the combined telephone and media player will be a major hit.

A slew of brokerages from UBS to Piper Jaffray are raising their targets on Apple’s stock to as much as $160—equivalent to about 40 times its expected fiscal 2008 profit.

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[Editor 14-07-2008 Competition is closed]

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iPhone Wish List

Here it is, the iPhone 2.0 wish list of faithfull reader Adamsblack,

Here are a few feature requests we would like to see added to the iPhone at some point:

  * 3G. not that it is available in my area, but some day it will be!
  * The iPod application includes a handy volume control slider, but does not appear to include a method for changing the playing location of the current audio track (rewind/fast-forward/jump to point). This feature does appear in the video player.
  * GPS with integration into Google Maps

  * Use the built in camera to record video.
  * Push email from Google. Not totally in Apple’s control because Google does not currently offer IMAP. When/if Google adds this feature it would be nice to know that the phone will support it.
  * Steve pointed out that iPhone parses phone numbers in email messages, how about parsing street addresses with a magical import into Google Maps?

  * Support for multiple email accounts. This feature may already be present, I can’t tell from the demos. These days people have many email accounts including work and one or more Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail accounts.
  * Display Favicon.ico (the little icon/logo next to the site address in most browsers) image on the bookmarks screen and the change page screen.
  * Flash videos supported: At present, iPhone seems only supports mp4, h.264, mp3, aac. If it supports Flash files, iPhone will be more popular. Flash is working its way into all of todays popular
sites (YouTube, MySpace, Google Talk (web), Yahoo! Messenger (web), etc)

  * Third-party software: The list of applications available for Windows Mobile and Palm is huge! I am sure many of the Mac developers out there would love the opportunity to develop/sell applications that run on the iPhone like games, video conversion, DVD to iPhone software, music data recovery, media editor, etc.
  * There has been some rumors of an Apple developed spreadsheet application for Mac. It would be nice if there was a mini-spreadsheet program for viewing/editing simple spreadsheets. The same thing goes for Word documents (as you might guess Microsoft makes mini-versions of these applications available on their phone OS). unveils games for iPhone has announced that it will release several games designed for Apple’s iPhone around the same time that the highly anticipated device launches in later this month. The games are developed in Adobe Flash CS3 and are modified for use without a mouse.

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UPDATE: In the near future, you can buy the igiki iPhone games via our site!
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Real-world iPhone hands-on report surfaces

The iPhone should deliver on what enthusiasts respect, according to a first-hand account of the device in real-world conditions. A server at the upscale Balthazar restaurant in New York City was given a rare opportunity to test the phone by a guest, who has claimed to be only one of twenty people so far allowed to own a fully-functional version of the device outside of Apple.

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