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Sunday, July 07, 2013
5 new US carriers embrace LTE/4G for iPhone
5 new US carriers embrace LTE/4G for iPhone

Apple updated today its iPhone 5 LTE page with a whopping 5 new carriers that will transfer the bits to your phone with extremely high speed. Both the GSM A1428 and the CDMA A-1429 model received better connections.

Let’s begin to take a look at the GSM carrier Family Mobile first.

To be honest I cannot find much information about Family Mobile except for the fact that it is a mobile plan from Walmart, the sell a bunch of phones online with this plan but no iPhone 5 to be found yet? Very strange, otherwise Family Plan is also an Ikea mobile initiative in the UK but that is something else.

The CDMA carriers added to the list are Chat Mobility, Northwest Missouri, Thumb Cellular and Virgin Mobile.

Chat Mobility delivers 4G LTE in southwest and south central Iowa.

Northwest Missouri is also not really to be found, the second google hit is NorthwestCell which offers iPhone 5 4G for Northwest Missouri, I suppose Apple made a mistake on their site.

Thumb Cellular aka the Agri-Valley Communications company. Thumb Cellular is claiming to be Michigan’s leading provider in cellular wireless service and are selling iPhone 5 with 4G data plans now.

The fact that Virgin Mobile would start supporting LTE on the CDMA iPhone 5 model was already broadly covered in the past weeks and is finally updated on the official iPhone LTE site.

If you want to see the geographical LTE maps, check them out below, we have rendered them for you;

GSM A-1428 (US iPhone 5 GSM)

GSM A-1429 (Rest of World iPhone 5 GSM)

CDMA A-1429 (US iPhone 5 CDMA)

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