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Wednesday, August 05, 2009
GPS turn-by-turn app wars heats up again - iGo My way 2009 - Europe edition released
GPS turn-by-turn app wars heats up again - iGo My way 2009 - Europe edition released

Brussels // R.Bollen // 5.8.2009 - Following our first GPS app wars article, here is the second one. The GPS voice guided application market is getting more crowded every day so it seems, and TomTom is not even there yet. We just published the feature by feature compare article, of Sygic VS Navigon a few days ago, and now this new kid on the block is trying to get a part of the GPS App Store Cake.

Most expensive

I also just found out that Navigon has their MobileNavigator Europe on sale now for 79.99 Euros, basically leveling to the Sygic price. iGo My way 2009 Europe edition is the most expensive with 89.99 Euros. It also claims to be a lifetime license with free updates. So what does this higher price represent for us customers?

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True to life 3D

They claim true to life 3D rendered models of the landscapes around you. iGO My way, uses the Maps technology of Navteq, the same as Navigon is using. iGo also claims to have something like their own East European maps, which almost covers twice the roads there, than any other solution, which is a high number to understand IMHO.

The installation footprint is also big, 1.39 GB, but smaller than Navigon and Sygic, which is surprising with these 3D rendered stuff.

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Turkey and Greece

iGo My way is the first to cover the endless roads of Turkey, which is not done by Navigon MobileNavigator Europe nor Sygic Mobile Maps Europe. For the Greek people out there, this is an alternative next to Navigon MobileNavigator Europe for your country.

It also claims to have an option to compare the various routes visually of the profile chosen (fastest, shortest, easy-to-follow? route).

I see that there isn’t yet a review in the App Store so we will provide it for you. I will test this application in the coming weeks as well and will update my GPS compare article (see link above).

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See the app in action here.



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