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Saturday, February 28, 2015
How to record Snapchat video on OS X in 7 easy steps
How to record Snapchat video on OS X in 7 easy steps

Snapchat is a fantastic medium because why keep all the stupid/funny videos we make forever? It’s a bit like real life, when it has happened it’s history and sometimes it better stays this way. Now for the new SnapChatters among us, don’t really trust that your videos will be gone forever because there are many ways that the recipient can record what you just snapped.

Here w’ll go over the seven simple steps to record SnapsChats for those people around who are fortunate Mac users.

don't get caught on snapchat anyone can record it even in OS X Mac OS

  Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB
  Step 2. Start QuickTime player
  Step 3. Press File > New Movie Recording
  Step 4. Select arrow down icon next to the red record button
  Step 5. Select iPhone
  Step 6. Press record
  Step 7. Play Snapchats you want to record

So be warned and don’t come crying here when some of your Snaps appear on the Internet for the infinite time of its existence.


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