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Tuesday, July 03, 2012
20 Cool Siri Add-Ons in Cydia
20 Cool Siri Add-Ons in Cydia

Are you still using Siri that much like you used to do in the beginning? Me yes and even more and more, first it felt a bit awkward to talk to Siri, but I got used to it and now it is becoming a second nature. I use it mostly for setting timers, alarms and calling people.

Maybe when Siri is also location aware in Europe, like announced in the last Keynote by Scott Forstall - Senior Vice President of iOS Software - I will also start using it for those kind of things. If you want to see the complete list of Siri’s questions / answers, just check out this part of our site. By the way, in iOS 6 which will be released together with the new ‘iPhone 5’ by end of the summer, Siri will also speak and understand the following more languages; Canadian French and English, Korean, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin and the 3 Swiss languages (Why not Portuguese (6th World Language), anyone?)

For the people with to jailbroken iPhones, I have compiled a list of apps in the Cydia Store which enhance Siri.

Siri Mod

Add three different mods for Siri.
1. Show the status bar for Siri “Idle, listening, etc…”
2. Disable correction ability or enable infinity correct
3. Open Siri with options, always

Open Siri

With this app installed you can have Siri already open apps for you without waiting for iOS 6.


This one adds 3 guestures to the Siri Mic Button.
- Hold the Mic button to dismiss Siri
- Swipe the Mic button left to open Siri Settings
- Swipe right to clear the current conversation


A simple hack that adds a Siri Button next to the Spotlight Searchbar. Tap the button to ask Siri what you typed in the Searchbar.


Control your Wireless Chipsets with Siri. You can say; enable Wifi, torn on 3G, ...


Now you can ask Siri; Show me a picture of



This nice app lets you open Siri in Full screen mode right away instead of the small bottom bar.


If you desire to launch Siri without using the home button, then this app is for you. Now you can launch it via a SpringBoard icon.


Swipe up on Siri to dismiss it.


Create your own conversation with Siri and define the responses, can be funny.


Give Siri’s Mic a random color, just to be different while you can!


Launch the iPhone Assistant from the Notification Center. Compatible with Intelliscreen.


Why wait for iOS 6 if you can have sport scores already from Siri with this app. Supports NBA, MLB and NHL.


Unlock the hidden Status Bar in Siri, go to settings to configure it.


Change the height of Siri’s first View to anything you like.


This is a great way to have Siri toggle all kind of settings, get battery information, change screen brightness, and even launch apps.


Let Siri search for lyrics. Just say: “Show lyrics”, this app is not for free by the way.

QuickSiri for iPad

Let’s you open you favorite assistant in full scree instead of the small bottom bar. This makes Siri load a lot faster.

Siri Rotation Fix for iPad

Because Siri does not work properly in landscape on the iPad this will force Siri to open in portrait mode.

Facts Assistant for Siri

Simply say “Tell me a random fact” and have fun.

Those are not all the Siri enhancers in the Cydia store, I left out some double functioning apps. But if I forgot an important one, please feel free to comment so I can add it later.

Disclaimer, jailbreaking your iPhone is at your own risk, it is not illegal anymore but it breaks open the tight security control Apple has over your device, and can void your warranty.





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