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The iPhone Effect: What Will Happen to Apple’s Other Products?

Ary Daquiwag submits: The much anticipated Apple (AAPL) iPhone will soon be released in the US market. With the US FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) recent approval of the iPhone as a certified technological gadget for communication, this event could entail an increase in the potential projected demand for the product. However, with the iPhone’s release in the market, plausible significant effects might be incurred by Apple as far as the sales, demand and profit of its other products (i.e., iPods).

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The iPhone Really Is the Jesusphone

Tomi T Ahonen, self-proclaimed “world’s leading 3G strategy consultant,” unabashedly declares:

Much like the Western calendar marks time from before and after Jesus Christ, and how the computer world changed totally by the Macintosh—remembering that Windows is Microsoft’s copy of the Mac operating system—I am certain that the mobile telecoms world will count its time in two Eras. The Era BI: time Before the iPhone, and the ERA AI: time After the iPhone.

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Jobs Gambles brand rep on iPhone 1.0

May 20, 2007—You wouldn’t want to be an Apple R&D employee right now.
Steve Jobs, already forced to tweak the debut of the much-anticipated iPhone from its expected June 11 launch date to a “late June” debut, is believed to be cracking the whip and having the super-phone tested and re-tested to make sure it arrives without any bugs

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AT&T Makeover Sunsets Cingular As iPhone Approaches

The Cingular brand is being replaced overnight with AT&T branding in stores and kiosks and in point-of-sale materials in 1,800 company-owned outlets.

Can Ma Bell be far behind now that AT&T is launching another major branding campaign? Probably not.
The much-beloved and sometimes-maligned grand old lady of the telecommunications industry is being replaced by AT&T’s cool new icon—Apple’s iPhone. The telecom giant is launching another rebranding campaign designed to get consumers to warm to the new, new AT&T and forget its former Cingular Wireless and AT&T Wireless units.

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Four DVD-to-iPhone Software reviews, this week.

Our faithful viewer, adamsblack, was so nice to test 4 DVD conversion tools for the iPhone. He posted them in my forum (thanks), so here they are in 4 parts this week.

I was really excited when I heard Apple iPhone would be released on June 11th. As a big fan of Apple, I like every product from this company. Now I already have iMac, iPod, Apple TV, and I am certainly going to get an iPhone in June. Apart from the regular phone functions of iPhone, the first thing I want to do with it is to watch my DVD movies on it. So I did a search on Google and found quite a few conversion tools that can convert DVD movies to iPhone, although the release of iPhone is still two months away.
I downloaded all the programs I found and spent a whole day trying them.

The functions I want the most from a DVD to iPhone conversion tool are:
1. Video Quality: The video quality is most important thing to me with no doubt.
2. Audio Quality: Besides watching movies, I’ll also listen to music and watch MTV with iPhone, so audio quality is my second concern.
3. Conversion Speed: The faster the better, of course with good video and audio quality guaranteed.
4. Cropping Movie: Cut off the black edges on my DVD movies.
5. Trimming Movie: Trim and rip a clip from a DVD but not the entire movie.
6. Rip DVD folders: The function of ripping the DVD folder VIDEO_TS that I copied to the computer.
7. Easy to use: I hate spending hours figuring out how to use a program that is supposed to be very easy to use.

Based on the above factors, I’ve selected 4 DVD to iPhone converters for your reference.

1. Wondershare DVD to iPhone Ripper
2. Aimersoft DVD to iPhone Converter
3. Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter
4. Kikee DVD to iPhone Converter.

by adamsblack

iPhone Software Review Part 1: Wondershare DVD to iPhone Converter

The interface of this program is very pretty. They have certainly done a lot of work on it. I think it has the best user interface among the four programs. The whole process is also quite easy. It also offers customizable options on video cropping and movie trimming.

What impresses me most is that this software can also rip DVD movies for iPod and AppleTV. This converter is almost everything I am looking for. However, it has a file transportation function that only transfers files to iPod.

The program is called DVD to iPhone ripper and it doesn’t transfer files to iPhone as it does to iPod!! This is something that still remains to be improved. But overall, this is by far the best converter I have found.

Cropping Movie: Yes.  Trimming Movie: Yes.  Rip DVD folders: Yes.
Easy to use: 4 Star   Interface: 5 Star 
Time to Complete Conversion: 73m19s

Ref URL: dvd-ripper-copy

by adamsblack

Stay iphonetuned for the next three reviews this week!

Europeans can’t wait to push iPhone’s buttons

PARIS: Few mobile phones have created more buzz before becoming a reality than Apple’s iPhone.

For weeks, European übergeeks and telecommunications analysts have been angling for a chance to sign the nondisclosure agreement Apple requires before bestowing devices on early users.

For the rest of us in Europe, there are two crucial questions: When and how?

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AppleGate and the iPhone iMania

Imagine this?

You are publishing for a tech website. You just posted your first article of the day, claiming that the iPhone launch will be delayed. You went for a coffee and a donut, to celebrate your first work accomplished. While finishing the last drops of beverage, you get a phone call from an angry Apple lawyer.

He is shouting at you, that Apple Inc Stock is dropping faster, than that rare done pita souvlaki you ate last holidays in Crete, because of the article you just published. You type AAPL in and you get the same warm holiday feeling again. You remove the article and book a Last Minute flight to, you guessed it? Crete.

Sitting in an Internet cafe in (Plakias) the next day, you discover that you just vanished four billion dollars in market cap of Apple’s stock price in six minutes.

That amount is the same as;

* The cost of the Hubble Telescope
* The cost of a brand new nuclear powered aircraft carrier, with its airplanes.
* Microsoft lost on the Xbox in 2005
* The Worldwide Anti-Virus software revenues of 2006
* India is lending from the worldbank for infrastructure
* Yearly military operations in Afganistan is costing the US
* The total worldwide Tsunami aid
* Mobutu Sese Soko stole in Zaire
* 25,000 U.S. cotton farmers get a year in subsidies
* Is also less than a third of what people spend at McDonald’s.
* And most noticeable, the wealth in dollars that Sir Steve Jobs of Apple has in his bank account.

Just to put it in perspective!

Tip: Drink coffee before you start working.


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iPhone to be available at 2000 store fronts on launch

Apple’s inaugural mobile handset, iPhone, will be available for sale at 2000 retail store fronts when it goes on sale for the first time next month, putting the device within reach of most US households.
That’s just one of the info morsels Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff came bearing after a meeting with members of Apple’s executive team on Wednesday.

During the sit-down, Apple retail chief Ron Johnson and Director of Mac Product Marketing Tom Boger informed the analyst that those store fronts would consist exclusively of Apple and AT&T retail stores. (That breaks down to approximately 160 U.S.-based Apple outlets and roughly 1840 AT&T wireless boutiques.)

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iPhone to sell through Helio, and offer VoIP?

Helio is a new US MVNO whose business model is to provide the type of super-smartphones that Korea is used to the US market. In fact, as a partnership between Earthlink and Korea’s SK Telecom, that’s exactly what it’ll be doing: taking the best Korean mobiles and releasing them in the US using superior marketing strategies aimed at the hip and geeky yoof market - exactly the same demographic as the iPod’s.

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