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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
3G toggle switch gone in iOS 6.1 and other 3G issues
3G toggle switch gone in iOS 6.1 and other 3G issues

Because of the security updates in iOS 6.1, I decided to upgrade my iPhone 5 yesterday. I recommend this to everyone who takes security seriously, however realise that this might impact the iPhone’s 3G behaviour.

This morning I looked at my iPhone and saw the 3G icon in the top bar. Strange, because I always have it disabled. I noticed yesterday that after the firmware upgrade and reboot, 3G was active. This is the default setting after each new upgrade, so I switched it back off afterwards. How can the iPhone then switch alone to 3G?

3G active while toggle switch is off iOS6.1 iOS6 iPhone 5

Yesterday before upgrading I searched the support Apple’s support forum for possible bugs reported, but there weren’t any serious registrations, so I decided to jump.

When I looked this morning in the forums and searched for iOS 6.1 and 3G, I found a lot of entries in which users are claiming that their 3G switch is completely gone, or different stated, replaced by an LTE switch (like reported in the release notes, iOS6.1 had a major LTE carrier update.)

Claims come from users in countries in which LTE is active now for another operator, which leaves them in the cold to only have EDGE while paying for 3G.

Check here the new Map I made with LTE carriers for the iPhone 5;

Another issue reported is that certain users don’t have 3G reception in areas where they used to have it before upgrading. Let us know when you also have this issue in the comments please.

[Update] Some users are reporting that this helps;

“First switch on the cellular data and the 3g then close all apps (by the red sign) then restart your phone ... now it should be working”

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