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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
HelpAround helps you get assistance with one tap on your Apple Watch
HelpAround helps you get assistance with one tap on your Apple Watch

HelpAround, Inc., the creator of the popular Diabetes Helpers peer-to-peer support network and the Alert app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, today announced Alert for Apple Watch with support for watchOS 2. Alert for Apple Watch provides seniors in physical or emotional distress a seamless way to simultaneously text their location and conference-in all of their caregivers at once with a simple tap on their wrist. Alert for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch launched in July as the first health app to act in real-time. The data is also incorporated into the Health app on iPhone, allowing care providers to access health information with user permission.

Many seniors forget or refuse to wear panic buttons due to the stigma associated with them, not wanting to come off as dependent and helpless.

“Many of our parents and grandparents really need a way to reach their caregivers when in distress, but are resistant to the idea of wearing a device that screams, ‘I might need help!’,” said Yishai Knobel, HelpAround co-founder and CEO. “We created Alert for Apple Watch to give our aging population a convenient and accessible way to reach their loved ones in times of need that seamlessly fits in with their everyday lives. Alert for Apple Watch gives them back their independence and allows them to go around freely with peace of mind.”

Alerts are either manually initiated by the senior from the Watch face, or suggested to them as a result of physiological signals captured from the Apple Watch. This enables seniors to pre-emptively request assistance when they notice signs of trouble, rather than wait until they are in a critical state.

In chronic conditions such as diabetes where physiological symptoms cause fine motor skills to deteriorate and muddle thinking, operating a phone often becomes a challenge. Having the Alert for Apple Watch increases accessibility and allows disoriented or immobile users to quickly send alerts straight from their wrist without relying on their phone, which speeds up response time and care.

Alert for Apple Watch is available on the App Store, which can be found on the Apple Watch app on iPhone under the Featured tab. The users’ alert contacts don’t need to use a smartphone to receive alerts. The basic app is available for free and includes the text message service and three conference calls. An upgraded subscription is available for $9.95 a month and includes unlimited calls.

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