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Why the iPhone may NOT succeed in India

The iPhone will find it’s way to Asia only by early 2008. People will be waiting and watching. But will they be buying?

Currently, an iPod in India will cost you anywhere from Rs 22500 to Rs 31900. That’s a lot of money for a device that plays music and videos. Now assuming the iPhone makes its way here, it will still cost above 30,000.

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Sorry iPhone, Japan’s Not Impressed

iphonejapan.jpgSteve Jobs’ - “iPhone in Asia - 2008”. Now I don’t want to be the one saying this because I’m a total Apple fanboy but did Apple R&D and marketing not clue Jobs in on cellular tech in Asia?

For people in America, the iPhone is a major advancement in hardware and cellular tech. Let’s forget about the fact that it doesn’t have 3G mostly because America’s 3G network is spotty and shoddy to say the least. Simply put, the infrastructure isn’t there yet.

The iPhone seems to be the holy grail between hardware and software design. The UI is deceptively simple and that’s how phones should be right? But is this enough for Asia, specifically Japan (Nippon)? The short answer is no.

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iPhone e-mail reveals minor changes

Subscribers to the AT&T iPhone newsletter may be missing very subtle changes to the product in the latest mailing. An animated GIF in the message cycles through generally familiar images of the device, with the exception of the navigation screen—in the lower-left is a double-arrow button, previously missing from Apple’s official introduction at Macworld.

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ChangeWave: Apple rocks cell phone industry; 9% likely to buy iPhone

“It’s not often that we say ‘it rocks’ when analyzing a consumer device trend. But the findings of our latest ChangeWave cell phone survey invite extremes to describe the startling impact the Apple iPhone is having on the cellular industry,” Paul Carton, ChangeWave Alliance, reports for SeekingAlpha.

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AT&T, Apple Preparing iPhone Store Displays

Although many details about the launch of the Apple iPhone are still unknown, it appears as though AT&T wireless stores may be gearing up for the release by preparing for in-store iPhone displays.

According to details released yesterday by The Boy Genius Report, demands for the iPhone displays are forcing many stores to rewire. Sources indicated that the iPhone displays will require a dedicated power supply as well as networked internet access. Additionally, indications were that the displays would be very large - 3 feet wide and as tall as 7 feet.

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Roxio’s Crunch to export video for Apple TV, iPod and iPhone

A new video conversion application on its way from Toast creator Roxio aims to simplify the process of taking digital media files and converting them to formats optimized for Apple Inc.‘s Apple TV, iPod and iPhone devices.

The $50 software, dubbed “Crunch,” will include support for native QuickTime file formats such as DV, AVI, and MOV, in addition to non-QuickTime file formats like DivX, MPEG-2 and DVD-Video.

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Cingular/AT&T Reps Clueless On iPhone Availability

Yesterday, after my iPhone post, a visitor in comments claimed to have spoken to a Cingular Premier Accounts rep who allegedly told him the iPhone would be released the first week of June as a surprise for customers.

I was intrigued, so I spent the next two days calling Cingular (now AT&T) for some answers. I have news to report—their answers were all over the place!

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iPhone optimism lifts apple shares over $100

Shares of Apple closed above $100 for the first time on optimism the iPhone will help the maker of iPods and Macs grab a bigger share of the consumer-electronics market.

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Another Apple iPhone Clone - From China

China, ever the trademark-infringing, sub-par quality, knock-off manufacturing powerhouse, has another iPhone clone - the Hua Long IP2000. It kinda looks like an iPhone, and it’s even got a touchscreen, but the dual-band GSM phone is noticeably thicker, has a crap UI, and is adorned with a huge, gaudy Apple logo on the backside.

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iPhone and the Future of Intel

Intel did not win the processor design contract from Apple’s much hyped iPhone. Naturally, this is not news that makes the titan happy. Consequently, they have decided to compete against Apple.

“Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer is struggling to figure out how they’re going to compete with Apple’s iPhone,” Otellini said. “If we get the power and performance [of the Intel chip] right, it’s going to be a killer combination.”

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