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‘Push’ E-Mail Service For iPhone Pops Up

Visto’s Mobile product includes support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino.

Visto on Thursday announced that its mobile e-mail service will work on the iPhone, giving users access to enterprise e-mail systems.
Apple’s upcoming iPhone has been criticized for its lack of support for business applications. IT managers are likely to be put off by the idea of employees bringing in iPhones as their business smartphones. But Visto is hoping to change their mentality with its Visto Mobile service, which will let iPhone users access enterprise e-mail systems, including Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino.

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Crowd Control: Stores Ramp Up Security for iPhone Release

Friday, thousands of people are expected to gather outside the nation’s Apple stores, AT&T storefronts and shopping malls, waiting patiently for hours to buy an iPhone—no more than two at a time.

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Four networks tipped for Euro Iphone

ALL FOUR of the UK’s mobile phone networks have been variously tipped to take on European distribution for Apple’s forthcoming Iphone.
The fifth network, 3, is ruled out because the Iphone ain’t 3G and 3 doesn’t do 2.5G.

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European Flag

iPhone Versus Your Phone: Tips to Avoid iPhone Envy

Yes, the iPhone is sleek and sexy, and it has a slick interface that performs so many techno-tricks even confirmed Luddites are salivating. But there’s no reason to junk your current handset—in fact, Your Phone is more than ready to meet the iPhone challenge head on.

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Vodafone may launch iPhone in Europe

AMSTERDAM (Reuters)—Vodafone is in talks with Apple to launch the U.S. firm’s iPhone combined music player and telephone in Europe, and talks partly hinge on volume guarantees and subsidies, a Dutch magazine reported.

Apple demanded a guaranteed sales volume for the iPhone, which the British mobile operator did not want to give, Dutch magazine Bright said on its Web site late Tuesday.

CNNMoney’s Allen Wastler gives his take on the way Apple has been promoting the iPhone and the lack of access given to journalists.

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Switching carriers for the iPhone

Kristy Miller will line up at the AT&T store in the Phoenix suburb of Surprise, Ariz., on Friday in an attempt to be one of the first iPhone owners, but that will mean ditching the wireless service she already has with Verizon Wireless.

“I do have trepidation about switching from Verizon to AT&T, but I figure Steve Jobs wouldn’t have made the deal if he couldn’t back it up,” she said. “Verizon has one of the largest networks, but AT&T has the iPhone.”

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`Unlocked` Apple iPhone could be in India soon

Apple Inc will launch its latest offering, the iPhone in the US tomorrow. Apart from functioning as a phone, the device can function as a media player and also as a wireless web surfing device.

Officially, it will not be available in India for at least another year.

But for those who really want it, the wait might be as short as a fortnight or, at the most, a month. This is not just because of efficiently smuggled shipments but a technical ‘feat’ as well.

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Apple trickles out more expensive iPhone details

Man, this iPhone release is going to go down as a classic in viral marketing, with Apple and AT&T trickling out information leading to Friday’s release of the hugely hyped new mobile phone.

Latest details came this morning, with announcement of AT&T pricing packages and a procedure that will have users activate their phones from home instead of in the AT&T or Apple store , synchronizing it with their computer and - via the Internet - Apple’s iTunes store.

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Update: SSH WebShell for the iPhone

WebShell is a web-based ssh shell for the Apple iPhone. It is written in Python and is very easy to set up on Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, and any Unix that runs python 2.3.

WebShell is developed by mressl - a t - umich. edu.

Thanks Marc for the great work, please help Marc with the future development and security hardening!
iPhone webshell

Backbase to Deliver the First AJAX SDK for Apple’s iPhone

The AJAX Company Backbase announced that its Enterprise AJAX software suite will support Apple’s long-anticipated iPhone. Aligning its development with Apple’s unfolding strategy for the sexy new device, Backbase has added support for the new platform, including Apple’s Web browser for iPhone, Safari 3, and the code-named Leopard operating system.

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iPhone Blackbase SDK

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