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iPhone mania sweeps across America

Only American reporters are being allowed to road test the most coveted gadget in history ahead of its launch a week on Friday. Foreigners must wait until the heavenly-looking slice of technology is released in their own country. In my case, this is not until the end of the year.

This is awful. I feel like a tweenager being told I can’t have my ears pierced until I’m 13 while the lobes of all my peers glint with bling.

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iPhone anti Palm wallpaper

Cool wallpaper, check it out cultofmac

iPhone Ringtone Sheetmusic and midi version

Just came across this old iPhone article that I missed publishing here.
It can be useful for people who have this ringtone composition software with their current phone.

check it out here gizmodo

iPhone Campout Maps: SF, NY, Pasadena

Gripskipper, our sister blog dedicated to wandering the world has mapped out guides for those camping out for iPhones. They’ll show you where the nearest food, coffee, WiFi, bathrooms, lodging are in relation to Apple Stores across the country.

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iphone camping

Apple iPhone Displays at Apple Stores

It appears that Apple iPhone displays are going up at Apple Stores. TUAW noted that a “large, covered rectangular display” appeared at the 5th Avenue Apple Store last night.

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Apple’s one button mouse philosophy, the iPhone

One button. For years, that’s all Apple would allow on the mouse that accompanied its Macintosh pcs, arguing that more would complicate a system that stressed simplicity. Now it’s one button on Apple’s iPhone, a radical experiment in cellphones that has become a phenomenon before it has even been subjected to the ultimate test: consumers around the world.

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The big Zapruder: Jacks, Connectors and waking the iPhone from Sleep

Are you caught at work? Unable to spend 25 minutes watching Apple’s guided tour video? TUAW to the rescue! Here’s our first annotated gallery of shots from the guided tour video for you to peruse as you concentrate on getting the real work in your life done on time.

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iPhone can read Word, Excel, PDF documents

The title explains it all: Revealed in Apple’s new iPhone Guided Tour video is the swanky handset’s previously-unknown ability to read Word, Excel, and PDF document e-mail attachments.

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iphone word

Gcalc 2 For iPhone

New version features much-improved interface with a better look and feel in keeping with the Apple’s soon-to-be-released iPhone.

Our first version of Gcalc received as many brickbats as bouquets, mostly for the (we’re happy to admit) ordinary interface. I think one comment was that it had been hit with an ugly stick.
We’ll, we’ve started again from the ground up and this time, given it a more Mac-like feel with a brushed aluminium interface, interactive buttons and a clean design.

check it out techlogg

iPhone Won’t Run Full Web

Despite Apple’s claims it would seem the iPhone won’t be able to view fully-blown websites after all. However, Apple have made up for it by upgrading the handset in other areas with just over a week until launch.

Apple have been claiming in their current TV adverts that “this is not a watered down version of the internet” but Apple’s specifications for web developers tell a different story.

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